3×03 – The End of The Affair

Damon took the words right out of my mouth. Katherine hasn’t been missed at all.

Okay, Klaus and Stefan were kind of entertaining last episode but I’ve seen them on screen for two seconds now and I’m already bored.

Klaus really needs to work on his narrative voice. But I gather from the time travel that we’re about to go into Stefan’s bloody past which will turn out – I’m sure – not to have that bloody at all and he’ll have been ever so sorry so it’s not like it matters. And I vaguely recall hearing some nonsense about Klaus having compelled him all along so nothing could possibly be his fault because the real Stefan is a saint who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

More witches? Just what this show didn’t need.

Oh, please Elena. I’m not buying that scream and faux outrage. You know you were perfectly comfortable all snuggled up to Damon and hearing him purr like a contented cat under your ear. The lady hath protested so much at this point, that none of us are taking you seriously anymore.

Oh, nice of them to recreate that moment from Under Control I believe it was, where Damon rifles through Elena’s underwear drawer. You’ll note that her reaction time is significantly slower now than it was then.


Damon and Elena cruising along in his car. Doesn’t that bring back fond memories?

Oh bother. The Elena I want to shake until her teeth rattle is back. And she brought her Stefan colored glasses with her.Damon, next time you yank those suckers off, crush them. And make sure she can’t get her hands on another pair.

Seriously though, I’m going to assume that Elena is being cranky because she didn’t appreciate the fact that Damon wouldn’t let her slink back into denial the other night. It feeds into a theory that I’ve had for a long time now, which is that Elena clings to Stefan and their relationship not just because she loves him, but because it serves as this barrier between her and Damon. He can’t get too close if Stefan is between them. Except for that it’s never worked and Damon has gotten under her skin and wormed his way into her heart despite the fact that she’s in love with Stefan. Leaves our little Miss Gilbert in quite the predicament.

Meanwhile back in the make believe land where Stefan was a ripper….he was apparently a horrible flirt. Guess he never did master the skill of interpersonal communication.

Well, I’m not a fan of witches as a general rule. But since this one isn’t taking any crap from Klaus, I guess she can have a temporary pass. Until she does something to annoy me, which since she’s a witch, I’m sure won’t take long.

No, seriously. Caroline’s father needs to die. Slowly. Painfully. And NOW.

What’s that I see? Is that some sliver of reality and acceptance winding its way into Elena’s brain? Could she be starting to fathom that Stefan isn’t all that he pretends to be? Guess not. Apparently, all it means is that Damon failed Ripper Sitting 101.

I KNEW that necklace belonged to someone else before Stefan gave it to Elena. My money had been on Katherine but Rebekah is just as bad.

So Klaus was jealous of Stefan? The more I learn about Klaus, the more convinced I become that he’s just a supernatural spoiled brat.

Stefan is a sadist. Seriously. How can anyone honestly deny that given all this? Sure Klaus apparently compelled him not to remember. But the Liam incident is before that happened. All the ripper stuff that got Klaus’ attention in the first place, is before that happened.

Hold on a minute, I need to rewind. Did the witch just say that she liked Damon better?! Gloria, my girl. You and I might just be okay.

Okay seriously, if I have to suffer through another one of those silent Stelena looks, I think I might start poking sharp objects into my eyeballs.

Way to go Liz! And Tyler and Caroline, growing on me a little, I admit.

Completely random question: I know Katherine never said anything to Stefan or Damon about Originals or Hybrids or Curses. And we know that Klaus knew of Stefan as a ripper, but did he know of his connection to Katherine? That she was the one who turned him and his brother?

This formula the show has of building up the big bad then making it so they’re actually running from something badder is actually getting quite annoying.

I’m back to wanting to shake Elena again. Because Damon is literally risking his life so that she can talk to Stefan, the same Stefan who has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be found. Elena needs to wise up – and I mean soon – to the power that she has over Damon before she really does get him killed. There’s nothing he won’t do for her and she needs to start being way more responsible about how she wields that weapon.

How old is Stefan? I70 some years? I think that little speech to Elena is the most sense that he’s ever made. 😆 Elena needed to wake up. I doubt this will hold but at least she might start to realize that this isn’t something she can fix. I think part of Elena’s problem is that she hadn’t truly realized what Stefan going to Klaus to save Damon meant. I mean, saving your brother is an extenuating circumstance. It never once occurred to her – until now – that she might not be enough for Stefan. And now she’s gotten that truth shoved in her face and it is hard for her to swallow.

I also feel for Damon here. He’s doing everything he can to get her what she wants. He doesn’t care how much it hurts him or what it might cost him. Her happiness means everything to him now.

Awww, poor Caroline. T_T

I am forever at a loss. Stefan is a freaking pyscho. I can understand why Katherine wants him. She’s as insane as him. Rebekah seems relatively normal for a vampire and god knows except for her love for Stefan, Elena is freaking awesome. How is it that these women get into all this trouble over Stefan “I’m not sad, I’m freaking hungry” Salvatore? This is taking suspension of belief to a WHOLE new level.

See Stefan? This is what happens when you give a girl jewelry that belonged to someone else. You put her life in danger. AGAIN.

Katherine’s up to something. Surprise. Surprise.


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  1. Great recap, especially your remarks about the power Elena wields over Damon. When Stefan left, Damon seemed to dedicate himself to keeping Elena upbeat and positive (even when his research told him that Stefan was on a bender). I totally agree that Elena needs to recognize that Damon would gladly die for her, and she should be more careful about needlessly putting him in danger (just look the Hybrid episode). Sometimes I feel that Elena takes Damon’s affection for her for granted.

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