Elena & The Green Eyed Monster

So as you’ve probably noticed it’s been radio/blog silence from me after the last two episodes, with reason. I’ve not been happy and I’ve not been impressed. However, I love this couple and am not going to let a shocking, catastrophicly dire little thing like lack of D/E scenes in three episodes throw me off my game. πŸ˜†

At the suggestion of a fellow shipper (thanks pjt!) I’ve decided to have a look at Elena’s display of this emotion :

Elena was no happy to discover that Katherine was in her words “shacking up” with the brothers Salvatore. Now, personally, if I was Elena, I’d be a little less miffed, oh I don’t know, if my boyfriend hadn’t half strangled me to death because he can’t tell the difference between a 500 plus year old vampire and my 18 year old human self.

Clearly Stefan is not much on the details like you know, a beating human heart. Might explain that five minute issue. To quote Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf, “A woman remembers.” πŸ˜†

Okay, okay, enough potshots about Stefan’s stamina or lack thereof. The real point of this post is to figure out what exactly Elena is all up in arms about. Here are the options.

a) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Stefan into becoming her love slave

b) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Damon into deciding that she (Elena) isn’t worth being hopelessly devoted to

c) She is worried about a and b

d) She is worried that Katherine is just one more in a line of women – Rose, Andie, Jessica – that have been introduced by the writers as a way to pathetically plausibly prevent her from following her destiny and just getting with Damon already.

Oh wait, answer D is totally my beef πŸ˜† I think Elena’s lies somewhere around answer C. Thought to be honest, I think it’s more B than A. But well, duh. Of course I think that! I do however have reasons! And they’re good ones πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

It’s like this. I’ve always believed – ever since Founder’s Day when Kat first reappeared – that Elena is far more concerned over the mind screwing that Katherine can inflict on Damon than on Stefan. Reason being that she mistakenly believes that Stefan has no lingering feelings/issues with Katherine.Β  When TR first rolled around, Elena knew that Damon was vulnerable to Kat and she was sure that Stefan wasn’t. Hence why she spent most of that episode running around after Damon trying to get him to talk about his feelings.

But things have changed, have they not? For one Damon’s over Kat. Not that Elena would really know that cause she hasn’t been so much talking to him lately. But more to the point, Elena’s trust in Stefan, not so unshakable these days. The thing with S/E – god does it drive me BATSHIT – is that everything is swept under the rug in favor of five minutes of sexy time. I mean crap, even teenage kissing games give you seven minutes in heaven πŸ™„ πŸ™„ But back on point, lately whenever they actually talk about stuff, you’ll notice that they are disagreeing. They disagreed about bringing Isobel/John back, they disagreed about Elena turning herself over to Elijah, they disagreed about Elena being kept in the loop and being allowed to make decisions about her own life.

And to keep the theme going they definitely disagree about trusting/cooperating with Katherine.

That is a lot of things to not agree on for a couple that is supposedly all kinds of blissed out and EPIC.

At some point, Elena’s going to have to stop and ask some serious questions about why Stefan is willing to take Katherine’s word for anything considering that a handful of episodes ago he was ranting and raving in Elena’s face about how Kat wasn’t to be trusted and everything she said was a lie. I mean, a girl could start getting ideas. She might ask questions like, “What the hell actually happened in that tomb? Huh? Huh?” Look at it from Elena’s perspective. Stefan goes into the tomb as a the vampire she knows <insert disbelieving snort on my part> and loves and comes out with inexplicable faith in the word of the most faithless vampire in all of Mystic Falls?

Stefan can make whatever excuses he wants. Cold hard facts are that Katherine knows him far too well and can clearly still get under his skin. Something that would be impossible if she didn’t have power over him. And she wouldn’t have power over him if he didn’t care about her.

OnΒ  the flip side of this now we have Elena’s relationship with Damon. Observe Exhibit A.

Now imagine that the caption reads like this instead : I like a Damon who is fun, flirty and emotionally vulnerable so long as he’s only that way with me and doesn’t care that I persistently ignore all the shortcomings in my relationship with his younger brother who is in no way better, hotter or superior to him.

Elena is possessive when it comes to Damon. She would probably never admit it because that would mean admitting that she cares about Damon and I’m pretty sure she still thinks that the world would fall down around her if she did that. But nevertheless, the feelings are there. Elena was not anymore happy to find Rose wearing only a robe the morning after clearly getting it on with Damon than she was to have Stefan mistake her for Kat. Objectively, what with Stefan being the boyfriend and all, the two reactions shouldn’t really be on par yet they totally are.

I’m not sure that Elena is fully up to speed on the Andie situation but the fact that she was even observing them at The Grill tells me that Elena is acutely aware of Damon’s interactions with other women. And she wouldn’t be if she wasn’t so aware of him.

Which brings us to Miss Kat. Elena has serious hate for her doppelganger ancestor and many reasons for that hate. But I have to say that big among them has got to be the way that Katherine has treated/hurt Damon. Elena can be very mama bearish when the occasion warrants and we saw that full force in The Return. She was running interference with/for Damon on a lot of levels, even with Stefan. That shows empathy, understanding and yes, even love for Damon on her part.

So basically my prediction is this. If Katherine keeps messing with Damon, Elena is likely to morph into one of these :

And if Damon looks/acts as if Katherine is getting to him, Elena will morph into one of these.

Katherine being the super efficient villainess that she is might actually kill two birds – or in Elena’s case two points of denial – with one stone. She’ll get Elena to realize that 1) her relationship with Stefan is not nearly on the solid ground that she might think it is and 2) when seeing other women around a guy who is not your boyfriend makes you want to sprout fur and claws and draw blood, either you’ve spent too much time with Tyler Lockwood or you’re a lot more into said non boyfriend than you’ve been willing to admit.

And yes, Elena only one of those choices is the right answer πŸ˜†



  1. Geez woman, you make me laugh!! “spent too much time with Tyler Lockwood” hahaha,!!! But I agree, yes, with everything you say. I mean, it`s about time Elena admit it and stop with the stupid pretenses, because who needs them? Damon, sure doesn`t…
    was happy to read this, well done once again!

  2. I know this word has been thrown around rather too much (and not to mention completely out of context) lately but that review was:


    You know, the real kind. Not the Stelena kind.

    Looking forward to the show starting up again so that I can read more of your wise words!

  3. Those are indeed wise words! I thought there was not enough (if any at all) interaction between D/E in the last 3 episodes, and after the yummy ep daddy issues I was really expecting more!

    I agree that Elena cannot really be aware of the Damon/Andie situation (sadly we did not see Andie in the last ep at all), nor of the Damon/Kat situation, and I hope the show will address this soon (even if we have to wait 6 weeks for the next ep – snif)

    I do think it seems strange that Kat professes her undying (ha!) devotion for Stef at every turn, but she doesn’t seem to do anything about it, rather the opposite! She shows up in Damons shower, she calls for his help when staked by an invisible witch, and she tries to get into his bed and his pants (BTW I loved his shoving her off the bed telling her to find another bedroom: he is sooo over her! I don’t know if S would have done the same as he seems unable to distinguish between his current and his previous lover… my only regret for this scene was the fact that D was on his bed wearing all his clothes, pity!).

    Please keep your fantastic fanfics coming, so I can get my TVD fix at regular intervals, now that the show is (again) taking time off…

  4. “Clearly Stefan is not much on the details like you know, a beating human heart.”
    When Stefan grabbed Elena around the throat I looked at my hubby and WTF’d. Can he not hear/feel her heart beating?? and of course nothing more was much said of the mix up.

    I can’t get over the fact that Katherine still constantly and delibrately hurts Damon, but still turns up in his shower, his shoulder, his bed. And what is worst it that Elena probably will never see this. Damon couldn’t be more forthright in his lack of any lingering feelings for Katherine, but Elena will still think her being here will send Damon over the edge. I would be more worried about Stefan. What really did happen in the Tomb, what are we missing when it comes to Stefan; Or did bring up the past let something free.

    I like that Elena feels protective of Damon, but she needs to decide what that means for her. Like Damon said in ‘Daddy Issues’ She needs to stop asking Damon to be the better man, and she needs to step up and own her feelings. She has to suspect now with Stefan’s turn around in regards to Katherine that there would be lingering feelings on Stefan part. He stalked her for godsake before he put himself into her world. o.O

    Love the Tyler jab, we do need a furry creature seeing as he pissed off with his tail between his legs

  5. I totally agree! Elena is uber-protective and jealous. It’s awesome!

    Although, methinks the writers have excluded Delena scenes for the past few episodes. Maybe something big is coming and they’re trying to lull us into a sense that nothing is happening…hmm. something to consider!

  6. Thank God, you’re back! Someone finally had to express all my boiling anger over the last shitty eps…The only good thing was Damon rejecting Kathy, I think I actually yelled encouragement at my TV.
    And Claire, about the writers lulling us – that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell myself for the last weeks! They wouldn’t dare to end this season without some serious Delena action, would they?? Oh dear god, that right there is my worst nightmare…

  7. OMG, I love this its soooo funny!! and, this season is tottaly bugging me too.

  8. I love this blog, you make me smile, lol. seriously you always hit the right notes. I’ve been so disappoint with the lack of DE scenes lately, it’s ridiculous. Best part about last episode was Damon rejecting that bitch. I mean you basically send him to his death, and once again choose his brother over him, and you still expect him to fall in bed with you, are you freaking kidding? You’re lucky he didn’t your ass. She overestimated the power she has over Damon.

    As for Stefan, he totally thought Elena was Katherine, for a second there, he thought he had slept with Katherine, when he asked her “how could you do this?” He sounded hurt. And of course Elena didn’t point that out to him. cause you know, she never does.

    I seriously don’t get how they’re supposed to be this “EPIC” love, they happen way too fast, I see no passion, even their argument is lame. No chemistry whatsoever.

    They better have some more DELENA scenes planned for the rest of the season, I swear. If they keep going with the SE epic love story, they will not only loose a lot, a lot viewers, they will also ruin a great show

  9. I so believe you are right they are building it up for Delena I just fear something bad is going to happen to Damon though. I think Elena is more worried about Katherine being there because she knows how much she hurt Damon and even though she won’t admit her feelings yet it hurts her to for Damon to be hurting but she has put herself in a place to where she can’t do anything until she owns up to her feelings for him. Love the Mama Bear and the Tyler reference. Katherine better watch out because when it comes to Damon even in the beginning she couldn’t help herself but to save him whenever someone was ready to kill him and he can’t help but save her whenever she is in danger. I love these two and you for helping me make it till the show returns which will be on my birthday so pray for some Delena scenes.

  10. Honestly, I can see how a (delusional) eighteen-year old girl (who is obviously still traumatized from a car wreck that took her parents from her) could choose Stefan over Damon (for a while). However, I don’t think in any way that Elena and Stefan would be happy together. Stefan wants Katherine. He thought she was dead for 150 years so he’s only now able to evaluate his feelings for her, but he loves her and that’s bound to surface.
    Elena is his second choice and his actions make that clear. He thinks she’s below him; he talks down to her (another super-cool idea would be the five best anti-Stelena scenes :D) ex. (2.15): “That’s not heroic; that’s pathetic.” Damon, on the other hand, physically restrains her which (besides being ridiculously hot) shows that he thinks of her as an equal. THAT is why I love 2.10.
    I think Elena remembers 2.08, but I don’t want to believe that. If she does know he loves her then she’s just being ridiculously cruel and I can’t support her being with my favorite leading man even if they are soulmates.
    The lack of Delena scenes makes me think something big is coming up.

  11. I like your reviews, as always, but I feel inclined to defend Stefan on one point and that is the beating heart thing. If you’ve paid attention, you’d realize that TVD vamps do indeed have beating hearts.

    When Elena asked about how Damon can eat when he’s dead, he said: “As long as i keep a healthy diet of blood in my system. my body functions pretty normally.”
    To me, that’s talking about the whole digesting things, going to the bathroom, breathing, and yeah, the heart pumping and blood flowing, etc.
    To further support that, and even more blatantly clear, we had Katherine describe what it was going to be like for her and Stefan in the tomb as their bodies shut down: “Your heart still beats, struggling to pump whatever blood remains. And when it’s gone, your veins rub together like sandpaper.”

    So, yeah, just had to point that out.

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