2×10 – The Sacrifice

So we open with Elena asleep in her bedroom with her diary next to her. I don’t think the diary sighting is an accident. I’m not sure if this is something that Kevin or Julie actually said or if I’ve just convinced myself that it’s true. But I’ve always thought that the “explanation” for why they stopped doing the diary entries (aside from Kevin hating them 😆 ) was that once Elena and Stefan were together, they could confide in each other rather than in their journals.

Only Elena can’t exactly confide in Stefan when it comes to Damon now can she? I suspect that if anything Damon is what she might have been writing about. What I wouldn’t give to see that entry….

Meanwhile in the background Skeezy Jonas is skeezing around and stealing Elena’s stuff…

Jalaric – Busted!

Jenna’s adorable.

Jonas didn’t exactly take small stuff. I’ll be kind of annoyed if Elena doesn’t notice some of her things missing.

So the boys go to see Katherine and she says that if they let her out, she’ll leave town. This sequence is cut into the boys talking to Elena. I’ve said that I think we’re getting farther and farther from an S/E reconciliation as time goes on and Elena’s reaction to Stefan’s “Can we talk?” just proves that. I think that Elena’s main focus right now is keeping her friends and family safe and she knows – from brutal experience – that being with Stefan romantically clouds her ability to do that.

She still has feelings for him – duh – but she’s realized that that alone isn’t enough to make the relationship work or make it healthy. You get that same sense again later when she says that Stefan [and Damon] is always making decisions for her.

This kitchen scene is made of awesome. And well, we know that kitchens – like front porches and roadtrips – are a trademark D/E thing. So it makes sense that it would be here that Elena admits however indirectly that she still cares about Damon. His reaction is priceless. I think Damon took her at her word in a lot of ways when she said that he’d lost her forever. I think he thought that he’d lost the way she felt about him and that he wouldn’t be able to get that back.

So here when he realizes that it’s still there and that she’s willing to own up to it, he’s understandably taken aback. But I bet he’s melting inside, just a little.

Interestingly, I think Stefan misses the undercurrent. He’s too caught up in his confusion over the fact that Elena doesn’t want them to de-spell the moonstone.

Bonnie and Luka – *yawn*

Mini Gilbert! Awww *hugs him*

Elena doesn’t appear very impressed to find Rose in nothing more than a robe and making comments about Damon’s morning after etiquette. It’s not necessarily jealousy so much as it is that Elena tries really hard not to think about Damon in sexual terms because well, it’s hard enough to fight the attraction without that. Now, she can’t not think about it and it makes her kind of cranky I think. Maybe a dash of jealousy too. Tiny bit.

I made my peace with Rose but I still think she’s a wimp. I mean the woman is more than 500 years old. I already find it slightly suspect that she’s taking “orders” if you will from Stefan and more to the point, Damon who are both 4 centuries younger than her give or take. But for her to be bossed around by Elena (as much as I love Elena being fierce and bad ass) is kind of silly.

She should be able to kill them all in the blink of an eye. I do not understand why she’s being so submissive.

That aside, I think it’s very important that Elena understands how far Damon and Stefan are willing to go for her. She knows that they’ll die for her (she’s trying to prevent that) and she also knows that they – Damon especially – will kill for her, something which she’ll use to her advantage.

I think with the fierceness and the bad-assness we also get that part of Elena’s personality that is capable of being manipulative. She’s got that Queen B streak in her and she knows how to be ruthless. But she’s doing it for the sake of people she loves. That is something she has in common with Damon and why I feel in this episode that although Damon doesn’t agree with her actions – calls them stupid – and would never let her sacrifice herself like that, he understands it in a way that Stefan doesn’t.

For me in this episode, Damon and Elena are on equal if opposite footing. They’re both willing to die to protect the one(s) they love.

Tyler/Matt/Caroline – I love vamp!Caroline but I was really bored with the development of this “triangle”. I am liking the Tyler/Caroline stuff but I could really do without Matt.

Protective Mini Gilbert! Soooooo adorable!

I meant to mention earlier. Damon might think what Elena did was stupid – and it was equal parts stupid, selfless and brave – but his and Stefan’s idea really wasn’t a whole lot brighter. Destroying the curse, if they’d even managed all that improbable hocus pocus to get the moonstone in the first place would just result in an angry pissed off Klaus who’d kill them all anyway.

So as far as Damon Salvatore’s diabolical master plans go….this was not one of his best.

I love Damon and Jeremy’s relationship. I heard some people saying that that the reason S/E will always win is because Stefan is willing to die for people Elena loves and not just Elena herself. Excuse me while I call b.s. on this. Not only do I think that Damon would have done what Stefan did had the situation been reversed but I think Stefan would have stood between Elena and Elijah just like Damon did. The main difference is that I don’t think Stefan would have been able to get through to Elena in Slater’s house the way that Damon did. Stefan caters to Elena’s “tender sensibilities” where as when her life is on the line, Damon doesn’t.

Oh the looks on the brother’s faces when Bonnie asks if they have anything that belongs to Katherine…

Damon’s expression is faintly accusing and Stefan looks guilty as sin.

Rose and Elena get to Slater’s and find him dead. Elena looks annoyed rather than sorry, which is kind of funny because it’s not the kind of reaction you normally expect from Elena. But I think that right now she’s so focused and so single-minded on protecting her family that not much of anything else is coming through.

Seriously the expressions at the Boarding House are priceless. Damon looks less than impressed to find out that Stefan found Katherine’s things back in the day, Stefan looks reluctant to hand over the photo of Katherine and Jeremy just looks disgusted with the whole situation.

Tyler says something that I think is just layered with subtext for the whole show. He says, “It’s not really fair to be with someone and not let them know who you are.” Send that memo to Stefan. Seriously. Because that for me is the fundamental difference between S/E and D/E; Elena has seen the absolute worst of Damon. She knows who and what he is and what he is capable of. Stefan meanwhile, by his own admission, doesn’t want her to know that side of him, which in turn makes it impossible for her to love him completely imo. And it’s not because she can’t or she wouldn’t. It’s because he won’t let her.

Eh. I was starting to like Bonnie again but she’s messing with my Mini Gilbert and that is NOT okay. He’s all sweet and adorable trying to protect her and she is being distinctly unappreciative.

Those Gilberts. Stubborn is in their DNA isn’t it?

Maybe master manipulation is in the Petrova DNA 😆

Alice is possibly one of the most annoying characters to ever appear on TVD. And Rose’s panic when she realizes what Elena is about is almost funny.

Oh Jeremy. You silly boy. There’s a reason they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


At least Jer had the sense – if you can call it that – to toss the moonstone out of the tomb.

I love that Damon just took off and didn’t bother to tell anyone where he was going. 😆 😆

I’m not entirely sure what the point of the spell that Jonas and Elijah did was but I imagine it was more than a one-time thing. I think he’ll be able to shadow her all the time now…

Bonnie is a hypocrite. As often she gets on Damon’s case about hurting/using the innocent, using Luka’s power without his permission, whatever her “good” intentions are is not cool.

Poor Tyler. I felt bad for him watching that tape of Mason and seeing what he was going to have to go through. He’s really grown on me this season.

This D/E scene in Slater’s house. I swear that this is one of those times where Damon and Elena act very coupley for two people who are not a couple. Elena is very annoyed that Rose called Damon specifically. Because she [Elena] knows that Damon is going to be a lot harder to “reason” with than Stefan.

I also find it interesting that Rose – like pretty much everyone else – always looks to Damon first; depends on Damon to have the answers or take the lead in any given situation.

Now for the actual fight itself. It’s everything that I love about D/E. Each one giving as good as they get, neither one willing to back down. For a minute there I wondered if Elena remembered THE scene from the end of Rose because that’s the only time I can remember Damon really making a choice for her rather than letter her make her own.

I also think it shows how far she’s already pushed Damon simply by making that trip with Rose. He’s always been in favor of letting her think for herself but it’s like, “well, if this is the kind of decision you plan on making ie. Ones that get you dead, then thanks but no thanks, I’ll do the thinking.”

Then Elena pulls out her “every single person that I love card” and while she’s sincere in including him on that list of people, she’s also bringing it up at that specific moment in the hopes that it will get her, her way.

Damon softens for a split second and then toughens up even further with that epic line about throwing her over his shoulder. I’m almost sad that there was no shoulder throwing in the end.

I know some people thought that Damon was too physical with Elena this episode but I don’t particularly. I think he was trying to snap her back to reality and get her to realize that just because she’s safe with him and Stefan and Caroline doesn’t mean she can push ALL vampires the way that she pushes them. He wanted to remind her of her vulnerability in the hopes that her self preservation instincts would kick in.

And then that almost kiss. *swoon* So much, heat and tension and emotion. When Damon says “Don’t ever do that again” you can tell it’s not a threat because he’s affected emotionally. It’s been suggested – and I like the interpretation – that Damon is in fact telling Elena never to manipulate him emotionally again; never to use his feelings for her against him.

I actually think this is very important, especially in light of the SK hookup that is hinted at in the preview for next week. It means that even if Elena wanted to use Damon as a rebound or a distraction, he wouldn’t let her.

Am I the only one who thinks that Jonas did something so that Bonnie couldn’t continue channeling Luka and finish the spell?

Does Katherine look smug or what when Stefan finds himself stuck in that tomb with her. Me thinks that Kat didn’t just get the cream – she got the whole dairy farm. 😆

I like the Tyler/Caroline bonding. I’m not sure I want it to turn romantic but I’m willing to see where it goes. What I do not want is this ridiculous triangle with Matt.

I love how Elena is having a proper pout and sulk when Damon comes back – presumably from compelling Alice – and says that they are leaving. She is so cranky at having her plan thwarted. 😆

I am sure that there were plenty of people who didn’t appreciate Damon threatening to break Elena’s arm but for me that just epitomizes the way that he loves her. He’d rather break her arm and have her live than watch her die. It’s a challenge that their relationship will always face – the lengths they are willing to go to for each other but it’s also part of the depth in how they feel about each other and will feel about each other in future. Because the more Elena falls for him, the greater risks she’ll be willing to take for him. Which in a way serves him right because he’d take those same risks for her and that kind of love is what he’s looking for; someone who can love him with the same unconditional intensity that he loves with.

Elena is more than capable of that.

Elijah is so damn bad ass.  And so. He was obviously loyal to Klaus at some point. Which begs the question of what – if anything – has changed. He could easily take Elena to Klaus and yet he doesn’t seem to be interested in doing that, at least not yet.

I LOVE the expression on Damon’s face when Elijah’s just killed Cody and the other vamp. He steps in front of Elena and the look in his eyes says it all : You’ll get your hands on her over my dead body. It’s epic.

I am not sure what Elijah’s deal is. I think his reasons for keeping Elena alive are either “sentimental” as in he has some tie to the original Petrova or they’re about his dispute with Klaus which could be about anything. There is still a lot we have yet to learn about this curse and I personally think that the Originals were stripped of some other power that has nothing to do with vamps not being able to walk in the sun.

I also love that Elijah recognizes that Damon would die for Elena.

Mini Gilbert. I heart you!

Bonnie. You’re a silly girl, you know.

I just realized we had D/E kitchen scene, front porch scene and mini road trip all in one episode. Kick. Ass.

I think by the time we get to this part in the episode, it’s obvious that Damon and Elena are really on the way to mending their relationship. They way she talks to him shows that the comfort level between them is actually on its way to being restored. She’s not trying to auto censure herself. She’s back to being real with him.

When Elena says that she doesn’t question why he and Stefan want to save her and so they shouldn’t question why she’d try to save them, Damon does that blinking thing where you can see the wheels turning in his head. He knows that his desire to protect her stems from love and so he’s inferring exactly what she meant him to which is that in her way she loves him too.

It would have been very interesting to see where that convo would have gone if Jer hadn’t interrupted. I wonder if he and Elena will pick it up in the next episode.

This tomb scene was fantastic on so many levels. More fire, more passion, more tension between Damon and Elena with the added bonus of watching Stefan’s reaction.

There is a certain amount of resignation, I think. He knows that it could be ages before he gets out of the tomb, if he ever does.  And he knows that Elena can’t fight her pull to Damon indefinitely.

For the first time, I think Stefan is getting a taste of what Damon and Elena are like together and when he’s not “there”.

Meanwhile, Elena’s pounding away at Damon – I seriously thought she might rip his shirt off, cause that neck line gets tugged way down 😆 – and he’s just letting her vent. And see the interesting thing is that she would never lash out at Stefan that way. Not because she thinks he’d lash back – of course not. But because in my opinion anyway, Elena is much more comfortable  revealing her “darker” emotions – her anger, her frustration – to Damon than she is to Stefan.

I think Elena leaving the tomb in the end is her realizing that whatever her determination is to protect everyone else, it’s more than matched by Damon’s determination to protect her and that because he’s a vampire and she’s human, the odds are that he’ll get his way. What’s more, Elena knows that Damon loves her but in that skirmish and the one at Slater’s he’s proved that he’ll take whatever she dishes out – her anger, her annoyance, even her hatred – if it means keeping her safe.

I really do think that final exchange between the brothers was Stefan’s way of – not giving his blessing exactly – but of acknowledging what exists between Damon and Elena. Stefan knows that Damon will protect Elena; he didn’t have to ask for that promise. But the fact that he did is in my opinion, his way of saying that he understands.

Katherine then says that it was the biggest mistake that Stefan ever made, something which Stefan doesn’t bother to respond to. I’m not sure I’d qualify it as a mistake but I do think it’s something that he’ll never be able to take back.

He’s opened a door in his own mind that he’ll never be able to close again. Even when he gets out of the tomb, he’ll never be able to deny what he knows to be true about the way that Damon and Elena feel for each other.



  1. I love this review!!!

  2. I love this! you are so spot on with all of Damon and Elena’s emotions here, I love reading your posts because you don’t cater to other shippers and you see things much deeper than a lot of people who watch this show, so again this was amazing Ciara!.

  3. YOU. ARE. SO. AMAZING. Seriously, I don’t know why more D/Eers don’t get to hear about your reviews – they are SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you a hundred times over!! 😀

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