2×07 – Masquerade

Thoughts, Questions and Comments on Episode 2×07 Masquerade

So we start with Damon and Caroline together. I love how their relationship has developed since the night Elena stopped Damon from killing Caroline. It’s turned into something that’s almost sibling like. Seeing both brother’s interact with Caroline has genuinely made me wonder at different times if they didn’t have a younger sister.

Stefan’s plaid shirt? Hideous.

I love Caroline. Just saying.  :heart:

Also, I’ve decided. Katherine’s voice is actually different to Elena’s. Which is rather remarkable considering it’s the same actress and it’s not even an accent thing. It’s a rhythmic thing. Katherine sounds a lot like Damon now that I stop to think about it. It’s all about which words get stressed. Okay, I’m a dork. Going to shut up about it now.  😆

Stefan, “We can’t underestimate her. We have to play this smarter than her.” Where, pray tell, was this bit of common sense last week and the week before when Katherine was threatening to kill people Elena cares about?

Damon, “Katherine’s not getting dick.” I swear this episode has some of the most classic Damon lines ever.

So Stefan says that he will kill Katherine. I don’t know what’s more interesting here. That Stefan thinks he should be the one to kill Kat (considering that if anyone has a right to end her, it’s Damon) or that Damon seems amused and pleased that Stefan wants to kill her. In a way, I think that Damon ‘s reaction is the more interesting (possibly because I think Damon is the more interesting) because in a way it shows that killing Katherine isn’t about him; it’s not about what she put him through or him hating her or anything. It might sound strange but it’s not personal in that way. It’s personal because she’s hurt the woman that he loves now  and that alone is reason enough for him to want her dead.

Slightly random that Matt is the one who helped Elena and Jer bring Jenna home from the hospital. Or is that just me?

Elena/Jeremy scene. This is quite interesting because we talk about how Elena’s rediscovered her fierce and independent side but this scene I think explains a bit what Elena says to Stefan about needing to feel safe. In this scene you can see that Elena has a (healthy) fear of messing with Katherine. She doesn’t want anyone to do anything about it because she’s seen what the price of that can be.

Jeremy is right that Elena is being naïve to think that Kat will just leave her alone but on the other hand you can’t really blame Elena for not rushing to stick her hand back in the fire after she just got burned.

Also, Mini Gilbert is getting seriously cute.

Katherine’s shopping bags. Moments like that she really is a vampire after my own heart.

Enter Lucy. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her at first. But I ended up liking her.

Team Badass congregates. Jeremy totally checked Bonnie out after he said, “We’re going to kill Katherine.”  I don’t know why the writers have decided to make a romance/flirtation out of these two but I’m a tiny bit less opposed to it than I originally was, mostly because I liked Bonnie in this episode.

I love those looks that Stefan and Damon especially give Alaric when he’s demonstrating how to kill a vampire.

This second scene with Lucy and Katherine is where things start to get very interesting for me. We saw flashes of Kat’s – humanity? – in Memory Lane with the whole Stefan situation where it seemed like she genuinely did love him. But here, we’re seeing vulnerability that doesn’t have a ready explanation for it.

I suspected for a while that Katherine was running from something or someone. Perhaps even several someone’s. And that moonstone and the wolves it controls are her security system. And what Damon said was right. Katherine is getting desperate.

Elena telling Matt that he looks good in a suit. I know they are doppelgangers and that they’re played by the same actress but Elena and Katherine have got to stop saying the same things.

And here we have one of the most important lines from Elena all episode. Indeed possibly, ever. “There’s so much about me and Stefan that will never work.” It’s about more than just Katherine and I think that Elena has realized this. Some of it is about what the Kat situ has revealed to her about herself and about Stefan. Some of it is about her feelings for Damon which she is still trying to sort out. Some of it is the human/vampire stuff. There are a lot of issues that she hasn’t dealt with and she knows it. I think this too ties into her need to feel safe. In order to feel secure, she needs to have a clear grip and understanding of herself and her feelings. And getting that will take time. Elena knows this and it’s why she stays broken up with Stefan.

This is an honest question: Why wouldn’t Stefan want Elena to know about the plan? I mean what does he think would have happened? I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. Just that I really don’t understand the logic.

I am also confused as to why Stefan is running the show for lack of a better word. But maybe that’s just my left over Plan B Stefan annoyance kicking in.

I loved the scene between Tyler and his mother. I thought it was really sweet.

So I have a question. The dude in the weird mask ushering people in when Kat and Lucy walk up the steps. Is that the same dude in the weird mask who kidnaps Elena at the end? They kind of close up on him for an extra split second leading me to think it was significant and also leading me to think therefore that Elena wasn’t kidnapped by anyone who thought that she was Katherine. It was Elena they wanted.  I think.

Damon dancing down the steps. So adorable.

Stefan’s attitude about Damon and Katherine just boggles my mind. He’s projecting his own issues obviously and I just don’t have energy or even the ability I think to properly analyze all the reasons why that might be. The one thing I do wonder though is if they are both aware of the subtext i.e. that the reason Damon won’t hesitate is because he loves Elena. I mean I know they both know that he does, I just don’t know whether or not they are tacitly admitting it.

The two drunk girls with Matt and Tyler. How fun and weird to see Matt not being so straightlaced.

Bonnie and Jeremy.  Seriously he looks hot. Also seriously I do not get why the writers are plotting a romance here. It feels kind of forced.

Elena/Ric scene. Elena’s right to be suspicious and while it’s obviously a handy thing that she turned up at that ball otherwise they’d never have known that hurting Kat was hurting her, I can’t help thinking that if they’d just told her what they were doing in the first place, she might have if not agreed, perhaps not interfered.

I love as well how when his phone buzzes, she tries to grab it before he does. And also that she calls him “Ric” just like Damon does.

Lucy and Bonnie cross paths. I’ve just realized that this might be one of my most boring recaps to date. There’s more action and drama happening this episode rather than hidden emotional stuff to analyze. At least in the beginning.

Stefan and Katherine. Now. The first two times I watched this scene I didn’t so much like it. It felt kind of…stilted to me. But  this time around I notice how intently he was starting at her as she came down the stairs and also that look before he refused to dance with her. Every time these two kind of square off, I sense this tiny spark of exhilaration from Stefan, as if he enjoys matching wits with her.

And I know he’s playing along with her bla bla bla but there’s an ease in the way that they move together that can’t be attributed to any charade. It’s natural and it’s born of feelings that have lasted a century and change.

Enter Aimee Bradley whose last words are “Oh, thanks”. Shame.

Also. Katherine is a crazy ass bitch. I don’t especially care that Aimee died. But I wasn’t expecting Kat to do it right then and there.

I can’t believe Jenna and Ric fell for the “I’m going to bed now” thing. I mean really?

Oh. The way that Stefan is walking when he comes back into the room and says that he put the body in the trunk for now? Reminds me of the way he walked/paced when he was cookoo on human blood in Miss Mystic and he was in the parking lot with Amber. Same kind of agitation.

Sigh. Damon. I love you. Seriously.  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  He’s keeping his cool and not losing sight of their objective and he’s making sure that Stefan gets through it too. In that moment he is the perfect older brother looking out for his baby bro. He’s got Stefan’s back and it’s moments like this that make me wish Stefan would wise up and have Damon’s back  just as much. I’m not saying he never does because that wouldn’t be fair. Even in this episode he stops Kat from killing Damon. But I always feel like Stefan is much quicker to abandon and/or doubt Damon than Damon is to abandon/doubt him. It’s very sad to me.  😥

Bonnie/Jeremy. It gets weirder and weirder. No lie.

So Lucy says “No one is supposed to know I’m involved.” My question is, who exactly is no one? I mean, who does she think would find out and what would happen to her if they did?

I think it’s very interesting that they allowed Jeremy to have his moment confronting Katherine. I can’t imagine that was Stefan’s idea. But I think it was important for him personally to feel like he’d stood up to her after what she did. Let’s not forget that Kat’s plans to deal what the tomb vampires ultimately cost him Anna as well.

It’s also interesting that Kat makes that taunt about Gilbert men being courageous. It says to me that at some point John tried to stand up to her or go against her on something. Or maybe it was Grayson that did. Intriguing pretty much whichever way you look at it.

Poor Caroline staring longingly at Poor Matt. But damn, she looks smoking hot in that red dress.

What I love about Elena when she’s asking Bonnie and Jeremy if they’ve all lost their minds is that she’s basically worried about all of them. She’s not putting any one’s safety above anyone else. Each one of the people involved, Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, Stefan and Damon is important to her and she wants ALL of them to be safe from Katherine.

I love how proud of herself Caroline is when she tricks Kat into the room. It’s like, take that bitch!

What happened next here totally freaked me out the first time I saw the episode. I went from being hell yeah, stake that bitch! To oh no, Elena!! Talk about a hell of a plot twist.  😮

Also this fight scene was made of awesome.  :yay:

The look on Damon’s face when Jeremy says that everything they’re doing is hurting Elena is just wow. You can see that he’s absolutely horrified at the thought of Elena suffering. Good job he couldn’t actually see what she was going through because I’m not sure he would have held up through that.

And I had a moment of genuine liking for Bonnie with the way she handled the whole situation. It was good to see her and Elena having a BFF I’m here to take care of you moment.

Also, I loved the “Are they?” comment. Again, for someone whose not supposed to like Damon very much right now, Elena’s never not worried about him when he’s in trouble. And in fact this is the second time it’s manifested itself in this way. In KOBK, she said to Liz. “I won’t let you kill them.”

Mini Gilbert taking care of his big sis and offering her his magic ring of not dying. Awww!

And so here we are, the three of them in a room; the brother who loved her too much, the one who didn’t love her enough and the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.

I could be reading too much into things but I find it quite intriguing that when they are the three of them in the room,  Damon puts himself literally as far away from Katherine as he can get where Stefan stays closer to her orbit so to speak.

And something about the way Stefan says “Will you to stop antagonizing each other” just makes me flash back to what I think human Stefan might have been. That kind of aloofness that I’ve always though was part of his personality and that drew Katherine to him. We keep saying how Stefan is 17 and was all young when he fell for Kat. But things were different in those days. At 17 you were well on your way to being a man.

Stefan tries to deflect when Katherine brings up Damon’s feelings for Elena. I also find it telling that he doesn’t correct her when she calls Elena his girlfriend. He knows and Damon knows that they are broken up and yet Stefan isn’t relinquishing his “claim”. It shows that even at this point, in his mind, he and Elena are only “over” until Katherine is dealt with.

Looking at it, I don’t think Damon was tempted when Katherine went off on her whole “Kiss me Damon” tangent. I think he was worried about how vulnerable Kat could make him; remember he did basically bare his soul to her on the porch. Damon knows that Stefan is aware of his feelings but that doesn’t mean he wants to put them out there on the table to be dissected. I think he was trying to remain composed and not let Kat know that she could get to him using his love for Elena. Or at least how much she could get to him.

And Stefan for his part simply refuses to deal with it. He doesn’t want to think about Damon loving Elena. He doesn’t want to think about Damon kissing Elena. He wants to think about why Katherine wants the moonstone.

Again with that flash of vulnerability from Kat when Stefan asks what’s in it for her to have the werewolf curse broken.

Matt provoking Tyler and then the fighting starts. But yay! Here come bad ass Caroline to the rescue!

Bye Bye Sarah. Hello Wolf!Tyler. Poor Mini Lockwood. I feel so bad for him.  😥

Okay so Katherine says that her plan would have worked but people found out that she wasn’t in the tomb. Now unless I’m mistaken this could only have happened when Damon opened said tomb and it became common knowledge that she wasn’t in it.  Or maybe she meant people found out she wasn’t dead. This must have implications for the time line of events but my brain isn’t working well enough to try and figure it out now.

Stefan’s facial expression when Katherine tells him that she was there the night of that concert. She has him the way she has him. He can deny it all he wants to but his face tells its own story.

And Damon’s face tells a story of it’s own. He’s disgusted; with himself or her or both of them.  It’s just more proof that Katherine never cared about him the way that she cared about Stefan. And it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t love her now. He loved her then so that knowledge still has the power to hurt him.

The way Stefan asks her who she was running from the second time, his tone is totally different. It’s no longer tell me because I’m trying to figure out your master plan. It’s tell me because I’m the man that you love and because I care too.

I’m curious as to whether Bonnie would have been able to take Lucy on. A witch off might have been fun.

I’m not sure how I felt about Damon’s “Right away Miz Katherine,” line. To be honest I was expecting him to pour the drink over her head or in her face or something. I think it ties into what I said before about him being disgusted with himself as well as her. He’s mocking himself just as much if not more than he’s mocking her by adopting that subservient attitude.

Then there was the wall shove sneak attack. I think he just needed to her to understand how very much he wanted her dead in that moment. I think she’d managed to make it even more personal for him again by reminding him of all the reasons that he personally has – aside from loving Elena and wanting to protect her – to want to be rid of her.

Okay first of all. When the thing started to choke/ poison her, why the hell didn’t Katherine drop it? You’d think that’d be the first thing she’d do.

Second, why didn’t anyone stop to ask Lucy what the hell spell she put on it in the first place. As someone else pointed out, this might be useful information going forward.

Caroline/Tyler scene. I’ve always thought Matt and Caroline were cute but I’m not averse to seeing where the Tyler Caroline thing goes either.

And I really feel for Bonnie in this scene. She does need a mentor now that her Grams is gone.

Mini Gilbert’s all grown and handsome. I still don’t get the Bonnie thing but I liked her this episode. So maybe just maybe it might be kind of cute.

I was so worried the first time I watched the episode that we were in for an S/E reconciliation. Imagine my pleasant surprise when Elena stuck to her guns. I am hoping that this breakup sticks because it was Elena’s choice and for Elena’s reasons. Katherine was no longer a factor.  I really believe that Elena needs this time for herself. She needs friends and that’s why I think that her and Damon might get closer; not because he loves her or because she has feelings that she doesn’t want to admit to but because at the core of it all, the two of them were friends and they can be again. Damon understands things that Elena’s other friends can’t possibly.  I’m really hoping that they start to rebuild that relationship  really soon.

Okay so really reaching here. But Elena makes this little sigh right before she walks away from Stefan that struck me as sounding very similar to the little sigh Damon makes after closing Kat into the tomb.

Kat waking up in the tomb. Nina is awesome in this scene. You can sense all of Kat’s fear and her desperation.

Ian is equally awesome in this scene. The way his brow furrows and he says “from who?” when Kat says that Elena is in danger.

“Then I’ll protect her, while you rot in hell.” Hands down. Most. Epic. Line. This. Season. So. Far.

Again, the way Kat throws herself against the wall of the tomb. All that desperation and all that fear. I have to give the writers serious props here because Katherine is an amazing character. She’s so evil and yet there are all these layers to her. And I think it’s all the more interesting the similarities that they’ve drawn between her and Damon because I feel like if Damon had never met Elena then give or take four centuries he might have become like Katherine.

Stefan sees whatever shreds of humanity are left in Katherine but they are buried so deep that he or anyone else might never be able to really bring them out again. Elena sees what’s left of Damon’s humanity but she’s got to him in time. It might a long and laborious road but it’s not to late for him and we’re seeing that clearly now.

Whether it’s too late for Katherine is another question that we have yet to answer.

Also, so proud of Damon because closing the door on a chapter of your life – especially as important a chapter as Katherine was for him –is never easy. Whatever else she did, she’s part of the reason he’s become who he’s become. And who he’s become and who he’s becoming is perfect for Elena.

This was one of my favorite episodes ever. The lack of D/E scenes is starting to get to me – I hope we get some really good ones soon – but for Damon and Elena individually I think it was sheer perfection.