3×02 – The Hybrid

A/N – I’m recapping on first watch here which is a bit different. But given my current relationship to the show, if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t recap at all and if I wasn’t recapping I probably wouldn’t be watching. You see the issue 😆

Good to see Damon’s sense of snark is still in tact.

Does anyone mind if I bang Elena’s head against that brick wall right over there? This is what I was talking about in my previous recap and it just proves – once again – that Damon is far more selfless where Elena is concerned than Stefan is.

There Damon was, trying to help Elena come to terms with things and then Stefan calls and Elena reacts exactly as we all knew she would. It’s like Stefan can’t stand the thought of Elena actually getting on with her life, even though he’s the one who left her. It’s so selfish and incredibly unfair to Elena. She deserves much better – from him and in general.

Oh, I can sense this is going to be one of those episodes where I feel like shaking Elena. A lot. And hard. Is she not watching the same show as me? The one where Stefan left her knowing perfectly well he likely wouldn’t be back for the next decade. I’m sorry, if that’s not giving up on her then, what the hell is it?

Loyalty to someone you love is one thing. But there comes a point where it’s plain and simple unhealthy. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Nothing about Stefan and Elena’s relationship or who she becomes when she’s with him is healthy. Good thing I’ve got vodka.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s Klaus the character or Joseph Morgan but I just can’t take this villain seriously. I find him more comedic than anything else. That has its own entertainment value but I don’t think that’s the actual intention.

Jeremy, Matt, ghosts. I’m bored.

Elena and Ric’s relationship is very entertaining but the balance of power is hopelessly skewed in Elena’s favor. Poor man can’t win no matter what he does. 😆

Huh. I don’t think I’d seen Klaus’ full on vampire eyes before now. Either that or they changed them. Not bad, make up department. Not bad at all.

I used to think Tyler was a douche and dumb jock. Apparently he’s not so slow on the uptake anymore. Just realized what his mom was up to.

Excuse me a minute, I need to pick myself up off the ground and stop laughing hysterically at the way Damon just pushed Elena into that lake.

I am cracking up at Ric’s expression when he hears Elena say, “Damon, please”. He’s like “aw, hell” cause he knows what’s up. Guess they’re going wolf hunting after all.

This is silly. Y’all can’t possibly meant to tell me that Stefan could hear Damon/Elena/Ric but Klaus didn’t hear a thing?

Carol’s in for a rude awakening, huh?

Damon all bad ass vamp takes out…well whatever Simon from 7th Heaven had been turned into.

Jeremy/ Matt/ Ghosts. I still could care less.

I like that Elena didn’t want to leave Damon behind. That’s progress. Now if we could get to the part where she’d think rationally before taking off into the mountains in the first place, we’d be in business.

Tyler’s show and tell is awesome 😆 Nothing more than Carol deserves after the biatch she’s been.

Okay, seriously. I know it’s hard Stefan but TRY to find an original move? Cause the heart ripping thing? Damon did it first and he did it better.

Stefan, you insufferable tease. You say you’re never coming back but you’re lying. It’s so very rude.

I think my favorite thing about these first two episodes is actually Elena and Ric’s relationship. It proves how much love Elena has to offer other people. How she is so giving and so compassionate and so ready to embrace the people that she considers family no matter what they’re going through. She’s the teen and he’s the adult but some how it’s the meeting in the middle that makes it work.

For me this episode is everything I love (and the few things that make me nuts) about Elena. She’s rocking it.

“Can you give me a minute to appreciate the fact that you’re not dead?”

“I’ll give you ten seconds. 10…9…”

😆 😆 Moments like that, the little tiny ones, remind me why I love these two so much. It’s not just the big things they bring out in each other. It’s the simple stuff – the banter back and forth, the way they keep each other on their toes.

They can’t help themselves, can they? They just have to have Stefan staring longingly. And Elena looking up longingly and then down sadly when there’s no one there. It’s obvious. It’s lazy. And more importantly, I feel nothing.

I feel sorry for Elena for a lot of reasons. She’s had a lot to deal with. But this moping over Stefan? Sorry, no. She needs to face facts and deal with it. And Stefan… just needs to go away and stay gone.

So not only is Jeremy being haunted by ex girlfriends dead but they don’t even agree on WHY they’re haunting him. Fabulous. When Bonnie screws up her magic, she doesn’t do it half way, does she?

Aww poor Klausie poo. Did your master plan for a race of hybrids hit a snag? Shame.

So in addition to not being that evil, being quite lazy, I’m now also beginning to think that Klaus is plain dumb. The look on Stefan’s face when Klaus said he’d killed the doppelganger was so transparent – to me at least. It’s like Stefan was waiting for the shoe to drop and Klaus to realize that he hadn’t made sure Elena was dead or something.

And then of course with the “I failed you, do what you have to do” thing. I think part of the reason Stefan makes these ridiculous attempts at self sacrifice is because he wants someone to go ahead and put him out of his misery already. And for that one thing, I admit, I can’t blame him. I’d like to be put out of his misery too.

“He’s an insufferable martyr that needs his ass kicked”. Truer words, Damon, truer words.

I actually watched this D/E scene on YT back in the day. I like it. Well, with the exception of “even in his darkest place blah blah blah…” That bit is part of the writer’s “wrap Stefan in cotton wool” campaign. But the rest of the scene, Damon not backing down, forcing Elena to admit that she cares about him, out loud. I liked that. She needed to say it. He needed to hear it. Damon’s been all about getting Elena to deal with reality in these first couple episodes.

Part of her reality is that she has feelings for Damon. He’s not pushing her too far too fast but he’s not letting her hide either. It’s really rather perfect. And I love Elena’s confusion. Her feelings for Damon are supposed to make her feel uncertain at the moment because she hasn’t explored them, hasn’t really tested them. So much of their relationship to date has been reactionary and instinctive. But now, she has to consciously consider what he means to her and where they go from here.

Caroline’s dad is an ass. That’s all.



  1. Again, loved this recap.

    “He’s an insufferable martyr that needs his ass kicked” I did love this line so much.

    I also loved the, “unless you want to relive the whole dead bit kissy thing.” ❤

    I also loved the fact that Elena asked Damon if he had been drinking at the end scene. Such a different relationship here to when he showed up in her room 2×01. I loved the fact that Damon was pushing her to come to terms w/ what she's feeling, and agree he did it as exactly the right speed.

  2. Great recap.

    Now you make me want to watch that end scene again.

    Reading your recap reminded me why I love these two so much.

  3. Ciara, I love your rrcsps so much I missed you sooooo much please recap heart of darkness upcoming ep April 19tj PLEASE?
    Miss you!

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