2×22 – As I Lay Dying

Thoughts, Questions, Comments 2×22 – As I Lay Dying

The episode starts off with Elena watching over Jeremy and being sad about Jenna. I have to say that I’m slightly surprised (though not at all in a bad way) at how Elena has responded to the loss of Jenna and John. I was expecting a much darker, more visibly broken Elena. I was expecting her to feel bitter and angry and a number of other emotions that were nowhere to be seen. Instead, what I got was more proof that Elena is an extraordinarily strong young woman, who even faced with the darkest circumstances does not lose faith in what she believes. Those observations alone set up some of the key elements of her final moments with Damon in this episode.

But before we get to those final moments, we have to start with the first one. Damon first tries to give her a little bit of comfort, telling her that it will get easier even though he knows that she knows that. Hearing him tell her that he was sorry for what he’d done made me think of the first time Damon apologized to her at the end of Bad Moon Rising. That apology was genuine but you could tell he was rusty- it had been a long time since he’d wanted to say sorry to anyone and really mean it. Watching him here, having seen him apologize to Jeremy for Jenna’s death as well, shows how he’s grown. There’s a maturity to Damon now that wasn’t there 21 episodes ago.

I admit. I was a tiny bit disappointed that Elena asked for more time. I’m not holding it against her by any means but I was really hoping that she understood and would let him know that she understood. I think that deep down she did but she just wasn’t ready to get into the emotional entanglements of it all. Forgiving Damon has always meant reminding herself of just how important he is to her. She wouldn’t forgive him if she didn’t love him and want him in her life. Considering all else that went down and that she’s dealing with, it makes sense that she didn’t want to touch it just yet.

Damon telling her to take all the time in the world when he knows he doesn’t have it was heartbreaking. As were those few seconds he lingered over her face, believing that he’d never see her again.

Random observation; the way Damon sifted through the bottles of booze and half smiled at the one he choose makes me think it’s really old and he’s been keeping around for a momentous occasion of one kind of another.

The whole scene is so bittersweet. Damon has accepted that he’s going to die and he’s come to terms with that. I almost think that that scene with Elena was about needing to make sure she knew that he was sorry and seeing her one last time. Her forgiveness would have been a bonus but when he said he didn’t deserve it, I think he genuinely believed it and had accepted it. Which is again, heartbreaking. Going to be using that adjective a lot in this recap I think.

Stefan is determined that his brother is not going to die. I am so struck by the parallel between Stefan’s determination to save Damon and Damon’s determination to save Elena. This for me really puts things into perspective as far as how Stefan feels for Elena as well. He loves her but he can live without her. He can’t live with out Damon. Damon loves Stefan but he’s gotten used to living without him in a way since they’ve been so at odds for so long. If Damon had lost Elena, it would have been the end of him. He couldn’t continue living without her.

I also can’t help pointing out that Stefan’s not “respecting” Damon’s wishes here just like Damon didn’t respect Elena’s. Damon got a boatload of stick for that which Stefan won’t. But the truth is that NEITHER of them should be condemned for being desperate to save someone that they love.

Watching Damon get weak and cough up blood 😦

I missed most of this scene between Klaus and Elijah on first watch.

Honestly, the parallels to Damon and Stefan are so in your face there. This scene reminds me of 1864!Damon and Stefan. Damon/Elijah wants to trust his brother but past experience has made it difficult. Klaus says what kind of brother would break his bond and I’m screaming at the computer screen – you would! Although to be fair, reunited is reunited. Elijah didn’t specify the whole being brought back to life part. That too reminds me of the way that Stefan has often manipulated Damon emotionally in the past and Damon has fallen for it just like Elijah did here.

Seriously, if Stefan isn’t careful, he will turn into Niklaus 2.0. He has that cold killer streak in him and Klaus is going to nuture it like crazy.

Team Blood & Beer is awesome.  It’s funny this scene played out very closely with a one shot that I wrote for Mandi over on V-D.net. Ric in the bar and Stefan calling him. Even down to Ric bringing booze to Damon in the cellar later on. I’m not surprised that he’s angry at not having been able to save Jenna. Grief often leaves us feeling helpless. It’s good to see the really human reactions on this show.

He’s obviously affected by the news that Damon is dying. These two have become really true & good friends and I love that Ric will still be around next season.

I love Jer/Elena scenes and again, it shows how Elena is so strong and mature and coping. I expected her to be so much more broken and instead of that she’s holding everything and everyone together.

Caroline is also adorable. Like, seriously.

I was really hoping we’d get an explanation on why the witches have it in for Damon but no. Instead, just more completely unexplained, irrational, hatred.

I wasn’t really shocked to find out that Klaus was the cure. I do wonder though if he’s only the cure now because the curse has been broken. Which just further proves the point that they’d never have been able to stop the sacrifice without at least one person dying be it Bonnie or Damon.

The scene between Carol and Liz was kind of random. Unless all the people Klaus killed over the two days he was a wolf were in Mystic Falls?

I’m confused about Stefan’s “when Damon was helping Tyler” line. Doesn’t he mean when Damon was “stopping Tyler from KILLING Caroline?” *sigh* no scene is perfect. I have another minor pet peeve with this one between Stefan and Elena but I’ll get to it in a minute.

Okay, I lied. It’s more than a pet peeve now that I’ve rewatched it. In fact, it’s two pet peeves. One is that Stefan told her to go talk to Damon. For one, I fully believe Elena would have gone to see him regardless so I didn’t especially appreciate the “Vaya con Dios” you have my blessing to be nice to my brother vibe. And second, I really dislike this part of Stefan’s character that has the capacity to make EVERYTHING about him in some way. I mean crap, Damon is dying. Can’t you just go try to find a cure because he’s your brother and you love him? Does it HAVE to be about how all this is your fault and you owe him? The irony is that the whole rest of the episode is about Damon truly accepting that none of this WAS  Stefan’s fault. Not to mention that Stefan’s already been told in 1×20 that he’s not allowed to feel Damon’s guilt.

This is a part of Stefan’s character that frustrates me to unbearable levels.

I liked that Elena immediately regretted having been distant to Damon when she’d seen him that morning. I think knowing that he knew he was dying allows her to realize again just how much he’s changed and grown. He could have insisted because he knew he didn’t have “all the time she needed” but he didn’t.

I said at the end of the Last Day that if Elena didn’t know what love was, she needed to see Damon’s actions from the rest of that episode. Well it’s more of the same here, so much of what Damon does and says in this episode, shows Elena what it means to really love someone in a way that is unconditional and truly selfless; to not demand or expect anything from them in return for your feelings.

Having said that I could have done without the instinctive “no, don’t go” reaction even though I do understand that it was knee jerk.  It’s not as if she wanted Stefan to just let Damon die, she just reacted instinctively to the idea of him getting himself killed. And I have a feeling that this is a taste of what we’re in for now as Elena struggles with how to deal with wanting to care and protect both brothers when each of them is willing to sacrifice all for her and for each other.

The flash back didn’t really say much of anything. Although the way Damon touches Katherine was all kinds of sensual. Also love that Elena is Damon’s “conscious”. It’s actually quite deep when you think about it. Elena is the one who has brought Damon clarity on so many levels; if he’s able to look back on his past and see things differently it’s in large part because of who Elena has helped him become.

How did Stefan get into Ric’s house?

I don’t like Klaus. I will never like Klaus. But honestly, he gets rather more entertaining with every episode. I didn’t see it coming that he’d kill Elijah. But Elijah totally should have.

I also knew that Stefan was bound to make a deal with Klaus. Which on the one hand is selfless of him but on the other hand, Damon is going to be so pissed off. He’d never want Stefan to make that kind of sacrifice for him. I can already see the rant in my head where Damon goes on about how Stefan should have let him die, and how could you do that to Elena. Let’s not forget that Damon left Stefan in the cemetery with some pretty clear – albeit implied – directions. The ONLY thing Damon wanted was for Stefan to take care of Elena. Now had Kat not come through and Damon actually died, Elena would have been left without EITHER of them plus all her parents and Jenna dead.  I think Damon’s going to be the first person to tell Stefan he’s an idiot and this wasn’t worth it.

Of course he’s got no leg to stand on because we all know that if the situation had been reversed, Damon would have done the exact same thing.

Katherine really does love Stefan. The fact that she even tries to interfere proves that. When Damon was all “take me, kill me” with Klaus, Katherine was impressed but she wasn’t about to risk her life reasoning with Klaus because of it.

Damon thinks he’s so smart you know. He thinks that he can get a rise out of Ric and get Ric to put an end to his suffering. But Ric is so onto him and he didn’t fall for it. He knows that Jenna dying wasn’t Damon’s fault. He’s mad but not at Damon.

For a second there, I thought that Ric had vervained him but no. Also, how heartbreaking was it the way he whispered Elena’s name as he fell on the ground there? He sounded like a lost little boy, looking for his angel.

It’s a shame you know. I used to really like Liz. I used to really like her friendship with Damon. It’s sad to see it come to this. Maybe they can rebuild it. I’d like to see Liz redeem herself and I think Damon’s matured enough to give her another chance.

You go, Mini Gilbert! <3<3

When the baddest of all bad vampires admires your “handiwork” you know that you were a sadistic son of a bitch. I’m just saying. 😆 The fact that Stefan was notorious enough to land on Klaus’ radar at all, never mind for Klaus to have been impressed by him says a hell of  a lot. If Klaus’ plan is indeed to build an army of werepires, he’s going to need lieutenants if you will. I feel like he sees in Stefan someone who could match him in darkness if pushed hard enough and far enough.

Team Milk & Cookies FTW ❤ ❤

I love that even in his delirium, the only thing Damon really wants is to find Elena. Like I said before, she’s his angel. And I love that Jeremy doesn’t even blink at that. He’s just like, let’s get out of here first, in this concerned tone. I don’t know how much Damon is going to remember when he’s totally back in his right mind but I hope he realizes through his interactions with Ric and Jeremy that there are people who care about him besides Stefan and Elena. He matters in more lives than he knows.

I love, love, love how agitated and worried Elena is about Damon. Stefan mind you is off looking for Klaus and she knows that probably won’t end well – she’s not dumb. And yet her immediate concerns are for Damon and only Damon. Where is he? What has Liz done to him? How can she help him and keep him safe? What does she have to break or who does she have to hurt to get to him?

There are hints of desperation in her determination and I’m a sucker for it.

I knew Liz would shoot either Jeremy or Elena. Thank god, they got him back; neither me or Elena could have stood it otherwise. Also, am I the only one who finds it interesting/ironic that Bonnie the Vampire Hater immediately and implicitly demands that Caroline feed Jer blood because the ring won’t work. She knows there a chance that even if vamp blood healed him he could come back vamp but she doesn’t seem to care. Just a thought.

Ric’s reaction is telling too. He cares about Elena and Jeremy both. It’s going to be good to see that develop more next season.

Fierce!Elena breaking windows to get to her man (well one of them anyway) 😆

I am suspicious of this cure the more I think about it. I know it looks at the end there as if Damon is already getting better but Klaus…I don’t trust him. It seemed a little too easy even if he is taking Stefan on a decade long bender and has big plans for him. I just feel like there could easily be unexpected side effects or that the cure may not actually work. Rose got better for a while first too and we all know how that went. I hope I’m wrong though.

There is something beyond sadistic about Klaus forcing Stefan to drink bag after bag after bag of blood. Having said that since I’ve never understood ANYTHING about the way they write Stefan’s reactions to HB, I really don’t get why if he’s been on it all this time, drinking it would make him flip into a ripper again unless it’s all about sheer quantity at this point.

The only thing that matters to me about this scene with Ric, Jer, Bonnie is that Jeremy gets brought back to life. I loved Ric’s relief and also Ric telling the witches to shut up. I knew there were reasons I loved this man.

And then we have this hallucination moment where Damon is reliving one of his “defining moments” with Katherine but actually doing it to Elena. I didn’t mind this scene and I suppose the point of it was for Damon to realize that he always had a choice in loving Katherine and that he choose to drink her blood and take the risk of becoming a vampire. It was a choice that had nothing to do with Stefan. If he [Damon] hadn’t chosen to love Katherine he’d never have been willing to turn for her and wouldn’t have found himself in a situation where Stefan could coerce him to transition. Makes me wonder about how Stefan got Kat’s blood into his system as well. But that’s a story for another episode.

All of this to say that despite that, having Damon bite Elena felt a little bit gratuitous. Tiny bit. But I wouldn’t actually complain about it because I loved Elena’s reaction – instant understanding and forgiveness. And I also loved Damon’s reaction when he realized it was Elena. He fell to his knees and it just gave you this image of total supplication and you could feel how horrified he was to have hurt her. The fact that she comforted him, proves that she knows that. So does what she says to him later on back at the boarding house.

And the way he just falls against her. It’s like for a second, he’s totally defeated because in his right mind he’d never bite her that way against her will. Damon’s control on a blood consumption level has always been unfailing. So I think it would affect him profoundly to have lost that with the person who means the most to him.

I love Vampire Caroline. I really do. For her sake if nothing else I hope Liz finds a way to redeem herself.

Mini Gilbert and the witch are kind of cute.

I LOVE this Ric & Jeremy scene – Team Quasi Father Son forever ❤ –  and McQueen plays it perfectly because even though Jer has grown up so much and he’s more mature than ever, he’s still just a kid and he needs to have people in his life who care about him. You can see how relieved he was when Ric decided to stay but he was trying to play it cool.

Even in death, and especially after the bite earlier , Damon’s first thought is still protecting Elena. He’d rather die alone than take a chance on hurting her. She’s not respecting his wishes here either. Does anyone give a damn? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Elena refuses to leave him – kind of like how she refused to leave him in 1×14, the same episode where she first articulated that they had something – and swears that she’s going to be there until the end. She’s willing to risk her life if that’s what it comes down to because he needs her and because she understands now after what happened that morning in her room, that he won’t ask for what he needs.  Funny, until I started typing this, I hadn’t thought about the tie ins to Fool Me Once. But there’s another one. Damon said to her then that he “wanted it to be real” and that translates here. Whatever Elena gives him has to be of her own free will, it has to be real. He won’t ask because he doesn’t think he has the right to.

I love the way she scoots in behind him and takes him into her arms. We’ve seen Damon be gentle and tender with her before. Now, we finally, get to see her be that way with him and it’s truly beautiful to watch.

It’s also beautiful – and very very heartbreaking – to watch Damon truly open up to Elena and allow her to see him as I don’t believe anyone ever has before. She knows that he loves Stefan but I don’t think he’s ever admitted as much. She gets to see firsthand his regret and know that he’s sorry for his part in the way their relationship deteriorated. This whole time in Damon’s bedroom, Elena’s heart is being broken. You can see her thinking about what Damon’s death will mean to her, what it will mean to Stefan as well and the whole thing is just ripping her apart. And at this stage, it’s only the beginning.

She is struggling to keep it together. You can see that. The way her chin rests on his head. She’s giving and trying to take comfort as well. It’s just as important to her to be there for him as it is for him to have her there.

Klaus “compels” Kat to take Damon the cure but we find out later that he knows perfectly well she was on vervain the entire time. The tiny “oh well” shrug he gives Stefan when Stefan says she’ll never take it to him is just more proof that this man regrets nothing at all ever. He is bad to the bone. He probably wasn’t always  that way but he is beyond redemption now. And he if he gets his way, Stefan will be eventually too.

But I don’t expect him to get his way – not for long at any rate. Contrary to what must have been the case with Klaus, Stefan has people that will fight for him, starting with Damon and Elena. And those two people have proven that they’ll do anything for the people they love. It’s one of the many ways that they match. And that – despite all appearances – actually makes Stefan an incredibly lucky SOB.

And now….

THE scene was 2×08 when Damon told her he loved her and compelled her to forget.

THAT scene was 2×18 when Damon told her that he would always choose her.

What we’re about to see here? Well I’m calling it THEIR scene. Because this moment – forget Kat’s appearance at the end there – is all about THEM. Damon and Elena and the love – yes, people it’s very clearly and very powerfully, love – that exists between them.

From the first close up of Elena’s face, you can see she’s been crying and she’s in so much pain but she’s holding it together because she doesn’t want him to give up. Everything he says though, every glimpse he gives her of the man she’s ALWAYS known was there just breaks her heart even more.

So when he says he deserves to die, she rejects the notion immediately. No matter what he’s done in the past, she knows that the person he is at his core, the man in her arms in that moment, deserves to live; to be set free from the weight of regret and remorse.

The way that Elena looks at him when he says that it’s all okay because if he’d chosen differently he’d never have met her is this look of wonder in a way. That is such a profound statement for him to have made. He wouldn’t change ONE single thing about the whole  170 some years of his life  – he’d suffer all the hurts, all the rejections, take on all the guilt and remorse and regret – JUST so that he could meet her and have the chance to love her, even believing that she doesn’t and will never feel the same way back.

I know Elena has been loved by a lot of people in her life but even she must find it slightly mind boggling that someone could care for her that much. I said in my last recap that Damon understands now that love is what gives life meaning and that it never “gets in the way” as Kat said it did. Loving Elena has made Damon into someone that he can find peace in being. It’s opened his eyes on so many levels and inspired so much growth. He told “her” in last year’s finale that somewhere along the way she decided he was worth saving. In this finale, he shows her why she decided that in the first place.

I am so glad she said she forgave him before he said anything about loving her. It’s proof that the forgiveness was given again of her own free will. All he did was apologize again for all the ways he’s hurt her. It reminds me as ever of Ian’s quote about how you have the most complicated relationships with the people who bring out the best in you. And also it reminds me that the people we love the most and who love us the most are often the people we hurt the most. Love is a double edged sword and sometimes it hurts like a bitch but it always reminds us that we’re alive and we feel and we’re human.

I know there are some who wish he hadn’t mentioned the “it’s always Stefan” line but I’m amazingly glad that he did. It’s again, Damon showing Elena what it means to be selfless in love. He’s on his death bed and he loves her so much but he respects what she’s told him about her feelings. Again, he’s not asking for anything or expecting it. He’s not even saying it this time because HE needs to. He’s saying it because he just wants her to know; it’s not a declaration or an entreaty or a plea. It’s a simple statement of fact.

And the way Elena holds his hand even tighter when he mentions Stefan, the way she looks away and simply cuddles closer to him, tells me that she doesn’t want Stefan intruding on what she thinks will be her last ever moments with Damon. It doesn’t mean that she suddenly stopped loving Stefan. It just means that for once, she’s allowing her feelings for Damon to take precedence. It’s THEIR moment, THEIR scene.

Elena’s expression right after Damon says, “I love you, you should know that”, is SO gut-wrenching. And it’s given more depth by the fact that she has been keeping it together not just in this scene until then but the whole episode. Jenna and John have died and she pulled herself together at the start of this episode in a way I completely didn’t expect. And yet, here now, with Damon dying right next to her, she is about to completely lose it all over again.

And if there’s a case to be made for her remembering THE scene, then I think it’s how wrecked she looks when he says that he loves her. If she remembers that he took it away the last time, then she knows that him saying it now is the proof that she’s really losing him, that he doesn’t expect to ever be able to tell her again and that he’s accepted his own death.

“I like you now, just the way you are”. This could well be one of the, if not the, most important thing that Elena has ever said to him. Acceptance is such a HUGE part of true, genuine love. For Elena to open her heart to him and care for him so deeply – flaws and all – is a testament to how real and how strong the bond between them is.  And in saying those words she ensured Damon didn’t die believing that he’d never been loved for who he is. That is such a big deal, such a beautiful thing for Elena to have given him that I barely have the words to describe it.

Anyone who ever doubts that Elena has never wanted to change him; just get the best of him, needs to watch this again and again and again until it clicks.

That kiss was perfect for me in the circumstances. Elena initiated it first of all. And it was no pity kiss, let’s get that clear right away. Elena is being torn apart inside. If she feels sorry for anyone in that moment, it’s for herself. For all the things she can’t say or hasn’t been willing to say in the past. She kissed him because she wanted to. It wasn’t meant to be sexual. It was meant to be sweet and comforting and to show that she has these feelings for him. It was a goodbye kiss to be sure but there was absolutely nothing pitiful about it.

And when he thanks her, I don’t think it’s for the kiss at all. It’s for everything she means to him and for saying what she just said about liking him for who he was. I think if there’s one thing he truly needed to hear before he died, that was it.

And when he doesn’t open his eyes again after that, you get these few seconds where Elena is seriously about to lose it because I think she thinks he might actually be gone.

And then Kat arrives to break the mood. Elena is obviously uncomfortable for having that intimate moment interrupted by Katherine of all people.

I know some people are worried about D/K but I’m honestly not. Damon is so totally over her it’s not even funny. I can see them becoming, not exactly friends but not enemies either. I don’t think Kat ever actually hated Damon. I think she was for the most part pretty indifferent. He’s recently earned her respect in so far as she respects anyone and he seemed to have gotten through to her at least a little; enough that she felt obligated to actually bring him the cure.

I don’t think it’s more than that and I think the “it’s okay to love them both” line was uttered to mess with them but also because I think that Katherine senses that Elena truly DOES love them both. And I think that when Katherine said it, Elena realized it was the truth.

I’ve believed for a good while that Elena loves Damon. Now I believe she might have just realized that she’s in love with him. It’s completely different to how she feels about Stefan and it always will be. That doesn’t mean that her feelings for both of them are not real because they are. An important part of her struggle next season is going to be coming to grips with that.

Katherine gives them the news about Stefan and I have to say when Elena first asked about him it sounded like an afterthought; almost as if she realized Stefan should have been there but wasn’t.

I think it might also take some doing for Elena to recover from realizing that Stefan was willing to negotiate with Klaus for Damon but not for her. And the argument that she told him not to won’t fly because Damon basically told him the same thing  in the cellar when he said “just say good bye and end it”. Stefan ignored Damon but he didn’t ignore Elena; proof in my mind that while he’s past caring what Damon thinks of him, his love for Elena is hindered by his determination to keep her image of him intact.

I think once Kat is gone Damon and Elena are faced with multiple emotions. Shock and dismay over whatever situation Stefan’s gotten himself into but also the acute awareness that they can’t undo what happened between them moments before. It was real and it mattered and it means something; everything is different now because of it. But what do they do?

I don’t think Damon will push her. He’ll probably go so far as to give her an out by telling her that it doesn’t matter or count because she thought he was dying. But Elena knows that it did and I don’t think she’ll let herself off the hook. Or that she’ll necessarily want to either.

So are we to believe that Klaus is keeping ALL of the Originals in MF? Why? What is with this town?

I think Stefan is already nearing the brink. How long he holds out before falling over remains to be seen but he didn’t hesitate to bite nearly as long with this girl as he did with Amber back in MMF. But once he killed her, he had that same look as when Damon found him binged out on the blood at the end of LROI. It was a bit of a lost boy look. But he chose to kill, he chose not to balk at what Klaus was asking of him – for Damon’s sake, yes but not only. The part of him that he’s been suppressing is rising to the surface again and that part of enjoys the kill just like Klaus said.

And lastly, Vicki & Anna? Seriously, show, WTF? 😆



  1. I was peeved off when Elijah got killled. Personaly I find Jeremy, Damon, and Elijah really hot. And when jeremy died I started freaking out. But then my mother, bless her, pointed out that Elijah can be brought back to life, Jeremey can see dead people (sooooo fricken awesome) and Damon hopefuly gets cured. I also thought that Klaus’s blood might change said vampires human after a length of time. Just a thought…

  2. Your recaps are always, always perfect. I absolutely love them. And I agreewith everything! I think Stefan is headed down a very dark path — But to a certain extent, he’s choosing to. He got the text that Damon was okay BEFORE he killed the girl. He did his job in saving his brother. He could have refused Klaus (and probably gotten killed) and kept his pride. But underneath the facade and the struggle to be good, a huge part of Stefan likes the darkness. And what I never understood about the Stefan vs Damon argument is that so many are so quick to judge Damon for being “bad” but yet they love Stefan whose past is actually much darker. Anyway, I can’t wait til Season 3. Elena and Damon’s love is absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful and it’s time for it to be acknowledged and put into action.

  3. Loved the recap! Also how Elena would move heaven and earth to keep Damon safe, Also love how Ric. and Jeremy were there to help Damon when he needed it. Damon will be wanting to knock some sense into Stefan’s head for getting himself into that situation with Klaus when he was ready to die.

  4. I love your re-cap. Damon’s “I wish you met me in 1864, you would have liked me” reminds me so much of your fic “Prada and Prejudice” 🙂

    I think one of the reasons Katherine helping Damon would be having him to occupy Elena. I have the feelings now that Stefan goes to the dark side might bring them together in S3 and when Elena sees that it would be the final straw for her emotional struggle and goes completely to Damon.

    I dont know if it is me, the sick Damon looks especially gorgeous, I watched a few times just to look at his face (I’m bad I know)

    Lastly quite a few complaints about how the show has use Bonnie to fill in the gaps and gets her to do a spell with things they can’t get around “supernatural rules”.

  5. I love your recaps you know. I wait for them. I’m so glad I found them. I read other recaps just to get an idea of how ppl react to the show but none are as perfect and insightful as yours. I knew this recap was going to be the best.
    Then again all of yours are.
    Word to wise: just my opinion but I think Kat meant it when she said she loved them both. It happens, sometimes we feel deeply for two different ppl. But we feel for one more, so much more that it unconditonally overshadows everything we feel for the other- not to say we hadn’t loved the other too, infact we had so much so, just not enough, not nearly enough. And that’s when we make our choice.
    Kat chose Stefan when he called her an angel and she fell in love for his purity and innocence. Of course I find it ridiculous that she found Stefan all that, when Damon was more or less the same. But then she had Damon’s love and Kat has a thing for going after what she can’t have. She also probably saw Damon’s complete infatuation for her as weak, silly and foolish. She knew he was something special otherwise she probably wouldn’t have fed him his blood and wanted him around as a vampire. She knew he had potential to be incredible and even as human he was special to her, just not the unreachable.
    Kat cared about Damon, I think even when she came back because when she told him I’v always loved Stefan it was to give him no hope, to make it a clean break. She could have said- but I chose to save you, you mattered but she didn’t. I never loved you, she said when now to Elena she says, It’s okay to love them both. I did. So despite what everyone says I think she was so cruel to Damon then because she wanted to set him free. And she did. He got over her and i think that was literally a gift- an escape from a curse.
    Later there’s this scene when Damon confronts Mason and she warns him almost like a friend- to stay away and be careful. I remember thinking that Kat and Damon had a great dynamic as friends then- of course she does what she does out of her own agenda but she cares about Damon- only as far as he doesn’t come in the way of her survival.
    When Damon was leaving with the wound, Kat said, don’t. Don’t leave mad. I kind of did like the way she woke him up and said she was sorry and I like how she comes back and just sort of affectionately strokes him on the cheek. “You came.”
    “I owed you one remember?” she could have said something nicer but she spoke a cold, hard fact. I think Kat always tries to set Damon free. It’s what she’s been doing all along, even though, clearly then she was trying to make up for something.
    And when Luca is in the house and Kat gets hurt and screams, “Damon!” and he comes and burns up Elijah- well, I’m not on that team, and I don’t wan them together but it was nice to see her call out to him and for him to respond like that. I’m all for delena but I like to think that Damon wasn’t as used or as meaningless to her as she might want him to think.
    She didn’t care if he died for her when it came to leaving the tomb, but like i said, no one comes above Kat’s survival, at the end, not even Stefan.
    Still, sometimes when I look at her with the brothers I find a trace of human in her. The girl who met Klaus, an innocent.
    Sorry for the irrelevant ramble, and great recap.
    Wow, four months until the next I guess. Heres to lasting the dry spell.

  6. I was so glad to get up to this recap on my Saturday morning. Loved the recap! For me this episode was about how unconditional Damon and Elena could be with each other. It was about what both of them were able to give to each other without asking for anything in return.
    When Damon asked for forgiveness and accepts Elena’s answer, I was so moved by his ability to accept and give that time, and it made me bawl my eyes out. I would like to point out, however, that my pregnancy hormones make me sappy.
    Some of your comments about Stefan made me laugh, because I’ve written Damon’s rant about Stefan already. Damon, in my mind, had made his peace with dying, and had accepted the situation, but Stefan is truly selfish in his actions. He is driven by guilt and his inability to say goodbye. Something he didn’t experience when it was Elena’s life on the line. Of course I’m not ready to say goodbye to Damon yet either, and I actually find Stefan’s actions all the more interesting because his relationship with brother (whether hate or something else infinitely more complicated) move Stefan to face tango with his biggest Achilles heel – his addiction to HB. I am very excited about Stefan’s storyline for season 3. it’s nice to see that this arc of heroism they’ve been building all season was leading into this. Damon’s been facing his personal demons and now it’s time for Stefan to face his. This will make him a stronger character. Klaus/Stefan will be absolutely terrifying! And what is it with Mystic Falls and the originals all being buried there? I love that Elijah was reunited with his family and Klaus kept his word very literally. I don’t think it’s the last of Elijah (since season 3 is season of the originals), but I think it revealed that Klaus is cold, calculating, and a whole lot of other things.
    I was pretty positive Jeremy would be shot by the sheriff. And yeah, funny how Bonnie had no hesitation asking Caroline to help out. I’ve been a bit down on Bonnie for the past 26 eps or more, but she’s starting to interest me a bit more now. And okay, Anna and Vicky are back. WTF indeed! I was never the biggest fan of those characters in the first place. Next season, I think we’ll see more consequences for the spells placed on Elena and Jeremy, because there is always a price to pay for messing with nature. The balance must be kept.
    I think what they are doing with Liz and Carole, is trying to create some Romeo and Juliet where the mothers are trying to keep their children away from each other because of what they are. I think that’s where it’s heading. Bring on the drama.
    I love the first moment Elena sees Damon in this epi, and it’s in front of the Gone With The Wind Screening, and as Damon appears in front of her, there is a mighty black stallion rearing up on the screen, frightened by the fire.
    Back at the boarding house, was my fave scene between Damon and Elena yet, because we see yet again how unconditional they could be with each other. Damon telling her he loved her just because he wanted her to know. I know what Elena said in return was a truly huge and momentous D/E moment. But Damon confessing his love finally, moved me to tears, AGAIN. “I know you love Stefan, and it will always be Stefan. But I love you.” It’s probably my favorite line ever, for so many reasons that I’m not going to go into, but it was coming full circle from the return. He tried to force his love on her then, now he was just giving it without expecting anything in return. He had accepted what she means to him and accepts Elena doesn’t feel the same way, or doesn’t want to acknowledge it anyway.
    Elena’s comment is just as beautiful, showing her acceptance of Damon as he is, as well as reciprocation of feeling. It was beautiful beyond words. The kiss was perfect, and full of love, whatever type of love they share at the moment, and absolutely not to be talked down because of it’s sweetness.
    I agree with you as well, Damon will let her off the hook, because he was “meant to die”, again showing his growth. 2×01 showed Damon trying to force Elena to admit feelings. 3×01 will be Damon probably passing them off, while Elena will be trying to deal with what she feels for him as well as her guilt. I think season three will go on for some time like this.
    I do, do, do really, really hope that Elena thinks about what Stefan has done as something other than heroic. It was silly. As you said, it might never have paid off, and Elena would have lost the two of them.
    I would also like to say that I was beyond amazed and happy that the two women who told him it was Stefan at the start of the season; the two women that shattered his heart, were both there for him at the end of his life. I loved this ep, and thanks for the recap.

  7. Ciara, all I can say is WOW. Your perception and the way you can analyze this couple is amazing. I love reading your recaps and everything you write in our circle. All I can say is Thank you.

  8. Ciara, the way you write, the way you articulate the things this couple makes all of us feel, is simply sublime, what you have expressed here, full of sprezzatura.

    This really just makes me so very proud to be a Delena shipper, thank you, truly.

  9. I have been checking this site every few hours to check if your recap had come up yet. 😛 Your recaps are seriously the BEST – It’s such a JOY to come hear and read your AMAZINg insight into the scenes- you write so beautifully, and you have such good ideas, and such wonderful perception! I always have to go and watch the episode after reading your recaps – to see all the things I missed! 😀 And this recap did not disappoint – your analysis of the kiss was sooo beautiful and heartbreaking and SPOT ON. Bravo my dear – i will be waiting with baited breath for your recaps of Season 3 in Sept! 😀 xxxxx

  10. Fantastic recap Ciara! Your analysis was spot on and very thought provoking. It will be a long wait until September, but I hope we get some more of your amazing and insightful character analysis in the mean time!!

  11. Wonderful Recap! My heart was also breaking again and again starting from the part where he doesn’t push at all when he said ‘take all the time you need’, knowing full well he had no time left. But he was satisified with having made his apology to her and her not completelly rejecting him, just saying she needed time. I agree this showed his true growth from the times when he would have forced the issue. When the beautiful music started playing and Damon set his trademark leather jacket on a chair for the last time, I started bawling…just his countenance while he set about savoring his last drink of something obviously special and preparing to end his life on his own terms…he was so resolved and so accepting of his own death that it broke my heart. He wasn’t angry or resentful or anything. He was dying because he was helping out people that his angel cared about and he wasn’t even resentful at all. Again, to me this showed tremendous growth from earlier Damon.

    I’m not going to say much about Stefan but I think it does speak volumes that Elena didn’t kiss him goodbye and that Stefan was willing to override Damon’s wishes to die but not Elena’s. I was proud of him for manning up for his brother though, since I would do the same for mine. I’m really glad that the show is going to explore his HB addiction since it was so glossed over in Season 1.

    Regarding Katherine, I think she likes him but doesn’t really love him. Again going back to passion and her need for a challenge. He was more of an innocent puppy dog to her in 1864. During her first encounter with him in present day, he was acting much the same in his confession to who he thought was Elena, but she’s come to gain respect for him after getting to know him more. It was really interesting to me how she seemed to really want to say goodbye to him when he left Ric’s apartment.

    When Damon crumpled to the ground after realizing he’d hurt Elena, my heart crumpled too… He’d done exactly what he’d been trying to avoid. But she totally understood since she’d known what Rose had gone through in her delusional state. Back at the boardinghouse, I agree wholeheartedly with you that Damon would never ASK her to stay and was very much prepared to die alone. He really doesn’t think he deserves anything from anyone and he isn’t about to ask.

    This is where Elena shines, she doesn’t retreat when he tells her to go and even if he had been more vehement about it (which I kind of expected), she wouldn’t have backed down. She doesn’t need his approval to decide to care about him and to risk her own life to be there for him. This is exactly why he fell in love with her. She gets closer when he tries to push her away and she sees right through him. I love that for once she didn’t try to shut him down when he started telling her about how he felt about her. I know she does this to protect herself and their relationship from going too far, and I was glad that she wasn’t so into her “everything is going to be ok” routine that she would stop him from saying what he needed to on his deathbed. She let him say he loved her and she let it sink in, coupled with the reality of losing him, it totally ripped through her. I really hadn’t expected her to say she loved him, because she hasn’t really confronted or categorized her own feeling for him. I was expecting some more “I care about you” stuff, and was totally shocked that she went so far as to offer him complete acceptance. To me this showed her emotional maturity and how much it has developed as well. Being accepted was all he dared to ever hope for in life and the kiss was cherries on top! He really was ready to die after that and I had the heart stopping moment when I thought we would see his last breath. Her face contorting as she was thinking he was really about to go or was possibly gone was so touching.

    As far as the idea of her wanting him to change, I personally think she was actually trying to shape some of the behaviors she saw in his persona and tell him what behaviors she would or wouldn’t accept. More like she was trying to set boundaries for him. She wasn’t really trying to change who is was at his core, because although she could see his true self, he acted in a manner completely contrary to it quite often.

    Anyway, I adore your posts in the DE circle and love your fanfics. Hope to see more soon!

  12. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird but – I think I kinda love you, seriously. Your recaps and stories are always pure win. I desperately hope that you’ ll write tons of new stories, or anything actually, to soothe us over the next months.

  13. Wow. You’re so detailed and in depth analytical. Amazing.

  14. Agreed completely as always I love your recaps so much.
    Completely what i was thinking.
    Perfect in every way Delena forever ❤ 🙂

  15. Amazing recap, as always. How am I going to last till September?! Especially when the writers have used quotes like “explosive” to describe Damon and Elena next season?! It’s definitely about time that these 2 (well, Elena) finally acknowledge their feelings. The wait nearly drove me insane, but looking back, I’m glad the writers dragged it out because the journey is what has made their love so strong.

    It’s ironic that early in Season 1, Stefan referenced the lack of passion in Elena and Matt’s relationship. To me, this is actually the issue with Elena and Stefan. Damon brings out the passion and the life in Elena. Stefan has always brought her down to his brooding. And Elena and Stefan seemed borderline cold in the finale. Her epic romance line seemed cold to me. Stefan and Damon both brought chaos into Elena’s life but only Stefan has brought her down with it. Damon brings out the good qualities in Elena that I think she misses about herself. She’s often told Damon and others that she used to be fun. She is “fun” with Damon. Their love is passsionate, intoxicating, and overwhelming. I think Elena pushes it away for many reasons, but I think once she gives into it, she’s going to be blown away by it.

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