2×11 – By The Light Of The Moon

Thoughts, Questions, Comments on 2×11 By The Light Of The Moon.

This, like Plan B, has got to be one of my least favorite episodes of TVD ever. On first watching, the last five minutes just ruined the entire episode for me. I suspect it will improve marginally on second viewing as there was a lot of good stuff in it but those fatal five minutes will keep this episode on my list of least favorites.

Let’s get on with the recapping….

This episode focuses very heavily on Tyler. And while I don’t mind the werewolf storyline, I don’t love it either. So I’m not going to have much to say on it which explains why this is one of my shortest recaps. The introduction of Jules did nothing for me except give me someone else to be irritated by. The list is getting way too long. *hint hint JP/KW*

Bonnie and Elena. Elena is right to remind Bonnie that destroying the moonstone will just piss Klaus off. I don’t understand why Bonnie (or anyone else including Stefan and Damon) would qualify that with a maybe. I mean honestly, what else do they think Klaus is going to do when he finds out he’s been thwarted? Bake them cookies and pour lemonade? Offer to start a bonfire and sing kumbayah?

Honestly 🙄 🙄 🙄

Listening to Elena explain how Stefan is wrong even though he’s trying to protect her just breaks my heart knowing that she gets back with him in the end. It’s like watching an recovering addict slip up. I know that Elena isn’t completely blind to the issues in their relationship. We’ve seen ample proof of that in things she’s said from Masquerade onwards. And yet all of that was sacrificed at the end of this episode and for what? I am legit heartbroken by it.

I love the Jeremy/Elena scene. Their relationship is awesome now that they aren’t at odds and I’m glad we’re seeing more of that.

And Elena…you are so predictable. 😆

Kat Graham totally called Elena Nina in that scene when Elena finds herself sealed in.  Too funny. Jeremy’s expression is hilarious as well.

I don’t understand why Stefan refused the blood. Surely sharing with Katheirne isn’t as bad as starving? My dislike for Stefan is reaching all new highs at the moment so I apologize in advance if I am especially uncivil towards him.

Jules/Carol/Tyler. *yawn*  Find the missing Lockwood is just an obstacle and an irritation to me really. It’s a thorn in Damon’s side and therefore in mine.

I do love Caroline and Tyler and their dynamic though.

This was the only D/E scene we got in this episode but I positively love it. Elena’s cute when she’s being frustrated and pouty. And I love that Damon is neither apologizing nor backing down. This was what it was going to take to keep her out of trouble so he did it. It wasn’t foolproof as we saw later but he’s in protective mode and he meant well. I just remember Ian Somerhalder talking about how the fact that Damon wants to keep Elena safe – protect her and people she cares about – will be his saving grace in her eyes. I think we’re seeing that because it’s already started to rebuild the friendship that they had before.

Damon teasing her about the sun and her throwing the pillow and then Jeremy off the couch. It was was all very natural and warm and fuzzy even though Elena is clearly annoyed. I love that. And I also love that when it comes to family night or even just family time. Elena shares that with Damon and not Stefan. Always.  It shows that Damon doesn’t just fit her better. He fits her life better.

Tyler and Caroline. There isn’t really much to say about these scenes commentary wise. It’s all very painful and there’s lots of screaming and twisting and petting and comforting but not much actually happens. It’s obvious that sharing that experience is going to bring them closer together. That’s kind of the sum total of it.

And Jules is just an irritation to me. I don’t like her. I don’t like her attitude and I’d like it if she just left already. The only remotely interesting thing about her is who she was talking to when she left the mansion.

Bonnie and Luka. *yawn* Also. Kind of silly of her to believe that he’d forgive her that easily. Bonnie needs lessons in character judgment.

And Luka and his dad get skeezzier. I can appreciate Elijah’s bad assness but I don’t trust him and by association I don’t trust the people working with him.

Damon and Ric playing good cop/drunk cop is adorable and funny. Jules is still annoying.

Stefan/Katherine. I don’t even want to comment on this scene because it was such a let down. If the writers aren’t going to explore S/K properly then I wish they would just drop it altogether much as they’ve dropped D/K altogether. Without there being any conflict of Stefan’s feelings, what the hell was the point of locking him in there with her? And if that half hearted “show me there’s still good in you” is supposed to constitute conflict, then I think the writers need to revisit the definition of the word.

The dream ploy has officially been overused now. 🙄 The so called denouement of the S/K storyline in this episode is number two on the list of things that I hated about this episode. I don’t have to give you three guesses to figure out what the number one was but more on that later.

I don’t know about y’all but I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw Elijah. And the way he was all “hey” as if it was perfectly normal for him to be there? Creepy.

You wanna know the crime the writers really committed here? They made Damon bore me. That never happens. But watching him trying to small talk Jules into drinking that wolfsbane literally did bore  me. I’m just not interested. I actually just want him to kill her and be done with it already.

Elijah and Elena. Like I said, I respect the guy’s badassness but I do not trust him. It’s interesting that he said Klaus is the most hated and the most feared but that those who fear him are desperate for his approval. He deliberately doesn’t include himself in the those who fear Klaus category leaving only the those who hate Klaus category.

This raises many questions. Elijah was – so it seemed in Kat’s flashbacks- loyal to Klaus once. This no longer appears to be the case. Why not? Also, he says he intends to kill Klaus. Although Klaus is the Original, does Elijah as another Original, have power that is on par with Klaus? Certainly plenty of people including Kat are scared of him.

Interestingly, Elena not as much. Maybe only because she doesn’t know all of what he’s capable of?

He says he doesn’t want to break the curse. But then why have Jonas and Luka play Bonnie? Unless Jonas is two timing Elijah as well…possibly working for Klaus? The witch has no reason to want to break the curse on his own so far as I can tell…

When exactly will the time be right, Elijah? Also note he said he’d make sure Elena’s friends – not Elena herself – would be unharmed. Elijah is big on technicalities. That’s how Trevor ended up with his head flicked off.

Elena, Elena, Elena. I understand why she accepted the deal. I mean the truth is if she’d refused, Elijah could have easily over powered her and found a way to make her cooperate. At least this way, she gets something in return.

And I do like her being fierce enough to negotiate for the people she loves. Even if that means getting Stefan out of the tomb 🙄

Bonnie and Luka *yawn* and also icky magic sex.

More Tyler pain. Ouchie.

More Damon/Jules. The more I see her, the less I like her. You know, in case that wasn’t already obvious. 😆

More Tyler pain.

Angry Damon and Rational Ric. Don’t they make a cute couple? 😆

I love the fact that Ric cares enough to not want Damon dead. We don’t focus on it much these two have evolved from an alliance of convenience to an actual friendship.

So I know Tyler was going through hell but well, it so happens I’m not as invested in him as I am in Caroline so her reaction was actually what moved me even more. Her empathy for him and how much she hated that he was suffering was so touching. Michael and Candice both nailed this.

Damon’s gone home and locked his door. It shows how he’s evolved. The old Damon would totally have gone looking for Jules anyway. Also something of note, even though they turn into wolves, it appears that the werewolves still have their human brains. How else would Jules have found her way to the boarding house and gone after Damon specifically?

Rose is back. Damon was rightfully hard on her at first. And I suppose she doesn’t know Elena well enough to have seen the suicidal thing coming. She genuinely likes Damon and he does need someone to care for him. I’m coming around to her a bit more even if I’m still not a huge fan of the doors that her and Damon’s relationship could be opening in terms of him and other relationships (not with Elena) down the line.

I do wonder what would have happened though if Jules hadn’t appeared.

Also interesting that the wolves can move at super speed.

Luka and Jonas. I touched on this before and have nothing to add. Except that karma is a bitch. Bonnie got played like how she played Damon and Elena in “Isobel”.

I have nothing to say about this S/K scene. It’s farcical in my opinion because it means absolutely nothing. Even Kat’s declaration of love – which I actually think is genuine – is meaningless because Stefan either won’t believe it or won’t act on it if he does.

The one potentially interesting thing about that convo is that Isobel found Katheirne and not the other way around.

Stefan just confounds me. He’s not surprised to see Elijah alive. He doesn’t seem the least bit curious as to what the hell deal Elena might have made with Elijah. I feel like all the things that annoy me about him are being magnified lately.

Tyler/Caroline. Awww. Marcos Siega directed the Tyler bits. He’s directing the next three episodes which is pretty much the only reason I have relatively high hopes for them.

S/E reunion? RIP Fierce Elena. You have no idea how much I’ll miss you.

I’m going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt with this last D/R scene. Ian talked recently about Damon going through an existential crisis and about how he’s still not comfortable with being so in tune with his emotions. I’m going to say that explains why it feels so awkward when Damon is telling Rose that he’s glad the legend wasn’t real.

Also, the way he walks his fingers up her thigh? Hot.

I can’t help it and I’m sure many would call me delusional but when Rose said “I don’t love men who love other women,” I could not help but think of Elena/Stefan/Katherine. It’s just the first thing that popped into my head. *le sigh*

And so the cliffhanger was pretty lame but I understand (sorta) why they had it be Rose and not one of the main characters that we really care about. Whatever this bite does I’m sure it’s not pretty and it’s entirely possible that it’s reversible. I can see why they wouldn’t want to inflict that on one of the mains.

Overall, I stand by the fact that this was one of the worst episodes of TVD but that has a lot to do with the really high standard that’s been set rather than the flaws of this episode.

I also wonder if there weren’t some changes in terms of scheduled airing? Maybe this episode was never really meant to be the mid season break. Just a thought.

I’m all recapped out. At some point over the hiatus I’ll recap The Return. Aside from that and as far as recaps go, I’ll see y’all in the New Year!


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