3×05 – The Reckoning

Senior prank night? Figures Caroline would be behind that.

I’ve seen the D/E scenes from this episode so I have a vague idea what happens. But I’mma roll with it.

Katherine and Damon. Their roadtrips aren’t nearly as cool as D/E’s. Although I do like them as the frenemies they are now. She doesn’t hold him in thrall so now it’s more fun. I like watching him insult her.

Rebekah was cute for about five minutes (or an episode and change) and although Stab Stefan is one of my favorite games, she’s annoying me now.

And this whole Stefan’s only playing pretend so he can protect Elena crap is not doing it for me. Damon’s right. The writers need to pick. Either Stefan’s going to be good in which case they need to stop trying to make us like him by trying to make him more like Damon. Or they need to let him actually be evil which would entail not giving a damn what happens to Elena.

Klaus’ games are actually quite boring.

More Damon/Katherine snark.

More Tyler/Caroline stuff. Cute but insubstantial.

Matt and Bonnie. Possibly my two least favorite characters.

So Tyler’s going to become a hybrid? That really sucks. For Tyler.

Stefan hasn’t been good for much this episode has he?

Oh look who decided to join the party? The Faux Ripper. God, he is so lame it’s untrue. All of this posturing in an attempt to convince Klaus that he’s back to being bad. And all the while, no one has to actually be mad at him because it’s all some epic grand gesture to protect Elena.

Oh this is even worse than I thought. It would have been bad enough if it was Stefan’s “love” for Elena that got him to give in and truly lose himself. He would have retained that martyr status that he’s so enamored of. But now he’s got the “Klaus made me do it” excuse, literally built in. That is lazy, pathetic, weak willed writing of the worst sort. Shame on you TVD writers. Shame. On. You.

And not only is the excuse built in for the audience (well the ones who actually like Stefan) but it’s built in for Elena too cause she saw it happen. Seriously, so lame.

This episode is quite boring. Klaus is being mean to Stefan. Boo hoo. Matt and Bonnie are running around. Yawn. Damon and Katherine and Jeremy are the most interesting thing in this episode and honestly, I could care less about the ghosts.

Matt is crazy. Just saying.

“I wouldn’t have done it for you” – I love the sentiment even if Damon did go to some pretty extreme lengths trying to get her out of the tomb. Though I don’t think any of them actually involved him dying. More like other people.

Also, I don’t think shaking Elena is going to be enough to get her to understand and accept Stefan’s true nature, compulsion or not.

Oh I am so bored of the “oh he loves her so much” crap that they’re trying to force down my throat. Even if I cared that he supposedly loves her that much, it doesn’t make their relationship any healthier. Elena doesn’t know and hasn’t accepted who he truly is. It can’t be real or honest love until that happens. And Stefan has been so selfish with her so many times. Ripper or Martyr. It doesn’t matter which version of himself he is, Stefan is no good for her.

Damon’s got a good poker face.

Awww, Damon carrying her out of the hospital and the trusting way she reached out to him.

This last D/E scene. As much as I hate seeing Elena suffer, I like that’s she had to figure out what it’s like to miss Damon, how it feels when she needs him and he’s not there. Hopefully it will lead to a bit more appreciation on her part.

And it’s easy to see how wrecked Damon is over the fact that she was hurt and there’s also that bit of him that’s out of his depth. He wants so badly to help her, to take her pain away but he doesn’t know what to do or what to say.

So question: Elena still owns the boarding house, right? Can’t she just rescind Stefan’s invitation?

And they found Michael. Verdict is out on whether that’s a good thing or not.


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