3×04 – Disturbing Behavior

Rebekah’s century/culture shock is actually quite amusing. Seriously, spin Klaus, Stefan and Rebekah off into their own show. Let Damon and Elena live happily ever after and life would be awesome. Someone needs to get on that.

Awww, Damon and Elena being silly together in the kitchen. Love it. So far this season has a lot of D/E staples in it. Road trip. Now kitchen scene. They’ve been in Damon’s bedroom. In Elena’s. He’s gone through her panty drawer. That’s not bad at all for 3 episodes and 3 minutes.

You wanna know what I think? I think that when Damon’s got his hand against her collar bone to hold onto the necklace, Elena is thinking a lot more about the way his hand feels against her skin than she is about her supposedly unbreakable bond with Stefan.

By Katherine’s standards, that speech was downright sentimental.

You call that a gift, Caroline? And here I thought you had impeccable taste.

Aww, Damon and Liz are kinda friends again. That’s cute. And Damon’s smirk and his snark are still the best.

Was that really the smartest way to test for vervain? If the guy had still had some in him, Damon would have self poisoned. Nice to see Damon’s vamp face again though. Sorta missed it.

As much as I hate Bonnie – and I do hate Bonnie – the only time she’s tolerable is when she’s with Elena and Caroline and they’re being all BFFy. And here’s hoping she did something useful and actually destroyed that necklace so Gloria and co can’t figure out where it is.

I like that Caroline was trying to get Elena talking and thinking about Damon. I don’t like that she was all “he won’t change”. Damon has changed. He’s changed so much. For himself. For Elena. He is not the same guy that compeled and fed on human Caroline. He’s the guy who saved Caroline and nearly got himself killed in the process. So Barbie, I love you and all, but back off Damon and let him sweep Elena off her feet in peace.

Speaking of people who need to back off. I like Ric. I really do. But Damon’s right. This isn’t any of his business and he of all people should know that the last thing Damon wants is to hurt Elena. Moments like this really break my heart because they remind me that despite the fact that he’s looking out for all these people, has saved most of their lives at some stage or another, there’s no one looking out for Damon.

That’s why I liked Andie. She might have only been human but she wanted to care for Damon and that’s more than can be said for other people.

I always did like Anna & Jeremy, even if I’m not a huge fan of this storyline.

I was all ready to semi flip on Gloria because I don’t like the idea of Elena being put in any more danger over this, but then she goes and drops Stefan like a sack of potatoes and I have to like her again. Now she’s flat out torturing him. This is making life very hard for me. On the one hand, I don’t trust Gloria and god knows what will happen when she figures out about Elena and the necklace. On the other hand, how can I not like people who torture Stefan? Quite the dilemma.

Ugh. Caroline’s father is annoying me. Can we get to the part where Damon kills him please? Soon?

Huh. Katherine did something useful. Good for her. Not the saving Stefan part. But the making sure Gloria can’t spill the beans part.

Okay, now I’m just annoyed. I’m annoyed with Ric. I’m annoyed with Elena. Damon’s been bending over backwards for all of them and he’s not getting much thanks for it. Furthermore, he’s always had way more control than Stefan does. Choosing not to exercise it is not the same as not having it.

Elena is supposed to be the one who expects more from Damon, who believes he’s capable of more. Right now, she’s not showing that. She’s got her own emotional upheaval going and I get it. Damon is part of that. But Elena has always been able to put herself in other people’s shoes – even Damon’s. But she’s choosing not to do that right now, whatever her reasons. In a way, the fact that she takes him for granted speaks to how much a part of her life he’s become but that doesn’t make it okay. Not even close.

As for Ric, when I first heard that this neck-snapping thing had gone down I was pissed off. Out of context, it just seemed like another cheap trick to me. I still maintain that it wasn’t necessary but frankly, Ric is getting on my nerves too so I’d probably have snapped his neck my damn self.

Killing Bill also kind of harks back to killing Mason. And I’ll always side with Damon in these circumstances. If there’s a threat, you neutralize it. You don’t give it rope and wait around to see how much damage it will do. In Care For A Sip I wrote that “nine times out of ten I’ll [Damon] kill rather than be killed. The tenth time is the time I die for you [Elena].” That’s who Damon is. He protects the people he loves at all costs, even when they don’t ask him to or even want him to. That’s one of the reasons I love him.

Stefan and Katherine. I’m nor bored by them but I don’t give a damn either. I’m just indifferent.

I’m not impressed with Bill not being dead or with Caroline smacking Damon around. That’s the one page TVD needs to take from True Blood. Older and strong should mean exactly that at all times.

As for that fight between Damon and Elena in the aftermath? It needed to happen. Elena needs to understand that Damon is not like Stefan and he never will be. She shouldn’t want him to be that way. She needs to accept that while he will channel his nature, and control it when necessary, he can’t ignore it or suppress it the way that Stefan tries to. She also seriously needs to clue into the fact that Damon honestly let’s his guard down with her. I think understands that in part; it’s why she said she doesn’t want him to be what other people think. She has seen his other side and wants him to be able to let more people see it. I don’t think she quite grasps how many years of mistrust she’s managed to break through and why it would be so hard for Damon to be that open with others.

A guy who feels as much as Damon does and who has suffered the losses and neglect that Damon has, is all to easily broken if he doesn’t find ways to protect himself. And until Elena is willing to commit to him and be the person who will fight to protect him – not just some times but all the time – then she has no right to ask that of him. You only tell someone to jump if you can swear that you’ll be there to catch them.

Elena’s not there with him yet and she needs to understand the give and take element that’s at work here. Don’t ever ask for more than you’re willing to give. Damon will give her everything he has, that’s why he wants everything from her.

I think for all that Elena sees the softer side of Damon, she still doesn’t get how easily he can be hurt and more to the point how easily she can hurt him. The good thing here is that she’s upset too and she’s going to have to figure out why it matters so much to her. As always, Damon inspires strong emotions in her; some good, some bad and that’s what makes it so real.

The only thing worse than being in a love triangle is being in a love triangle that includes a dead vampire. Or a love rectangle with two dead vampires and a witch.

Father forgive me for I have sinned: the idea of Stefan and Rebekah actually appeals to me. I don’t think there are enough Hail Marys in the world for this one.

And finally we get to the crux of the matter. Elena’s worried what it says about her that she cares for Damon. She’s scared of being like Katherine. She’s scared of not being the person she thought she was or the person she dreamed she’d become. In short, she’s starting to grow up and realize that life doesn’t always happen the way you imagine. People don’t always do what you expect and sometimes you right person for you turns up where you’re not expecting them.

Elena has never – still doesn’t – want to deal with the implications of her feelings for Damon. But the barriers are falling right before her eyes one after the other and pretty soon she’ll be all out of excuses and places to hide. And Damon will be waiting.

I seriously don’t get how Caroline can give a damn about her father after what he did. He abused her; her trust, her body. In my eyes it’s unforgivable.

Does someone care to explain WTF has happened to Ric? Because I’m not digging the personality transplant that he’s undergone. At all.

Katherine, you sneaky little biatch.

And Stefan’s back in Mystic Falls. Joy.


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