2×08 – Rose

Thought, Comments & Questions on Episode 2×08 – Rose

Okay so this was one of the more boring opening sequences I think we’ve ever had in TVD. It was obvious very quickly that the guy was under compulsion and well from there it took all of two seconds to realize he was about to die. The only real interesting thing to come out of this although I guess we noticed it a little bit with Damon and Caroline in the past when they were ringless is that vampires don’t immediately catch fire if exposed to sun. It’s more of a smolder, slow burn type of thing. So obviously Trevor is there with his shades and dark glasses and what not. So long as there’s no direct exposure to the sunlight, no burning. I also imagine that the older the vamp the longer it might take for them to burn. Or perhaps the opposite. Age is hell on skin.

Mini Gilbert!  :heart:

Ted-DE!  :heart:  :heart:

Damon/Caroline – I really do like their dynamic. Now that she’s gotten a handle on her vampirism, it seems to me like she relies more on Damon than on Stefan. Last week with the plot to kill Kat, Stefan was “commander of the troops” so to speak but the fact is that ultimately Damon is the ringleader of this little Scooby gang. He’s the one everyone brings information to and he’s the one they lean on and look to for guidance in a lot of ways. Damon Salvatore, silent authority figure. It’s kind of hot to be honest.  :inlove:

Damon’s reaction when Caroline describes Tyler’s lycan eyes as “gold with amber highlights” is hilarious.  😆

Out come the Damon crazy eyes though when he’s making sure that Caroline doesn’t get to cozy with Tyler. Same kind of look he gave Jer in Plan B when he was telling him to “suck it up or leave.”

Well hey! Look at that. Mystic Fall High School still exists!

A broody/guilty Tyler strolls down the hall and we get the first taste of his new super strength when he breaks the lock of his locker.

Jeremy and Stefan…connect the dots.

Elena wakes up. Trevor wants to bite her but Rose intervenes.  I love how Elena handled her captivity. She’s the one who got kidnapped but she’s there on that couch glaring something fierce at Rose and Trevor.  She’s got spunk. I love her for that.  :heart:

I did not like that Rose slapped Elena. I’ve since made my peace with her but she really better hope that Damon never finds out about that because he will not be happy.

This scene from the webclip annoyed me. Stefan annoyed me in it. I understand that he’s all freaked out and panicked.  And I also understand that he’d much rather think Damon is hung up on Kat than in love with Elena. But that doesn’t mean that I have to like it or like the way that he throws accusations at Damon.  I think Damon is hurt and offended by it. And I’m just offended.

I have a thought here. I think that whenever Stefan is experiencing emotional overload, he stops thinking clearly. Now this is a relatively human thing to do but it contrasts differently with Damon’s ability to compartmentalize, an ability which as I mentioned in my Plan B recap, is especially useful in keeping him alive.

We see it all through this episode, Stefan’s ready to rush in an talk to Katherine but Damon doesn’t lose sight of how that would end up. Likewise when they actually find the place, Stefan’s ready to rush in like cavalry, but Damon wants to make sure he’s thought it through properly.

Tyler/Caroline. I love her and he’s growing on me. I don’t blame him for wanting answers. But I love how clueless Caroline plays this one.

In hindsight, I actually kind of liked Trevor. Maybe we’ll see more of him in the Katerina flashbacks.

I don’t understand the thing about Bonnie and the spell. The tomb vampires escaped which means the seal wasn’t back up the night grams died. Presumably Bonnie put it back up before they locked Katherine in. So why can’t she break it?

Bonnie uttered the words “Damon is right”. Must be getting chilly down there, eh Lucifer?  😆

I find the relationship between Stefan and Bonnie intriguing. Not in a romantic way but just the dynamic. It seems like he’s always able to talk her into using her magic for whatever he wants basically. I mean, even Damon brought him along when they were asking for her help in Plan B. I wonder if it’s because Emily favored Stefan? Bonnie’s Grams seemed to, too.

Mini Gilbert’s fascination with Bonnie’s magic, if not with Bonnie, is kind of cute. And his determination to want to help his sister is just precious.

Of all the things that Stefan said or did this episode, his openly dubious expression when he looked at Damon and said, “you’re coming with me?” absolutely infuriated me.  Grrr.

And the look Damon gave him just encapsulates it. It was like, “what the hell kind of question is that?” Of course Damon is going with him. As Damon says to him, “It’s Elena.”

Tyler playing basketball. I’m confused as to why every one was so shocked by his slam dunk.  I mean the boy is a triple varsity athlete. Why are we supposed to find this surprising?

Tyler’s expression when he says that Caroline is stronger than him is kind of priceless. I do feel bad for him though.

So the brothers are on the road. I found this scene kind of awkward, particularly when they began talking about Elena and Damon’s feelings for her. Mostly, it’s because I don’t trust Stefan with Damon’s feelings. I don’t mind seeing him be vulnerable with Elena. Or even for example that scene with Jeremy in Founder’s Day. But I hate when his feelings are exposed for Stefan to dissect because I just don’t put it past Stefan to use that against Damon. He even did it a little bit later when he talks about drinking Elena’s blood. He knows what conclusions Damon will draw and knows how that will affect him given his feelings for Elena and yet still, Stefan lets him think it.  Elena’s not his girlfriend anymore and yet Stefan is still trying to draw back off boundaries around her when it comes to Damon. Not cool.

Having said that, Damon does keep his cool quite well and I think Stefan was kind of frustrated by that.

I totally missed this Bonnie/Jeremy scene here before where Jer is talking about how he hates waiting. It’s actually kind of cute. Go figure.

Poor Mini Gilbert. He got totally freaked out watching Bonnie do that spell and then pass out. Don’t blame him.

Again, I love how Elena isn’t letting her fear control her. She’s asking questions, demanding answers. Basically she’s not being a pushover.

Rose mentions that a friend (Lexi we later learn) tried to set her up with Stefan 100 years ago. So roughly 45 years after Stefan turned.  Oh if only we knew what had made Stefan go off HB and when. *sigh*

So the blood of the doppelganger is required to break the curse. Presumably and based on next week’s preview, the doppelganger needs to be human when this happens? I could be wrong but it sounded like Kat turned in order to escape this whole sacrifice fate.

I love how Caroline burst into giggles when Tyler accused her of being a werewolf.

Okay, so Katherine is the first Petrova doppelganger. Which means one, there’s an actual original Petrova somewhere out there and raises the question as to whether Elena is the only Petrova doppelganger since Katherine?

Trevor says that they’ve been marked ever since. One of the spoilers says that this Jules person (Mason’s friend) tells Damon he’s been marked. Maybe it’s because of “killing” Elijah?

Okay question. So Bonnie doesn’t want anyone – Damon especially – to know that witchcraft takes energy and if she pushes too much it pushes back. But. Bonnie’s hardly the first witch he’s come across. And I grant you maybe with Emily it was different because of how powerful she is. But still. It doesn’t strike me as inconceivable that Damon would already know this. As much as I’ve not hated Bonnie in this episode or the previous one, I do think she’s giving herself a bit too much credit in that I don’t think she intimidates Damon quite as much as she thinks she does.

That look on Elena’s face when she reads that Stefan and Damon are coming for her. So presh.  :inlove:

Okay, I am more convinced than ever that the admission that he’s drinking Elena’s blood  was so calculated on Stefan’s part. He didn’t have to put it in there. Damon asked “Does Elena know you’re drinking blood?” and all Stefan had to do was say yes. Because technically speaking it’s not any of Damon’s business that it’s Elena’s blood he’s been drinking. But. I think Stefan kind of wanted to throw it in Damon’s face a little bit. And that bugs me. A lot.

Okay so it seems like from what Damon just said that Stefan was a ripper basically from the minute he turned. And Stefan says he found something else to live for. We know that wasn’t Elena. Maybe it was Lexi? There might not have been anything that happened between them but maybe Stefan fell for her? I don’t know it’s just a wild theory based on the fact that its making me nuts not to know what kicked off his AB craze.

Elena is so damned empathetic. You just know she was thinking about Jeremy and how much she loves him when she was looking at Rose and Trevor have their “we’re family” moment.

So Elijah doesn’t seem to have sun issues. Could be an age thing or a day jewelry thing. Not really sure at this point. I also can’t decide if he called Rose, Rosemary or Rose- Marie It should be the former if you consider she’s English but you can never tell Maybe her father was French.

So Elijah (who by the way is super creepy) says that Kat’s family line died with her ( clearly it didn’t) so does that mean there were other Petrova doppelgangers before Katherine but not since, until Elena?

Seriously, I love Elena more and more. No matter how terrified she is. And she is plainly scared out of her skin, she tries so hard not to let it show. Reminds of one of my favorite lines in a movie. “It’s not brave if you’re not scared.” Elena is very brave.  :heart:  :heart:

That throw away comment about if Damon wants to stay there he’ll totally understand. It’s exactly that kind of thing that irritates me about Stefan. It might not be fair or rational but it bugs me when he says stuff like that. Forget how much Damon loves Elena. I get that Stefan doesn’t want to deal with that. But last episode, Damon specifically told Stefan that he has his [Stefan’s] back.  So just boo hiss to Stefan for forgetting or ignoring that just because he thinks Elena is the real reason Damon is there.

Oh interesting parallel. I imagine that Rose and Trevor were brother and sister. So she just watched her brother die. Elena gets that even though Jeremy came back to life. Also. If that was Trevor and he’s now headless. Who the hell is that guy in the episode 9 stills with Damon and Rose at the coffee shop?

Okay, so I’ve been wondering how the hell, Elijah didn’t die. Because well a stake through the heart is supposed to be fool proof. But my thought now is that he did die. He just came back to undead life after. The vampire equivalent of the Ring of Not Dying. Don’t ask me how it works or whatever. But he definitely did the whole graying corpse thing for a bit. So he was dead.  And now he’s not. Like I said. The dude is creepy.

Le sigh. Damon’s face when Elena started down the stairs. That smile.  😥

The silent thank you/ your welcome. Was cute. And it’s interesting because Elena didn’t want Stefan to hear it – hence the mouthing of it. I think she didn’t want there to be confusion because had she said it out loud Stefan might have thought she was thanking him or thanking them both. But that specific thank you was for Damon and she wanted to be sure he knew it. Hardly the behavior of a girl who doesn’t care about him. Still, my heart aches for him.

Mini Gilbert in protector mode. How sweet.

This scene with Jeremy/Elena/Bonnie is what started the tears flowing. I’ve had my problems with Bonnie in the recent past but she loves Elena so much and it was just soooo moving to see them reunite. And Mini Gilbert was all emo again but with good reason. Loved that hug between him and Elena.  And there I go again with the tears.  😥

Okay, this is the first time I’ve seen this scene between the brothers again since the episode originally aired. I was giving Stefan the benefit of the doubt about the sincerity of that apology.  And the apology itself probably was sincere. But the timing of it was suspect.

I think the parallel with “I need to say it and you need to hear it” with Stefan here and Damon later with Elena is telling.  Damon starts his confession to Elena by saying that it’s the most selfish thing he’s ever said.

There are times in life when you can be honest with someone or confess something but ultimately you’re doing it more for your own sake than the person you’re confiding in. That was the case with in both of these situations but the difference is that Damon realizes that it’s not fair to do that and it’s why he made Elena forget. He wanted her to hear it because he needed to say it. But he knew that it wasn’t right to ask her to carry that on her own shoulders. Unlike Stefan who knows that by apologizing, he’s revealed to Damon how guilty he feels about turning him and now Damon has to live with that and be affected by it, just as much as Stefan does.

I would really like it if Stefan would apologize for something on a random day where he’s not actually trying to get anything from Damon. When they came home from the Historical Society thing the day Liz almost killed the both of them for example.

Stefan himself said in Founder’s Day that the right thing is only right if you do it for the right reasons, without expecting anything in return. Now I grant you protecting Elena is not a “wrong” reason. But Stefan was definitely expecting something in return. Part of me thinks that he knows Damon is emotionally a lot stronger than he is. Stefan is too weak to stay away from Elena. But he knows that Damon won’t be no matter how much it actually hurts him.

Tyler and Caroline comparing notes was cute. And I’m glad Caroline didn’t tell him about Stefan and Damon but I don’t think that’s going to make Damon any less furious with her. That hug at the end of the scene was so sweet.

So Stefan is drinking more. Presumably to cope with the extra cravings.  Okay oops. Looks like I was wrong about the Trevor/Rose connection. They were family in a best friends kind of way. Not a we share DNA kind of way.

So the Originals will come for Elena because of Klaus. The same way we spent all of season one building up to Katherine, I think we’re now starting the build up to Klaus. I don’t think we’ll actually see him until Season 3.

And now. THE scene.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it now. Its like I can’t stop.  That little smirk/smile he gives her after saying “cute pjs” is so quintessentially Damon.

Elena says, “Damon don’t go there,” and I don’t think it’s only because she’s tired and it’s been a long day. Neither do I think it’s totally because she not ready for it. She knows Damon has feelings for her. I think she wasn’t ready to talk about it because her feelings or at least her awareness of her feelings has changed.

There’s a couple of different times during his speech that Elena looks like she wants to say something only she’s not sure exactly what to say. She’s not rejecting or denying his love. The opposite actually. I do think that she thought he was going to try to kiss her on the lips and I think that if he had she would have let him.

I don’t know if it’s just me but she looks like she kind of has tears in her eyes, when he pulls back from putting that kiss on her forehead (which was so ridiculously tender and poignant that I don’t even know what to say) and there’s this little half gasp for a breath. Elena is very affected by everything he’s just said and it’s not necessarily in a bad way. Just overwhelming.

“God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this,” That line and Ian’s delivery just undid me. But what I also love is that little frown that starts to appear on Elena’s face.  It’s like she doesn’t know what he means and she doesn’t want to forget any of this.

That’s what makes it even more selfless in my eyes because Damon knows that despite how much he loves her and even if she has feelings back, in order to protect her, he’s going to have to cooperate with Stefan and that can’t happen if they are fighting over Elena or even if Elena is conflicted or torn about the two brothers.

And that single tear? <insert utter devastation>

Elena “comes to” with her necklace on and no one in the room. I’m not sure Damon compelled her to forget he was there entirely or not. I tend not to think so. But in any event, she’s going to wonder how she got the necklace back and actually she’ll have to know it’s Damon because it has to be him or Stefan and if Stefan had given it back to her he’d have no reason to compel her to forget. So.

Elena’s smart. I think she’ll put the pieces together. And I also think that even if she doesn’t remember what caused it, she’ll remember how she felt about it. It might have looked or felt like “good bye” but it was really just the beginning.

It’s the beginning of the love story between this guy and this girl. He spent more than 100 years looking for love; he found the right girl at the wrong time but he is strong enough not to push, strong enough to be patient and smart enough to know that she’s worth it.  She might never have imagined when she met him that he would mean so much to her or that in him she’d rediscover herself but she’s brave enough to follow her heart and I’m arrogant enough to think I know exactly where it’s going to lead her.  😆  😆

Oh and Elijah not being dead dead after all? To quote Damon, “How inconvenient.”