Top Five Most Important Delena Moments This Season So Far

Fellow Delena shippers,

We have been snapped, burned, beaten and otherwise tortured tested this season and especially recently with a serious lack of interaction between our favorite couple. Again at the suggestion of another hardcore D/E fan (Thanks Daisy!) I’ve decided to turn my attention to what I think are the five most significant moments between them this season. I’m going to do this in chronological order because I think it shows the full circle of things.

Episode: The Return


What It Means: Aside from establishing that front porches are totally one of their things (along with kitchens, road trips and five minute time outs) this scene showcased just how beautifully Elena’s understanding of Damon has developed since they first met. It also showcases all of her concern and worry for him as well as hinting at some of her fear that her feelings for him are more than just platonic. That deer in headlights look she gets when Damon says, “You’re scared” is very telling.

The JNSI was what it was and it was critical to Damon’s development and so indirectly to Delena’s development. But this scene on the porch is the summit of it all for me. It’s where everything that happened in the back end of season one was actually leading to. It’s the epitome of the trust, the caring, the intimacy that these two had begun to share and that gives us a glimpse – just a tiny one – into what they can be and what they will be when the writers come to their senses they’re finally together.

Episode: Kill Or Be Killed


What It Means: This moment was a turning point; it was the half way mark between the JNSI and where we are now. In the episodes between this one and The Return, Elena was going through a major internal struggle. She felt that she should hate Damon for what he’d done to Jeremy but she was finding it very difficult to do that and very difficult to live with herself for finding it so difficult. I’ve always said that to be able to forgive something like the JNSI, you have to love someone a lot and very deeply. Elena might not know or understand her feelings for Damon but there is something about him that speaks to her. That pull is what made it so hard for her to cut him out of her life. In the end, she failed to do that and this scene is in my opinion where she finally owns up to that.

She reaches out to Damon when she could easily have not. She could have walked away without another word but she didn’t. Instead she reminded him that they’d been friends and she recognized that the person she cares about had not in fact been destroyed. At the time, I remember saying that it was Elena’s way of asking for Damon’s help almost; telling him that she wanted their relationship to return to what it had been but that in order for that to happen, she needed him to be the “Damon who was her friend” rather than the Damon who killed her brother.

Damon’s immediate understanding of that speaks to the fact that he understands Elena just as well as she understands him. And the fact that he helped smooth things over with her and Stefan when he was in no way obligated to proves how much he grew in the space of four episodes. That was the beginning of something that we’ve seen a lot since then: Damon putting other people’s feelings (mostly Elena’s and to some degree Stefan’s) before his own.

Episode: Rose


What It Means: You’ll notice that so far I’ve talked a lot about how each moment has affected Elena. That’s because I think this season is about two things as far as D/E are concerned 1) Damon’s journey and 2) Elena’s struggle to reconcile her feelings for him. This moment though, is really all about Damon. It’s about him learning to look at the bigger picture in a way that isn’t *only* limited to his personal desires or objectives. It’s about him giving the kind of love that he’s never received before; a love that is selfless and unconditional.

Damon makes a point of saying that he can’t be selfish with Elena. Immediately that sets his love for Elena far far above whatever he felt for Katherine a century prior. He also makes a point of saying that Stefan deserves her and he doesn’t. That shows that despite the things that happened between them in the past or how low he may know his brother had sunk, he does genuinely believe in Stefan’s redemption. If only he could find that same belief in his own…

This whole scene also speaks to how vulnerable Damon is to Stefan. If Stefan hadn’t apologized for forcing Damon to turn, I’m not sure that Damon does what he does here.

From Elena’s point of view, the interesting thing is her reaction while Damon is speaking. She makes no move to stop him or reject him. And right before he says she has to forget, her brow creases into the tiniest of frowns as if to say, “hey, wait a minute, what if I don’t want to forget.

I don’t know how or when but Elena will eventually remember that moment and it’s going to change everything.

Episode: The Sacrifice


What It Means: Okay, I know it’s cheating to put ALL their scenes from this episode but you’re not mad, are you?! πŸ˜† This is maybe one of the best D/E episodes ever. It’s certainly up there. It had a roadtrip, a front porch scene and a kitchen scene; all D/E trademarks. Elena admitted – twice! – that she still cares about Damon, going so far as to imply that she loves him. She may not be in love with him yet but she does love him. Damon was understandably kind of blown away by that.

This episode also showcased so much of what makes their relationship great. They don’t back down from each other and they don’t mind invading each other’s personal space. Elena let him have it when he tried to get her out of Slater’s house and he let have it right back, there and on the front porch. He doesn’t agree with what Elena is doing but he didn’t talk down to her; he didn’t dismiss what she was feeling. That’s a big part of why these two are going to be so great together.

Also important was Damon telling her not to use his feelings against him. Damon and Elena are heading into complicated territory now as we’ll see in later episodes. She cares about him a lot but she isn’t willing to see that all the way through and the middle ground? It’s going to a lot more harm than good to Damon and therefore to their relationship. She’s not necessarily doing it on purpose and he is deflecting to a certain extent but the truth is that Elena takes a lot for granted when it comes to Damon and that’s going to have to stop.

And of course there is the insane chemistry between these two as highlighted in that tomb scene where she’s hissing and spitting at him andΒ  trying to rip his clothes off taking her frustrations out on him. This scene is a battle of wills. Between Damon and Elena about her going into the tomb but a question of will power to resist the magnetic pull that’s between them.

That scene my friends is a metaphor for everything that Damon and Elena are about.

Episode: The Descent


What It Means: This scene for me is the one that should silence all the doubts about whether Elena has deep feelings for Damon or not. She’s gotten to the point here where she doesn’t just sympathize or empathize with his pain. She herself is actually distraught at the fact that he is suffering and it ends up clouding her judgment. On the one hand that’s bad because she ends up pushing Damon a lot further than she should in this scene. But on the other hand it means that she can’t step back from him and be objective. It means that little bit of distance that you can have to give your friends good advice is gone because you’re as invested and caught up emotionally as they are.

Elena wants to be Damon’s friend. That’s the line or the box that she’s made for their relationship. And she’s clinging to it because she wants Damon to be a part of her life. But she’s not stupid. She knows that he loves her – maybe not how much but enough – but she wants to believe that they can continue on as they were. She wants to believe that she can be the one he talks to and that she can coax the best out of him the way that she’s always tried to.

But that’s no longer the case and what’s more it’s no longer the case because that’s the choice that she made. On some level she understands that which is why she agreed to leave when he told her to. Only, she couldn’t hide how much it hurt her to see him hurt and she couldn’t stand the feeling of helplessness that she had not being able to make it better. I think that’s what prompted the hug. Yes, she wanted to comfort Damon but she also needed to comfort herself; to feel as if she’d tried something – anything – to make him feel better.

Ironically though, I’ve a feeling that’s what really sent him over the edge. In the middle of the existential hurricane that he’s in, I know that Damon would love nothing better than to have Elena as his anchor (more irony considering he anchored her through the hurricane of Stefan’s existential crisis) but he knows that he can’t truly depend on her the way she can depend on him.

He’ll be there for her always no matter what.

She’ll be there for him only if Stefan doesn’t need her more; at least as things stand now.

The real key here is that Elena is starting to get frustrated by not having the close relationship with Damon that she wants. To get that relationship or anything like it back, she’s going to have to make some changes and her struggle to figure out the hows and the whys is the next chapter in this couple’s journey to their destiny.



  1. Love it. Great analysis.

    I have rewatched the clip and the line “don’t go there!” from Elena in THE SCENE really feels like she knows Damon loves her and she doesn’t want him to speak it out, because if that happened, she has to face it and really make a decision which would mean she will lose him forever!

    And yes, you are mean to put all scenes in The Sacrifice. But at least we have 6+ minutes DElicious DE scenes.

  2. It is ironic Damon i as always there for both Stefan and Elena and even he knew when he needed Elena the most that she wasn’t ready to go there with him and I believe if he had hugged her back he wouldn’t have been able to let go. She will get there but I always want to cry after what happens next because I wish she could have heard everything that he said to Jessica! She is so afraid to show her feelings for him and you even though she left right now she hasn’t put herself into the position to be able to be there for him which is something that she really wanted to do. I love everything you write by the way. The Descent comes on tonight.

    • Oh how i wish that too!! That Elena or at least Stefan could have heard Damon’s confessions to Jessica….CRUEL TVD WORLD

  3. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for posting this!! I LOVE the way you write – and you always nail it SO perfectly!! You have such insight, and you just GET them. πŸ™‚ Thank you Thank you for making my week! πŸ˜€ xxxxxx

  4. Will you do a Top 10 moments for this season?

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