2×09 – Katerina

Thoughts Questions and Comments on 2×09 – Katerina

So we start with Katherine  – or should I say Katerina – giving birth. To be honest, practically from the minute that we found out that Kat and Elena were identical, I suspected that Kat had had a child before she turned. That suspicion was supported down the line by the parallel between Ric’s reaction to finding out that Isobel had a child before she met him and Damon’s reaction when Elena asked him if Kat could be directly related to her in Bloodlines.

It’s disconcerting to see Katherine as a human. Her distress and heartache at not being able to hold her daughter is real and I can’t help but be moved by it. Nina kills it in this scene  – what else is new, right? – and random note, but isn’t Kat’s mom played by Nina’s actual mom? I could swear that Mama Dobrev was in costume and on set while they were filming this episode.

I don’t think that Elena and Damon could share an empty or a flat look if they tried. Damon is trying to keep his cool – be his usual smirky self – but he’s not quite managing it. And Elena is wanting to be all detached, not just from Damon but from the whole vampire supernatural stuff, and she’s not quite managing that either.

She asks for Stefan but you can tell she’s not best pleased with having been asked to come there and she’s even less impressed when she spots Rose.

So they bring Elena up to speed. I can do nothing but shake my head at Stefan. I understand wanting to reassure her but he takes it way overboard by trying to convince her that this all probably isn’t even real. At least Damon, while being skeptical, is willing to acknowledge that it’s a possibility. It’s like he said about the curse in the first place. “I’d be an idiot to believe it but an even bigger idiot not to.”

What I love however is that Elena doesn’t get sucked into Stefan’s “don’t worry your pretty little head about it” spiel. Last time she did that and it ended with Jenna in the hospital. This time, she’ll go get answers for herself.

“It’s okay, I know where it is.” Oh snap.

“She’s in denial,” Damon said. Dramatic irony, anyone? Elena’s in denial alright, but it’s not about the potential threat posed by Klaus and co.

Mini Gilbert! So cute! But this scene with him and Bonnie is just cheesy, lmfao.

Enter skeezy Luka. Bonnie is seriously such a dork. Put a guy that she’s attracted to anywhere in her orbit and she starts babbling and giggling like a silly schoolgirl lmao.

Vampire Caroline is so awesome. Just saying. And Elena is equally awesome. There aren’t enough words for how much I’m loving watching her get her power back now that she’s distanced herself from Stefan. She’s becoming independent again, relying on her own mind and her own instincts.

These scenes between Kat/Elena are so much better than their first meeting in ML. It’s awesome to watch them interact; so alike but SO different.

So we find out that Katerina was disowned and banished to England. Klaus was parading around as a member of the English nobility at the time. Kat finds out that he wants to sacrifice her in order to break the curse (though I have a serious feeling that we’re missing major details on the why Klaus or any vampire would want to break the curse. Sun allergies and hating werewolves can’t be the sum of it) and so she runs.

Kat has never had any qualms about using sex and men to get her way. Poor Trevor.

Kat says that Klaus wanted to drain every single drop of blood from her. Personally, I suspect that the death of the doppelganger is not actually required. If Klaus wanted to kill her, its possibly just because he’s a sadistic mofo. However. If all he wanted to do was kill her, I doubt he would have waited long enough to seduce her or have an affair with her which clearly seems to have been the case. It leads me to think that Klaus had some sort of emotional attachment; either to her or to the original Petrova that she’s meant to be a duplicate of. We know that emotions can tie into blood drinking for vamps. Perhaps his desire for her blood also stemmed from that.

I had to stop and rewind for a second to make sure that my ears weren’t deceiving me. Damon called Rose, “Rosebud.” I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Lmao.

I have heard a lot of people complain about how obvious Damon’s feelings for Elena are but to be honest I think that’s our skewed perception of it as an audience. We know how he feels so it’s obvious to us but let’s take a look at the people on the show who actually know that Damon is in love with Elena.

Damon – Duh.

Elena – He told her but she’d doesn’t remember. Although with everything else that’s gone on, she probably knows anyway.

Isobel – He threatened to kill her because she upset Elena

Katherine – Because Isobel probably mentioned it and because with the way he bared his soul to her on the porch in Founder’s Day, she was bound to suspect it.

Stefan – Doesn’t even actually know for sure. Just suspects and tries to deny.

Bonnie – Knows that Damon cares about Elena but would never label it love because she doubts Damon is even capable of it.

Rose – Because she’s had more than five centuries of life experience and has learned a thing or two about human emotions.

Of all those people, Damon’s only ever confirmed it to Elena and his conversations with Rose are as close he’s come to admitting it to anyone else.

Anyway, so off they go to Richmond to find Slater. Am I the only one that can’t help think of Saved By The Bell when I hear that name?

Stefan/Caroline – I love their chemistry. Stefan is lighter, happier, less Stefan when he’s around her.

This probably doesn’t matter or at least not at the moment but Kat stole the moonstone from Klaus. Only, where’d he get it from in the first place? It hardly seems like the shaman or witch or whoever cast the curse would leave one of the elements for breaking it in the hands of a vampire. No thoughts, just wondering.

Oh, Damon. So sexy when he’s being threatening. Though he really should be more careful around these older women types. Didn’t work out too well for him with Pearl either.

And I do love the look on his face when Rose says that he can trust her. Damon doesn’t trust much of anyone. That hasn’t changed.

Okay, question. I know that we all love Damon and think he’s awesome but why is it that he seems “famous” for lack of a better word in these vampire circles? Vanessa recognized him. Slater now too. Even Rose said that she knew of him and Stefan. Katherine has had god knows how many lovers and boy toys over the centuries, why has Damon been singled out?

He seems to be just as disturbed by it as I am lmao.

Slater mentions giving Rose information about the tomb. I’m thinking that he might have been the one to tell her that Kat didn’t die in 1864 and explain how the tomb was supposed to trap the vampires. Not sure how he knew but there you go. It’s also possible he’s the one who told her about Elena. It makes sense Rose wouldn’t want to go into detail about that because she knows perfectly well Damon’s reaction to hearing how she plotted to turn the woman he loves over to Elijah and Klaus would not have been a pleasant one.

I think Damon is suspicious because that look he gives Rose while shaking Slater’s hand is not a warm and fuzzy one.

Katherine is a crafty little bitch, you have to give her that. And her self preservation instincts are raging.

Seriously, Nina is so amazing as both Kat and Elena in this scene where Elena realizes she’s basically got a huge target on her back and Kat is taunting her with the possibility of turning in order to avoid her fate.

Oh my god. I just had a flash. Katherine said to Elena. “I made the other choice.” Now let’s imagine the writers meant for there to be a double entendre there. Katherine has certainly blathered on enough about how she chose Stefan. Thereby in my D/E shipper brain implying that her choice is opposite to Elena’s and thereby implying that Elena will eventually choose Damon. I don’t care if I’m being crazy. The thought makes me happy. Lmao.

Tyler has “kill innocent people urges too”.  Interesting. Why does he have those now that the curse is already triggered? Or is it because the curse is triggered?

Stefan and Caroline are just so cute. And Caroline’s line, “You have a friend?!” is one of the most priceless things that anyone says all episode.

Oh, I had blessedly forgotten all about the skeezy Luka and his skeezier dad. Blech.

Mini Gilbert to the rescue! Thank god.

Damon looks so disgusted at the mention of Craigs list. Oh, how I adore him.

Elijah is scary. That is all.

He also has a ring. Is that lapis lazuli?

Skeezy Luka go away and leave Mini Gilbert and Bonnie alone.

*points and laughs at Stefan for his obvious insecurity where Damon and Elena are concerned*

You know at this point, I think he’s as worried or more worried about how Elena feels about Damon than about how Damon feels about Elena.  It wouldn’t matter to him how Damon feels if he was certain that Elena didn’t have feelings back.

Also again with the emotional manipulation. It’s Stefan’s go to. And it really doesn’t matter to me if he’s doing it for a good reason ie. Worry about Elena. It’s still really low. Stefan needs to get over himself and realize that he isn’t the only one who cares about Elena. Caroline is her friend. She would not have let Elena put herself in a situation if she didn’t feel a minimum of certainty that she wasn’t going to get hurt.

I love that Caroline held her ground. Go baby vamp!

Caroline and Bonnie were only a part of Kat’s recipe though. Aside from Tyler – because really, who knows how many werewolves are actually left (although Julie Plec has suggested that we’ll be seeing others) – a witch and a vampire wouldn’t exactly be hard to come by. The only thing that Klaus for sure needs that he can’t get anywhere else is the moonstone and Elena.

Oh, so that’s what their plan is going to be, I think. Damon wants to make the moonstone not work so that it can’t be used to break the curse and then Klaus and the others won’t need Elena cause even with her they won’t be able to break it.

Possibly that’s what all Bonnie’s hocus pocus is about in the next episode.

Deep fried Rose.


Emotional wreck Rose.

Giggly Bonnie and Mini Gilbert = cuteness.

Skeezy Luka floating salt= Skeezy and lame.

Oh Stefan. Don’t you get tired of all this denial? Because god knows I’m tired of watching it.

I love that when Stefan says he won’t let anything happen to her, Elena’s response is “That’s the problem. You won’t.” I think it’s meant to apply to more than just this situation. It’s one of the fundamental problems in their relationship. He’s always so determined to keep her from being upset, to keep her from being hurt that he’s essentially trying to protect her from life and it’s been smothering her spirit.

We’re only now seeing it begin to re-emerge now that she’s taken her distance from him. Twisted as it is, compelling Jenna to stab herself might be the best thing Kat ever did for Elena.

And again, I can’t help but be moved by Kat’s distress and grief when she comes home to find her whole family dead.

Yes so Stefan’s whole don’t listen to her she’s a liar spiel is old and tired but I loved how Kat put him in his place. “I’ll be the safest, psychotic bitch in town.” I know that’s right.

Aww, poor Damon. Drinking straight from the decanter. It’s been a horrible, no good, very bad day for you hasn’t it?

I love how determined he is to save Elena. He refuses to entertain the option of failure.

Random but I love the song that starts playing in this scene.

This whole scene between Rose and Damon reads like… a deliberate mockery in some ways. I say that because they’re talking about how it’s better not to care about anyone, that caring gets you dead and yet they both know that despite that they do care. And Rose says Damon is right to fight how he feels for Elena when the whole thing that we know as an audience is that he isn’t fighting it anymore. He’s learning how to own it.

This hookup is basically just a temporary time out. It means nothing and it changes nothing. Except possibly as someone pointed out to make Damon realize that that he won’t be able to numb himself or distract himself from his love of Elena with other random women.

Aww, Mini Gilbert. S’okay, I still love you!

Elena finally falls apart. This was a long time coming. It’s unfortunate for me that it happens in front of Stefan. But what to do, we can’t have them all.

Katherine. I really have to give Kevin and Julie props for making her so layered and such a beautifully tragic character. There are shreds of humanity left in her but they are lost in places and ways that no one will ever be able to find them. Except possibly Stefan but he doesn’t care to look so yeah.

This whole Originals can compel other vamps. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Elijah creeps the hell out of me. I don’t like what that implies about Klaus.

Not even a little.



  1. Great recap as always.

  2. Ciara, lovely recap! I love how you interpret everything, usually it gets me thinking about the episode in ways I would’ve never imagined! Thank you!

    xoxo Michelle

  3. Anyone else think that Stefan’s insecurities are also going to help the start of their breakup? Even though in the last few episodes he seems secure with Elena you know in the back of his mind he is still worried about how Elena feels for Damon. Plus I love how in Crying Wolf when Stefan told Elena this is the moment where your boyfriend tells you he loves you. She for once doesn’t tell him she loves him back which is something that she has always done before now. Damon knew Elena’s deal with Elijah didn’t include Elena and it is very telling how Stefan doesn’t even know his own girlfriend because he didn’t know until Damon told him but you could tell Damon knew it all along. I have to vent I also don’t like the way that Stefan talks down to Elena it makes me mad and no boyfriend should do that to the person they love,

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