2×19 – Klaus

Thoughts, Questions, Comments on 2×19, Klaus

The more I think about this episode, the less I like it. So I am going to attempt to keep this recap concise.

This opening sequence was one of the weirder ones in TVD history. I like Elijah and what not but mostly I was just wtf?

I love Elena being fierce and independent and wanting to take matters into her own hands. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think what she’s doing is a little crazy.

Also, I’m not and have never been a big fan of flashback episodes. This is really no different. Klaus – still not cutting it for me. Like at all.

I did like the interactions between Elena and Elijah though. Just because I don’t trust him doesn’t mean I don’t like the character. I think there are a lot of good things about him and he probably does have a noble streak but he has his own motives and I’m not convinced that they entirely mesh with Elena’s.

To my shock, I actually enjoyed the Damon/Andie interaction this episode. I admit, part of that has to do with the pure adorableness of Damon’s pout in this first scene. I also like that even when she’s not being compelled, Andie genuinely cares about him.

Stefan obviously knows what the deal is between Damon and Andie but he’s clearly not that worried about it otherwise he would do something. Basically, he only cares in so far as it’s something he can use against Damon. At the end of the day, Damon showed more concern for Andie by compelling her to leave before he killed her than Stefan did mouthing off about how “she’s not a wind up toy.”

What is this business about the birthplace of the doppelganger? Klaus was going to break the curse in England wasn’t he and Kat is from Bulgaria. Eh. This whole little curse that couldn’t is too convoluted and not nearly worth the time it would take to try and figure out.

I did like Elena standing up to Stefan on the phone. Note though, that Stefan was totally not on board with this plan. “He can’t be trusted, he’ll use you to get to Klaus”. And that of course is why at the end of the episode, Stefan is apologizing to Elijah and putting Elena’s fate in his hands. I’ve heard people say that Stefan is just respecting Elena’s choice and trusting her trust of Elijah. Forgive me if I happen to think that’s incredibly silly. Elena’s 17; she comes by her good faith in people and her naiveté honestly. Stefan is one hundred and however many bloody years old. He should know better, plain and simple.  Elijah hasn’t really done anything to earn this trust, and everything he has done – letting her go at Slater’s, saving Damon from the wolves, sending Jonas after the other wolves – has been done in his self interest as much or more than in Elena’s.

Just because Damon doesn’t agree with her does not mean that he doesn’t respect her and it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t trust her or let her think for herself. I mean seriously? Aside from the matter of her LIFE hanging in the balance, when has Damon ever tried to manipulate Elena’s opinion about anything? When has he ever thrown Stefan under the bus to make Elena think better of him?  When has he ever tried to convince Elena that he’s better than he is? Never. You’ll note she’s the one trying to convince him that he’s a good man.

I honestly could not care less about the Elijah/Katherine/Klaus shenanigans back in whenever.

So I know Alarklaus was at the Gilbert house when Stefan got there but I really would love to know how he intended on “explaining everything” when he got there as he says he’ll do on the phone.

Elijah’s line about how there was a time he’d have done anything for Klaus reminds me a lot of Damon. I think there was a time he’d have done anything for his brother. I think that time has ended and frankly, I think Damon will be better off for it. I think he still loves his brother and probably always will but I think (I hope) he’s starting to realize that he doesn’t need the poison that Stefan pours into his life; the constant undermining, the barbs, the insults, the condescension and condemnation. Damon is fighting tooth and nail for the woman he loves and for his own humanity. He doesn’t need people around him who don’t believe in or support his quest to accomplish both of those things, particularly the latter.

Drunk!Kat is funny.

I like D/K interactions when Damon has the upper hand. I actually think that this was a pretty clever move on his part. Compulsion free Kat, who will have no qualms about betraying Klaus, could end up being an asset. Aside from Elijah, she’s the only *potential* ally they have who kows anything about Klaus.

This whole sequence with Alarklaus, Jenna and Stefan bored me. Klaus is actually boring me.

I like the Elena/Elijah interaction but nothing is actually happening. It’s all exposition on the curse that never made sense to begin with.

I’m not even going to bother trying to figure out how Klaus can be in Ric’s body, not need to be invited in, still be able to compel people, and still get knocked out by Stefan. If I wanted logic, I guess I’d be watching a different show.

Elijah saying that Elena’s word doesn’t mean anything to him until she lives up to it is incredibly important. It shows that he values actions much more than he values words.

You know for all the talk of Elijah/Klaus supposedly paralleling Damon/Stefan, the person I’ve always thought mirrors Damon the most in a lot of ways is Katherine. This flashback of her reminds me a lot of human Damon and I’ve always believed one of the reasons that Kat toyed with Damon was because she saw herself in him and wanted to destroy that part of herself and of him.

I also think one of the reasons she baits Damon in the present is because she gave up (Stefan gave up on her) and he hasn’t (nor has Elena given up on him).

Not only does Klaus not scare or entertain me but he’s also beginning to straight up annoy me.

I normally really love Jenna/Elena interactions but this fell kind of flat to me. And Stefan eavesdropping and sobbing behind the wall, made me want to bang my head against said wall. I’m sure there are actual reasons and motivations for why he reacted that way. I’m aware he has issues just like Damon does. And god knows, I have really tried to understand and sympathize with him but I don’t. I can’t. The writers have finally defeated me. I simply give up on this character and all I want is for Damon and Elena (for their own individual sakes) to be free of him.

And with this scene, words can’t express how messed up I find it that Elena’s aunt has just been exposed to vampires, Elena has had to sit there and try to cobble up the pieces and instead of Stefan trying to comfort her. SHE is comforting him. It honest to god boggles my mind.

I’ve basically said my piece on how Damon approaches saving Elena. He isn’t doing anything different in this scene than he did in the Sacrifice. I think Elena’s smirk (while I could have done without it) seriously only stems from the fact that she’s determined to do this her way and she knows that Damon is the only one with the stubborn single-mindedness to stop her. Stefan was her escape clause right there because if he hadn’t been there and gotten in Damon’s face, hell would have frozen over before Damon let her out the door.

But honestly, they all know he’d never physically hurt Elena. She’s not scared of him and she honestly never has been.

For all that Luka and Jonas were wanting to save her, Greta doesn’t look any worse for the wear to me.

So this might be a stupid question but if nature and the witches were so worried about the imbalance, why in god’s name would they leave an exit strategy in the curse? Or is it like some witches law that every spell that’s done must have the possibility of being undone because no one can have absolute power even the witches themselves?

So, let’s recap. Elena disagrees with Damon’s plan to use Bonnie to kill Klaus because it will kill Bonnie. She revives Elijah and spends the day learning about the curse that wasn’t and the threat of werepires only to find out from Elijah – her secret ally with the 411 on how to take out Klaus – that Damon was right and they have to use Bonnie to kill Klaus. Glad we got that straight.

Btw, Elena says later that Bonnie can do this without hurting herself (presumably this is what Elijah has told her) but I don’t get why, if that was true, the 100 witches wouldn’t have told Bonnie that in the first place. I call B.S. on Elijah for that one.  I’m not sure I believe him about the doppelganger sparing thing either. Why not mention it before now if it was that simple?

Andie really grew on me this episode. She’s in so far over her head but even from a purely human perspective, she is seeing things pretty clearly.

Stefan walks into this room looking for a fight. I already commented on his hypocrisy re the Andie situation.

Let’s break it down. Maybe if I try to take my anger in small bits, I won’t want to throw my computer across the room.

So. “You can be in love with her all you want, if it means you’ll protect her.” Problem A. Damon does not require permission from anyone to love Elena. They are HIS feelings. He has a right to them and considering that Damon is not actively pursing Elena at the moment, it’s really none of Stefan’s business. Problem B If Stefan were in fact the good, compassionate person he is FOREVER claiming to be, he wouldn’t use Damon’s feelings against him. He wouldn’t dismiss those feelings or treat them like some kind of shot gun that he can use to fire at people who want to hurt Elena. Damon is not a dog to be sicced on the threats to Elena’s life. His love for her is real and his desire to protect her is one of the most honest things he’s got going right now. Problem C. If Stefan was as secure in Elena’s love as he claims to be, he’d be content with the knowledge that she loves him, instead of needing to make Damon feel unworthy.

Problem D. This is remarkably, not the worst thing that Stefan has to say to Damon.

God, watching that punch felt really good the second time. Possibly because I’m angrier at Stefan than I was the first time I saw the episode. “I have the one thing you never will. Her respect.” Problem A. Why is Stefan speaking for Elena? WTH does he know about what Elena will or won’t give Damon? Problem B. If you’re going to speak for someone despite the fact that you have no right, at least have the decency to tell the truth. I would suggest that Damon does in fact have Elena’s respect. She respects that he’ll always choose her. She respects the efforts that he’s made to be better (see 2×12, “You’re so close Damon, you can’t give up), she respects that love is what drives him and she also respects the fact that he likes to keep it real with her. Again, I can’t repeat enough that disagreement does NOT equal disrespect.

Now about this scene; I think that courtesy of his super vamp hearing, Elijah actually heard at least the last part of Damon and Stefan’s argument and I think that Elijah (Daniel Gilles, JP/KW have all said this) sees himself in Damon to an extent. He knows what it’s like to live with a brother who can verbally wound/get the upper hand on you.

Now about the apology. I don’t for one second think that Elijah asked for it because he cares if they are sorry or not. See his earlier comment to Elena about words not meaning anything until you live up to them. I think that this was a test. He knows Elena isn’t going to run; she’s proved that. What he wanted to know now is whether or not the brothers could be bent to his will.

Stefan caved faster than a house of cards in gale force winds but Damon dug his heels in. And he’s right. I think Damon is ALL for Elena finding “another way” but she has to legitimately find a way that isn’t going to end with her dead and that involves people she can truly trust. Right now, whether she thinks so or not, Elijah is not one of those people. He’s thousands of years old. I seriously doubt his motives are as simple as he’s painted them to Elena. Damon has never and will never sugar coat things for her. He’s not going to agree or back down from his convictions just because she thinks this is a good idea.

And I actually think Elena was quite upset/disappointed that Damon wasn’t on board with this new plan. It was his approval and respect for finding “another way” that she was looking for, not Stefan’s. Probably because she went off in search of that “other way” because of her conversation with Damon. Personally, I feel this isn’t only because she doesn’t want her friends or her family to die for her and knows that Damon would rather sacrifice them than her. I think that Elena is one of the few people who knows or believes that Damon feels regret and remorse. She was there when Rose was dying and she got insight into Damon through Rose. I think in particular about the line “I wasn’t meant to be evil. It hurts.” I don’t think Elena wants to see Damon sacrifice the progress he’s made for her sake. And I think that too plays a role in her determination to find another way. She cares about all of them including Damon and doesn’t want harm to come to them.

Damon telling them all to go to hell was just him staying true to himself. He’s not going to say how high when Elena says jump. He’s going to question and challenge and if he thinks she’s making a mistake – which she more than likely is – then he’s not going to agree with it.

But in so doing, I think he’s earned Elijah’s respect. This is what? The fifth time now that Damon has shown with his actions how far he’ll go. Elijah saw that Damon was willing to die for her at Slater’s apartment. He saw Damon come after him at the Lockwoods and again at The Dinner Party. He saw Damon refuse to break when the werewolves were torturing him. Elijah might be MUCH stronger than Damon and Damon might become a thorn in Elijah’s side but I think Elijah understands where Damon is coming from and he can admire it.

On the flip side, I really did feel like he was less than impressed with Stefan’s easy acquiescence and there was a definite undertone in that “perhaps” when Elijah replies to Stefan saying that Damon will come around. I think Elijah saw first hand tonight what both these boys are made of.

One last thing about that scene. I think it must have taken Damon back to how he felt being around Stefan and their father in 1864. It might help to explain the depth of his upset.

I honestly thought Elena was going to go after Damon; she really did look that hurt and disappointed. The whole time he was with Andie, I was terrified Elena would walk in. For once, I’m glad Elena left him alone, though they might talk about it in the next episode.

Speaking of Andie, I really loved this scene and the fact that even sans compulsion, she wanted to be there for him and for him to know that someone cared about him. I think it was sweet- possibly masochistic – but sweet.

And Damon resisting the urge to kill her, compelling her to leave before he hurt her worse, showed that he’s struggling still to fight his dark side but more importantly, he’s winning that fight. I was sad for him but not quite as heartbroken as I’ve been in the past because for all the pain he was in, I felt like he took a pretty big step forward and I was proud of him for that.

Then this whole give Klaus his body back thing. *yawn* If Klaus has got game, I have to say I really haven’t seen it yet. Maybe next week?



  1. Just one thing I don’t think you touched on: the reason why Elena trusts Elijah so ridiculously quickly, I think, beyond being naive, is that he reminds her of Season 1 Damon. I mean, that conversation she and Elijah had about trust smacked so strongly of “Trust goes both ways, Damon. You have to give it to get it” that I was thinking, deja vu. And the car ride where she hands over her cell phone was like Damon and Elena going to Georgia. And when she came back to talk to Elijah it was like when she took off her locket telling Damon to test her–she was telling the truth.

    In this way, Damon has taken on Stefan’s role from Season 1. He’s seeing Elena blindly trusting someone because she feels that they are good at heart and he’s so frustrated with trying to tell her not to trust the dangerous bad man.

    I really wanted to punch Stefan, too. Really I’ve wanted to punch him since 2.14 with the “That’s not heroic, Elena; that’s pathetic” scene because THAT showed me he doesn’t respect Elena at all. Frankly, I think Elena’s respected Damon ever since he compelled Jeremy for her in Season 1, since he saved her in 1.11, but especially since he helped her out with Stefan after his crazy blood craze in 1.19.

    That blatant “respect” lie aside, however, was I the only one expecting him to say “her love”? Because I was so sure that’s what would come out of his mouth. Apparently he is really insecure about the “L” word when it comes to Elena and Damon.

    Great recap. I’m semi-excited for next episode, but really, it seems Stelena-centric from previews and such. Unless these Stelena scenes include Elena slapping Stefan (or him getting punched again; really, any of that would be OK), I doubt it will be very fun to watch.

    • Great recap, I always read them after each episode!
      I agree with Rachel, I was so sure that Stefan was going to say “Her Love” and when he said “Her respect” I was so struck that I couldn’t find words! Damon has her respect already! It’s so obvious for everyone, except Stefan apprantly. How can he be so blind. But I guess Stefan only sees what he wants to see: He want Elena to stop care about his brother, since Stefan is insecure and don’t trust Elena.

  2. Once again your reviews blow my mind. And i agree with u about Stefan. He has pissed me off SO much! Ugh….i really want for Damon to punch Stefan again. That was great! 😀

  3. Awesome recap, ugh 2 saint stefan s actions, he can go to hell, & i loved damon showin he does not agree with the plan just because elena expects him to. Stefan just wanted to suck up to elena right in front of damon ; poor damon in a turmoil of emotions after the idiot st stefan rubbed it in 😦

  4. Damon knows everyone is not to be trusted and that means even Elisha. Though I do love Elisha I still don’t trust him. Yeah if Bonnie knew she would survive I believe the witches would have told her that with the warning plus how does Elisha now know how to save Both Elena, Bonnie her other friends lives will still be in danger too.

    Damon is looking at the big picture. Glad that he didn’t apologize to Elisha.

    Love your recaps!

  5. Brilliant recap, so very insightfull. REALLY starting to hate Stefan for his blatant hypocricy and annoying insecurities. I want Elena to wake up and see these two brothers for who they truly are and not with Stefan being the Knight in shining armour and Damon who I believe she is scared to trust her feelings to.

  6. I think their responses to Elijah were planned and that Stefan is secretly on Damon’s side and is acting submissive to keep an eye on Elena. I don’t care for Stefan, but I think his comments to Damon were out of character for him. I think the fights were preplanned and staged to fool Elijah.

  7. Damon is not a moron and the other was is! Full stop!

  8. you know what pisses me off that much is that stefan is no better than damon [ you know he slaughtered her family ] and he struggled and made it? but damon, well he’s damon and we need to give him credit for being always the one who gets hurt… he got hurt by katherine [ because she loved stefan more? ]and then there is elena, whom he loves with all his heart, and she prefers stefan. there’s always st stefan and i hate it. i liked stefan but right now after watching klaus i really wann kill him!!!!! DAMON you still have our love… but the fact that stefan is supposed to be the good guy and no one is turning against him infuriates me!!!

  9. One thing I had to say… Didn’t it piss you off when Stefan ripped off Damon’s words when he said ” I will ALWAYS protect Elena”? Because in the previous ep. Damon told her ” I will ALWAYS choose you.” this shows that Stefan was listening in on their conversation, and he smirked when he said it. Just to take a stab at Damon… And Damon’s face when they cut back to him was murderous; seething; used? Anyways, my heart goes out to the brother who always gets the short end of the stick, once again.

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