2×21- The Sun Also Rises

Thoughts, Questions, Comments on 2×21 The Sun Also Rises.

The episode opens with Matt/Caroline/Tyler. Let me get everything I need to say about these three out of the way now. Matt is a douche. Caroline is love and Tyler… well for a guy who sprouts fur once a month, he’s really not that bad.

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s get down to some serious recapping. We start with Damon and Katherine. I really liked this scene – I like any scene where it’s glaringly obvious that Damon a) no longer loves Katherine b) has grown so much from the man we first met 43 episodes ago.

I’ve said a number of times lately that Damon and Kat mirror each other so much and for me this moment is the epitome of the shift in the balance of power between them. He’s all but lecturing her here, taking her seriously to task for the fact that she put herself first. He helped her out, she should have repaid the favor in the only way she knows is of interest to him and that’s in helping to protect Elena and the people that Elena loves. Kat chose to save herself and Damon is not impressed nor does he care to waste more of his time on her. And I think that Katherine – who has seriously mellowed since Klaus got his claws back into her – was actually hit by what he said and by the idea that if she does end up free of Klaus, she’ll have no one who even gives a damn.

Something about the way Damon reacts to her saying that she didn’t let love get in the way, makes me feel like Damon understands in a way that Katherine still doesn’t that love doesn’t ever “get in the way”. It’s what lights the way. It’s what makes the journey of life – eternal or otherwise – actually worth taking. I’m not going so far as to say that he felt sorry for her; Damon’s not really the type. I just think he’s learned so much and I think even at this early stage in the episode we see the beginnings of what will be echoed in the very final scene. Damon has come out of his existential crisis with a different understanding of what life and love are about. He may still struggle in the future to reconcile his humanity and his vampire nature but I think he understands what the real point is in a way he didn’t when he was really at rock bottom earlier in the season.

Damon’s beautiful to watch on any given today but especially so in this episode and I have a feeling next week will be more of the same, however painful it might be.

This is not an episode for hating on characters or attributing blame. It was one of those rare times when it was all about survival and you can’t fault people for what goes down in the face of this kind of horror and desperation. However, since Kat is still clearly trapped in Ric’s apartment, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that when Klaus made her “lure” Jenna out, it was on the phone. Had Elena been sitting in front of Jenna instead of hiking with Stefan, this might not have been the end result. But it’s just an observation because at the end of the day, Klaus is a psycho sadist and he’d have found something equally horrific to do to someone that Elena loves just as much as she loves Jenna. There was no winning to be had in this situation. The truth is that no matter how hard or bravely they fought it, there was simply no way for them to escape it unscathed and without loss.

I’ve always loved scenes between Jenna and Elena and these are no exception. Sara Canning went out in a blaze of glory acting wise and character wise. RIP Jenna. I’m really going to miss her.

Greta was a grade A bitch. End of.

And as much as it was sad to see all these things happen, it was Elena’s reaction much of the time that killed me. I am really high on Elena love at the moment. I’m in awe of her strength and her courage and I know she’s feeling really broken right now. It hurts to see but her journey to the other side of it is going to be so powerful to watch. I’ve used the phoenix rising from the ashes analogy a lot but I think it applies to Damon and Elena individually and to their relationship.

For Elena, a lot of this aftermath is going to involve questions and guilt; it’s going to involve coming to terms with some very harsh realities and life lessons. I think her world view is going to change quite radically. It will be dark and twisty for a while and I think she’ll find herself drawing closer to Damon because he understands it in a way that no one else does. And also because, of all the people in her life now, when Elena needs to evacuate anger and frustration and grief, Damon has proven to her that he’ll be there and that he can take it.

I think a lot of people don’t realize or appreciate how constant Damon has actually been as a support to Elena. They focus on how he’s unstable and he loses the plot for a few seconds and snaps Jeremy’s neck or forces Elena to drink his blood. And yes those are horrible things. But when it came to helping her rescue Stefan, he was there. When it came to helping Stefan detox, he was there. Never forget that at the end of MMF, he stays down in the cellar for HER, not for Stefan. When Isobel blew into town the first time, he was the one who stood steady for her to lean on and she did. Stefan was still recovering from his detox and Elena turned to Damon to help her get through. When he found out about the tomb vampires on Founder’s Day, she was his first priority. Damon’s been taking care of her for longer than people realize.

He’s also been helping her find light and levity in a life that has precious little of it; Bloodlines, The Last Dance. Damon makes her feel alive whether it’s because he’s made her happy or made her sad or angry. She feels when she’s around him. And the beauty of it is, she’s the one who taught him that feelings and emotions are what give life meaning. I know there are moments when a lot of us wonder whether Elena “deserves” the care that Damon shows her. Next time you find yourself wondering if Elena is “worthy” remember to look at her through his eyes and you’ll realize that everything he gives her is something he feels she’s given him first. If not for Elena, Damon might still be the vampire we first met and 500 years from now he’d be just like Katherine is and 1000 or more years after that he’d be Klaus. And that would be another true tragedy in a world and a life already filled with them.

Whew. Long tangent. Back to the episode. Also, god have mercy. I’ve written 1224 words and we’ve not even got past the title crawl. O_o

Bonnie and Jeremy. I’m not Bonnie’s biggest fan by any means but I’ve always loved her love for Elena. They are truly BFFs and I love seeing that. I also love Jeremy SO much and my heart breaks for him just as much as it does for Elena. McQueen gets props because he’s managed to show Jeremy’s growing maturity so beautifully.

Elijah & Stefan and Co. Like I said before, this isn’t a situation where right or wrong even comes into it anymore. Had they gone with Damon’s plan, things might have worked out different but someone – Bonnie – would have died and she may not have been the only one. And in the end, I don’t think it matters to Damon or Elena who was right or who was wrong. I think Elena will be questioning what difference “doing the right thing” makes if it gets people you love killed and Damon, I’m sure, wishes for all the world that he’d been wrong if it meant sparing Elena the loss of her aunt and her father.

Can I also just say that I love the death glares that Elena shoots Klaus the entire time? People who think Elena has ever hated Damon need to watch these scenes. Elena has NEVER looked at Damon with the amount of animosity and sheer hate that she directed at Klaus. Never, not even once, not even after the JNSI.

The John/Damon scene made me roll my eyes a little tiny bit because calling Damon out for ruining Elena’s life is just…well it’s a little silly. People honestly treat Damon as if he was the boyfriend; as if protecting and caring for Elena was truly his responsibility and when I say people, I include Elena in that. She said exactly the same thing to Damon as John did, in The Sacrifice. “How could you let this happen?”

They don’t, any of them, ever want to admit it but they lean on Damon, depend on him, look to him. And I think – I hope – that now that they think he’s dying, they’ll appreciate that more and that they’ll let him know it. My belief and hope for next week is that Damon is going to understand how much he matters to the people around him. It would be really good if it came out that he got bitten saving Caroline. I’d like to see a scene between those two.

Also the way he kept it together even though the bite was obviously starting to have its effects is a testament to his inner strength and also to the willpower that he is capable of displaying.

In so far as bad news is bad, I did like that it was Ric who broke it to Jer about Jenna. I love the dynamics between Ric, Damon and Jeremy.  Teams Blood & Beer, Milk & Cookies FTW

Honestly, what makes Stefan think that Klaus would want him *more* than Jenna? I don’t really understand this logic. Jenna is Elena’s FAMILY.

Of all the Jenna/Elena scenes, the one where Jenna talks about her reaction to finding out she was Elena & Jer’s guardian is my fav.

Elijah is a master manipulator. That’s all I can really say. Because he played Stefan like Mozart played the piano with all that “you’re so honorable” stuff. I know it looked like Elijah only backed out of the “deal” at the last minute but honestly…I’m not even sure. Either it was some hard core foreshadowing or he never really meant to go through with it.

Damon’s reaction to finding out Stefan went off to sacrifice himself was well played. You can see Damon’s sheer frustration. He still thinks Bonnie’s death plus everyone else saved plus curse unbroken is a better equation than the alternative. And he’s right. But saying I told you so helps no one and as I said before, if ever there was a time I think he’d have been glad to be wrong, this was it.

Watching Elena plead with Klaus broke my heart. Again, for all that people hate on Damon and his being evil, the truth is that Elena never had to face real evil until these Originals came into town and really not until Klaus. Elijah could sort of be reasoned with, she was able to get through to him. But there’s no getting through to Klaus and Elena’s never had to deal with that. We talk a lot about how Elena is only human; she has no superpowers. But if you look at it, in a way, her empathy and her ability to connect with people is what has always set her apart. Only now, when she needed that ability the most, it failed her. She’s going to be angry, bitter, disappointed as well as heartbroken.

I should mention at this point that while Klaus still doesn’t scare me precisely, I have begun to buy into the character. Joseph Morgan is adorable in real life and while I’ll never like Klaus, I find myself accepting his role in this TVD universe.

Stefan appearing on that mountain and actually uttering the words “I’m here to talk,” leaves me speechless. If it were me, I wouldn’t have broached the subject like that, but it’s just a style preference thing, I guess.

Klaus is definitely the fastest vamp we’ve seen.

I actually really liked the John/ Damon scene here. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum. And it may work out that down the line, despite John’s attempts to prevent it, Elena does become a vampire – by accident or by choice who knows. But what I liked here was seeing two men who both love her – differently obviously – and who are both willing to die for her, face off. I think that Elena’s relationship with Damon and the aftermath of the JNSI helped to shape her response to John at the end of Know Thy Enemy and the peace that she managed to make with him. I love seeing how all those dynamics intertwine.

I’m glad that Bonnie sealed Jeremy and Ric in the house. Carina MacKenzie suggested in her recap that Alaric should be mad at Damon and I suppose I can see the logic in that; he was deprived of a chance to say good bye to the woman he loves. None of us would want that to happen to Damon if the shoe was on the other foot. On the other hand, that Damon cares enough about Alaric to not want him dead is an important indication of how far he’s come. They are truly friends and they have each other’s back. We already know that when it comes to the people he loves, Damon is life/safety first, anger/emotions/forgiveness later. And I think that Ric – who I think might be the best (hu)man out of all of them – will understand that.

I honestly shudder to think what “plans” Klaus has for Stefan. I might not love the younger Salvatore but Klaus is hell on people. True story.

Jenna – you brave woman. Trying to take out Greta was a smart move but ultimately futile. What really killed me here as I said before is Elena’s pain. Nina made me feel this all the way down to my toes.

I find the exchange between Stefan and Elena when he comes to, to be quite interesting for a change. Stefan realizes it’s too late for Jenna and he’s all apologetic. And then the camera closes up on Elena and she just looked angry beyond belief and full of hate. All she wants to know is whether or not they are going to kill Klaus. That to me is subtext for how things might go down for them. I think there have been a lot of indications in this episode that S/E will drift apart and D/E will get close in the aftermath of all this. I think Stefan is going to approach Elena and try to help her recover in ways that she won’t actually be able to respond to because of how these events change her. He’s selling her the same story but I don’t think she’s going to be buying it.

I loved Elena’s defiance even in the face of death. Ignoring Klaus’ hand and telling him to go to hell. Also more subtext; Stefan is the one to watch her die and Damon is the one who sees her come back to life.

You go on Bonnie. Get down with your witchy self. But to quote Cool Runnings, “This doesn’t mean that I like you.”

Loved, loved, loved, Damon carrying Elena. How could I not? They’ve come full circle there in a way too. They kicked off their Atlanta road trip with him carrying her away from the scene of her accident.

And despite my inherent aversion to all things S/E, I thought it was sweet that Damon took Elena over to his brother. I don’t think it was just a matter of getting Stefan unstaked etc either. He could have gotten Elena to safety and come back for Stefan later. He chose to do it this way and it shows empathy.

The one thing I am at a loss to understand here is why anyone stopped to chat? Could Bonnie not have finished them both off without waiting to find out if Elijah was about to have a Hallmark moment with his werepire brother? I mean, sure they’d have double crossed Elijah again but he’d be dead and they would have two less Originals on their hands.

As it stands, the two of them have gone now and god knows what catastrophes they’ll rain down on everyone again in the future, distant or otherwise.

Blood is blood. Klaus and Elijah are brothers. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Elijah acted as he did. I’m surprised that Bonnie and Stefan were surprised. Seriously, freeze frame their faces. You’d think little green men had just landed from Mars.

As much as John is not my favorite person, he redeemed himself here to me. His love for Elena was genuine even if he didn’t express it properly. And the letter he wrote her shattered my heart. Not to mention the way they edited it with the D/E looks. But more on that later.

I found this line from Damon to be quite interesting. He whispers to Elena, “If you come back as a vampire, I’ll stake you myself, so don’t.”

It’s such layered statement even though it doesn’t seem it and even without the “Because I can’t stand the thought of you hating me forever,” which sort of speaks for itself. On the one hand there’s the admission that Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire. Then you have the fact that he’d go against everything in him that says to never, ever, hurt a hair on her head and stake her if that was actually what she really wanted. And lastly, it’s Damon’s defense mechanism at work. He takes refuge in snark and humor and in this scene, I think he might be more terrified than ever before in his life. He’s got the woman he loves more than his own life, dead in his arms. She could come back as a vampire – and consequently hate him for all of eternity (though to be perfectly honest if she HAD turned, I think she would have forgiven him sooner rather than later. But it’s a moot point and I’m glad it is.) – or not and he has no idea which.

Damon’s relief when she says she’s fine and he realizes she is still human is so palpable that you could reach out and touch it.

A quick aside…Alaric killed me in the final minutes of this episode. From the look between him and Damon that confirms that Jenna is dead to possibly the most heartbreaking “detail” in this episode, the look on his face after he places the rose on Jenna’s grave. Matt Davis rocked it.

But then back to Damon. I love how his focus is so intently on Elena but he takes the time to apologize to Jeremy. And then right away, it’s all eyes on Elena again. She is the most precious person in his world.

Elena Jeremy scenes always tug on my heartstrings and this was no exception. I’m bracing myself for the tears again. And this music soooo not helping. *sniff*.

So yeah. I’m gonna take a minute and sob some more over that letter that John wrote Elena. I mentioned the look on Ric’s face when he puts the flower on Jenna’s grave and god knows it gets me every time but I also have to give Kat Graham props because the look on Bonnie’s face when Elena moves to Grayson and Miranda’s graves is deep too; you can tell Bonnie is heartsick over having to see Elena go through this again.

So *sniff* the cemtetery *sniff* is where Damon and Elena first “met”. *Sniff* Again, they’ve come full circle. Back in those days Damon was shrouded in the darkness and the fog. He’s stepped free of them now but he still lingers on the outside; close – closer than ever – but not quite there just yet.

I mentioned earlier about S/E growing distant and subtext. There’s an ENORMOUS amount of it in this scene. Stefan letting Elena go forward on her own to place the flowers on the various graves. Stefan standing behind her – literally and perhaps metaphorically as well – an indication that he is part of her past. Particularly when juxtaposed with the fact that we’ll soon see Damon level or just ahead of her; when she looks up, it’s him that she sees, an indication of where her future lies. There’s also the fact that Stefan looks down/away when Elena is knelt before her parents’ graves. But when Elena looks up, Damon is looking right at her and their eyes meet. In that moment – out of all the others that they’ve had – the bond between them solidifies into something that can never and will never be broken. It’s cemented by everything they’ve now shared; grief, desperation, frustration, trust and love.

What Damon must be thinking in those moments, I can scarcely begin to fathom. He loves her. He wanted more than anything to save her and he did but it’s only for now and he understands that before anyone I think. He knows that the danger isn’t entirely past but he also knows – or he thinks anyway- that he won’t be there to protect her, he won’t be there to help her heal and he won’t be there to help her find new things to live for. And yet despite the excruciating nature of those kinds of thoughts, he manages to find a smile for her; something for her to hold onto and draw strength from. He said he couldn’t be selfish with her. He slipped up on that when he forced her to drink his blood. But he learned the lesson and it was – at least he thinks – his final lesson. I think part of his acceptance of the fact that he’s dying comes from the sense that he has of having done something worthwhile, not by saving her life but simply by loving her. It’s made him want to be – and actually become – a better person. And contrary to what Katherine thinks love isn’t only real when it’s returned. It’s real in its way – very intensely – when you give it freely, without strings and without expecting anything in return.

Now a word about the subtext in the editing here; when John says “…[reading this] as a human” the camera is on Elena. When he says “as a vampire” the camera cuts to Damon. When he says, “I love you all the same”, we’re seeing Elena through Damon’s eyes – because he’ll love her no matter what; he fell in love with the 17 year old girl who’s never been afraid to challenge or confront him, to demand more of him when no one else bothered to and he will love every facet of the woman she becomes – the good bits, the bad bits, the hopelessly shattered bits. It doesn’t matter if she’s human or if she’s a vampire; she’s a part of his soul.

When John’s voice says, “as I’ve always loved you,” we see Damon through Elena’s eyes. From the minute they met, without even realizing it, they started on this journey together. They were able to see though each other’s walls and past each other’s defenses to what lay beneath. Elena loves Stefan and she’s been with him a good while. But that entire time there is a part of her that has been falling in love with Damon. If she didn’t love him, they’d never have survived the Jeremy Neck Snapping Incident. I’ve always defended it but as this season draws to a close it’s importance is brought home all the more. That was their rock bottom and they’ve been climbing their way up from it ever since. There is nothing that Damon could do or would do more calculated than that to break Elena’s faith in him.

And yet her faith remains in tact. He has a piece of her heart and when I get to the scene between him and Stefan, I’ll tell you why I think he knows it.

*deep breath*

Also random thought, when the lyrics talk about someone falling behind, the camera pans on Bonnie. They’re either deliberately trying to mislead us or Bonnie is going to be in hot water come next Thursday.

And now this scene between Damon and Stefan. I can’t tell you how rare it is for me to like a scene between them. I think this is maybe the second one that I *truly* like and probably my favorite. A few others have amused me here and there but this and the one in Blood Brothers where Damon tells Stefan he’s not allowed to feel his [Damon’s] guilt are it.

Before I get into the meat of this though, I want to say I think the reason I love this scene so much is because when I looked at Stefan I saw Paul.  And I adore Paul and he and Ian have this great bromance which shone right the way through here.

Back to the characters though, first thing to notice is Damon fiddling with his daylight ring. He thinks he’s dying and a part of him just wants to end it. But he needs to make peace with Elena first and I think that’s what holds him back.

What I found interesting is that we have some real openness here about how the brothers understand Elena’s feelings for Damon. When Damon says he’s going to skip “the coffee and teacakes”, Stefan says “She needs us, all of us.” Under these circumstances and given who he’s talking to, what he’s really saying is that she needs you.

Despite being close to death or because of it, Damon is still focused on the bigger picture. He demands to know what Stefan plans to do about Klaus and Elijah and when Stefan says he has no idea, Damon says he needs to get one quickly. It’s a passing of the torch in many ways; Damon trying to get Stefan to step up and realize that this is all going to be on him now. He [Damon] is about to die and protecting the woman they both love is going to be up to Stefan alone.

And when Stefan says that he’s not going to let Elena lose anyone else, Damon says not to make promises and later he asks Stefan not to tell Elena because “the last thing she needs is another grave to mourn.” Those two responses tell me that Damon knows that Elena truly cares for him; he knows that she’ll miss him and mourn him and he understands that she was trying to protect him just like she was trying to protect everyone else.

After Stefan took that dig at Damon about Elena’s respect, words can’t express how furious I was and I said to all who would hear me that Damon needed to cut himself lose from the chains of Stefan’s expectations; that Stefan’s respect was a hollow thing to be going after.

It didn’t come about quite the way I thought but watching the scene again, I do think that Damon finally stepped free of Stefan’s shadow. When they were human, Stefan looked out for Damon, ran interference with their father. You can tell that he was used to taking care of Damon in certain ways. That echoes in the way that Stefan insists that they’ll figure something out. That old habit still holds.

What’s different is Damon. By telling Stefan “if you want to do something for me, keep this from Elena,” he’s basically saying, if you want to do something for me then take care of her. He no longer needs Stefan to take care of him and it’s not because he doesn’t think he’s going to around much longer. It’s because he’s started to find himself again. He might not have completely reclaimed all of his humanity but in his mind, at least he’ll die knowing that he was on the right track.

There’s still a lot of turmoil, a lot of regrets and we’ll see all that next week. And yet in these moments, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Damon more at peace with himself.

He leaves Stefan behind him, trying to get a handle on several things. The first being that his brother is back; the brother he wanted with him for all eternity. On the heels of that comes the realization that he’s losing him again – and more permanently – already. There’s real fear in Stefan there because he’s never had to live without Damon, not really. And he’s not sure if he can do it.

Those final frames of Damon walking away are bittersweet and beautiful; it’s as graceful an exit as any anti hero could ask for and the perfect way to end the best episode of this season by far.



  1. I loved what you said, this episode could not have been put in better words than what you just did!

  2. Amazing recap. You’re very, very good at them. This ep- despite being tragic- was somehow comfortably soothing to watch and I don’t know bizarely why but maybe because- there was an inner calm in Damon. And my mood tends to swing according to his. When he cried over Rose I cried like a freaking baby. But then- it was because of what Rose said, “I used to have friends, family. I mattered.” It was such a sad end to such a wandering life. But I think now that Damon took it so hard- so it hit me too. Anyway I admire his grace and strength and indifferent attitude to his situation rather than a fit of rage and fear i might have expected from a younger Damon- or a present day Katherine. The Damon i saw now had strength few could have.
    Can i just say I’ve really come to admire Elena over this time? I barely realized it but your rev made me. I saw Elena as caring- apreciative of beauty in people- she stuck up for seriously bratty Caroline when Damon semi-mocked her, she sticks up for her friends. “We’ve been friends since first grade and that means something to me.” I liked her then. Because that sort of thing doesn’t always have to mean something to anyone. “i’m sorry about Katherine you lost her too.” “That’s a lie Damon you care.” She’s a person that sees goodness and worth in almost anything- and that’s a great quality but I tend to overlook her strength as mere obstinacy and sometimes pure pigheadedness. “Do it my way” “Me me me” It’s kinda annyoying. But I think I see it now- Elena is the kind of person that stands through any turmoil and stands tall and there is no weakness in her patience- she endures it quietly but instead of giving up she’s fighting back every step of the way. She fights Damon, she fights John, she’ll fight anybody. She’s strong. She is. And when I saw her- somehow collected and put together even as she cried I realized it. Elena is not swayed easily and maybe that’s one of the reasons Damon likes her so much, anyone else who could see Damon’s humanity might have been blind to his faults- he’s a charmer when he wants to be- but Elena gives him a hard time over it and makes him repent, makes him work for her forgivenss and well- she deserves credit for it because moreover she still hasn’t given up on him. Sometimes when I see Damon’s suffering- it hurts me so much I just want him to find love with her and be happy. But as much as i might want to believe Damon deserves Elena’s love- she’s right. he’s unstable- he’s impulsive- he can be crazy. and he needs someone who helps him rectify his faults and work to be a good person. She does that for him- in between ignoring him, hugging him, fighting him, laughing with him, comforting him, reassuring him, lecturing him, reboking him, and forgiving him. And now I see Damon and Elena as a couple- wasn’t pure chance. It wasn’t just that she looked like Katherine and was nice and saw the humanity in him. It was that she really made him a better person by being all of those things he needed her to be- whatever it was. She was good for him, she fit him. Like twin souls.
    Your revs- totally made me realize that.
    Anyway, I hope the next ep is the best ever and I hipe your foreshadowing comes true. Wonderful way you have of explaining everything and can i just say i really look forward to your weekly ananlysis?
    Loved Stefan in this ep too. Yeah, that was the Stefan i found i had room in my heart for. that’s why I don’t completely write him off yet. There is something there- something purely good- something that really loves his brother. Damon is by far more awesome but Stefan- as much i want to I know I can’t write him off. Paul btw, is so adorable indeed- he has the sweetest personality.
    Anyway, there goes my ramble. Looking forwrd to next time. Until then, ciao.

  3. I agree this episode was one of the best. The symbolism throughout this episode was beautiful and all the delena scenes were everything we would want and they set us up for epicness to come!!!

  4. I think this was your best reviw yet.

  5. OMG, this is long! Now off to read.

  6. The cemetery scene is such a great DE scene and your analysis of it is spot on. There are not many DE scenes in this episodes but all have significance, I hope, in the future.

  7. I love your recap! next week will have us all in tears again!

  8. What a great recap. Thank you so much. You opened my eyes on so many details.

  9. Your recap was wonderful. I especially liked your analysis of the cemetery scene with Damon and Elena. I had to watch the scene again to get the nuances you picked up on, and I saw the scene in a whole new light. Prior to reading your recap, I was actually very concerned about their relationship after seeing the eye contact in the cemetery. Thanks for keeping the Delena optimism going. I only hope that Elena doesn’t rebuff Damon in the finale – the promo doesn’t look too promising. I look forward to hearing your comments on it.

  10. It was beautiful ! It made up for some of the bad reviews I’ve read that had really put me off. thank u! =)

  11. Amazing, you always manage to say exactly what everyone is thinking. I think what you need to do is show these recaps to the writers 🙂

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