3×06 – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Yes, Elena. Stefan did that to you. For me, even more than Damon and Elena together, what I really want is to see Elena independent and free. That means that she has to accept that loving Stefan isn’t enough to save him. She really thought it was but she has to realize that that isn’t how life works. You can love someone and they can be bad for you or you can be bad for them. Stefan will only be saved if he decides that’s what he wants. Although personally, he doesn’t really seem that lost to me. He seems like someone whose been given permission to revert to himself and stop suppressing his instincts. But that’s a whole other conversation.

The difference between Damon and Elena and Stefan and Elena is that D/E bring out the best in each other. Damon was able to start making these changes because he wanted to. He wanted to there to still be hope for him and Elena made him see that there was because she believed it. I think what Elena hasn’t grasped she was only able to get through to him, to help him because deep down he wanted her help.

Seriously, someone explain to me what happened to Ric? This return to his Buffy roots is kind of perplexing to me.

I like feisty Elena who wants to learn how to defend herself. That’s my girl.

Dr. Bella/ Ms. Swan thing has got to stop Elena. A few seconds ago you were ready to be all bad ass. Now you’re all sniffy because you met Stefan a year ago? Technically you met Damon a year ago too. Go celebrate that.

Oh. Stefan actually is back. I was hoping that had been a hallucination on my part.

Good to know Bonnie’s hypocritical nature hasn’t changed. She’s the one who messes with the balance of nature to bring Jer back and somehow it’s his fault that he can see Anna and Vicki. Classic.

Is it bad that I don’t give a damn about Matt’s existential crisis?

I wanted so badly to hate Katherine. But I can’t help it. She entertains me far more than she should. Michael should bite her wrist off. That’ll teach her.

Barbie Klaus? Oh Damon, I love you.

Okay, phone calls totally have to be added to the list of D/E things. In addition to front porches, kitchens, bedrooms, roadtrips, we now have phone calls. One of my favorite expressions I’ve ever seen on Damon is when he and Elena are on the phone at the beginning of Isobel.

So not only is Stefan going back to school but Rebekah too? I don’t think Ric is getting paid enough for this. But then, I’m not his biggest fan right now so I don’t really care.

Matt is adding idiot to his list of labels.

What does a 1000s year old vampire who has been dead the last 90 years, know about cheerleading?

Yeah, this version of Tyler is the Season 1 version that I never liked.

News flash Stefan. You’ve ALWAYS been annoying. Good to see those stalker tendencies of yours are alive and well.

Funny, some of the most entertaining scenes with Katherine are the ones where she’s alone – dancing drunk in Ric’s apartment, in the tomb looking at family sketches, talking to Michael who’s most not there…

Elena does know how to get what she wants from people – she knows Damon won’t refuse her.

Oooh. Sexual tension at Casa Salvatore. Damon giving in here though ties into something more than just Elena having his number. The one thing he wants to protect above all is her spirit. It’s like that moment when they were dancing at the Sixties Dance and he was reminding her how they’d fought vamps and won before at the decade dance the year before. He doesn’t ever want to see her broken and it’s more than just a physical thing. It’s soul deep.

“You think I’m going to let a blood addict tell me how to drink?” Elena gives good snark.

Now look what you’ve done, Matt. Vicki has always been bad news and you’ve just let her loose to try and kill Elena.

Well, well. What have we here? Are you turning a little green, Elena? Feeling a little jealous?

I love how drunk Elena is messing with Stefan. She’s always been a fun drunk.

Setting the car on fire/Matt/Vicki/Bonnie. Mostly bored cause I know Elena will be okay.

Awww, cuteness. Damon tending to Elena’s war wounds. I still haven’t given up on the idea that Damon has some sort of medical past tied into his Civil War days. I like that Elena was jealous of Rebekah. She can’t admit that she wants Damon but she’s never been comfortable with seeing him with other people.

It also feels like a couple more layers of honesty have opened up between them here – both admitting that they were faking various parts of what went on tonight. Damon and Elena have that in common. Elena might not be diabolical, but she does hide parts of her true self. I’ve said it before: There’s still a deeply locked mystery in her, a part of who she is that she hasn’t shared with anyone. But when she’s ready to open that door, Damon will be standing on the other side.

Katherine totally had that one coming.

That right there is why I love Elena. I’m the first to say that Stefan isn’t worthy and Elena will be better off when she lets go of him. But the fact that she doesn’t because she loves him does make her strong. And I am so glad that she understands that and that she hasn’t let Stefan and his bulls*** damage her ability to care for other people.

Jeremy, inter species dating is one thing. But inter dimensional dating? That’s taking things a little too far.



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  1. I share your thoughts about Matt, though the scene between him and Elena later on in 3×11 was really wonderful.

    I think you’re right about Elena hiding parts of herself too.

    “The one thing he wants to protect above all is her spirit.” So True!!!

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