2×06 – Plan B

Thoughts on Episode 2×06 Plan B

On first watching, this was one of my least favorite episodes of well…ever. There were things that I liked but a lot of things that I didn’t. Let’s see how or if that changes as I rewatch. Here are my thoughts in real time. <— That sounded very 24 -esque didn’t it? 😆

Ted- DE!!!! If you look really closely, you’ll find that he’s at the foot of Elena’s bed as the camera pans up.

And that is the one and only semi stomachable thing about this opening sequence. I have no qualms about saying that I positively hated it. When I think of the consequences and the sheer stupidity involved as we find out later in the episode, it just makes me… 😡 It’s not that I mind the S/E fluff. I honestly don’t. What I do mind is how the hell Stefan can act like the two of them haven’t got a care in the world, when it’s so untrue. It’s one thing to be able to find joy in trying times. It’s a totally different thing to deny reality; if Stefan wants to live in denial that’s his problem. But he had no right to drag Elena into that place by hiding from her the true extent of the threat or making her think that they could somehow avoid the consequences.

I just came up with a twisted theory that because part of him still loves Katherine and loves her because of the good that he saw in her, he might have thought she was sincere about her love for him and as such wouldn’t actually hurt him or the people he cares for.

If that is the case, talk about love being blind.  *eyeroll*

I just got to the “Katherine, who?” line and I’m about ready to throw things at my laptop. He’s cracking jokes about it! How irresponsible and deluded and just gah. *superangry face*  The more I think about this, the more I begin to feel as if this is actually the worst thing that Stefan has done to Elena. In a life or death situation, he didn’t give her all the information that she needed to protect herself and those that she loves.

Someone suggested  that this is as bad as the JNSI. And honestly? I agree. I just hope that Elena realizes it and that it sets her relationship with Stefan as far back as the JNSI set her relationship with Damon.

I’m not saying another word about S/E in this scene. I think my head could explode. So Mason and Katherine.

She’s such a whore.  😆  But Mason seems so enamored. Poor sap.

Okay one more comment on S/E. Interesting choice from the writers and editors that they cut away after Elena asks Stefan what he thinks will happen if Katherine finds out that they were fake fighting.

She asked a direct question but we have no way knowing what he said. I personally, would infer from the fact that when we cut back to them she’s offering him her blood, that his answer was not “She will kill Jenna or Jeremy or anyone else that means something important to you.”

If he had said that, I think Elena would have been more likely to shove him out the window than shove her bloody (literally) finger in his direction.

Funny thing here; three promises none of which were kept:

Promise 1: Katherine to Mason. “We’ll live happily ever after. I promise.”
Promise 2: Mason to Katherine. “I promise I’ll bring it [the moonstone] tonight.”
Promise 3: Stefan to Elena. “I promise you we’ll get through this.”

And thank god that montage is over. If I never see it again, that’s fine with me. Now on to something much more pleasant; Damon and Mini Gilbert! By the way, that nickname for Jeremy comes courtesy of the lady who does the TRA Recaps. She called Jer, Mini Gilbert and Scrabby Doo. Both of which I think are hilarious and cute. 🙂

I love that Jeremy is done letting life happen to him. I also think that his drive to sort of take charge of his own destiny has been bubbling under the surface but he needed some one under whose wing he could test it. And he’s found that in Damon. I think that there’s trust building there and Jeremy feels comfortable that Damon has his back, strange as that might sound to some people.  I also think that there’s a grudging respect for Jeremy on Damon’s part, which is why he ultimately lets him in. He understands what Jeremy is going through and what he’s looking for.

And in the same way that he lets Elena think for herself, he’s going to let Jer think for himself as well. But Damon isn’t the kind to let people back away from their choices or from the consequences; hence his speech to Jer later about sucking it up or leaving.

Lastly, I love that even though Elena is still mad at Damon or their relationship is still incredibly damaged, she is at the forefront of his concerns at all times. He knew perfectly well that Elena wouldn’t want Jeremy involved and that played in his initial refusal to let Jeremy in.

I think though, that if you analyze closely (or over analyze as I am wont to do  😆 ) that his attitude towards Jeremy is an example of how Damon’s love for Elena is more realistic. Damon loves her and as a result cares for the people that she cares about. However, this does not necessarily mean treating them the way that Elena would like. Damon will take care of and protect Jeremy but he’ll do it in his own way and not necessarily the way that Elena (or Stefan) might i.e. by smothering him or keeping him out of the loop.  Ultimately, I think Damon and Jer’s relationship will help fix D/E because as a sister, I’m sure Elena has been worried about Jeremy lacking positive male influences. When she sees the way Jer is growing and even flourishing under Damon’s wing, I think there will be a certain amount of gratitude.

Boy did I digress.  😆

Jenna with Carol and then Stefan. First of all, since when can Jenna cook?  😆  And second, the fact that she heard them…ick. Ick to the power of infinity.  :sick:

Bonnie and Elena. I know some people feel like Bonnie was better this episode but honestly, I’m not one of them. It’s going to take something cataclysmic for Kevin and Julie to get me to care about Bonnie again.

Liz and Caroline scenes.  😥

The Bromantic Triangle of Alaric, Damon and Jeremy. I love how Jer is so eager. On the one hand he really is learning to stand up for himself and on the other, he’s just stoked that he gets to play with the big boys now. Plus, I love Damon’s facial expressions when Ric asks why Jer is there and then if Elena knows.

Yeah, no. I’m not feeling any sympathy for Bonnie at all. Her stubbornness on the vampire issue is what’s damaging her friendship with Elena. If she was willing to meet Elena half way she’d find Elena more than happy to make the effort.

I was actually quite amused by the Stefan/Mason scene and how they both just played it kind of cool.

Okay so I know it was really just a plot device. But if Bonnie honestly thought she saw Elena kissing Mason (which I grant would make no sense) why in the world is Stefan the first person that she tells?

Again with Elena and the jumping. She’s getting more and more easily startled all the time. I think Damon flusters her and I also think she’s particularly gun shy when it comes to him being around Jeremy. Because logically, Damon just asked her to tell Jeremy to leave him alone and that is hardly the request of someone who is trying to get Jeremy to do his dirty work.

Playing on Elena’s guilt wasn’t very nice on Jer’s part. It’s true that she’s partly responsible for him being involved in all this. But it’s also true that as a Gilbert he probably would have gotten sucked into it at some point anyway. But he is right that she is not allowed to make decisions for him.

I love Damon’s disbelief over the fact that Katherine and Mason are together. He’s like, “The werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer.” I don’t think his shock stems from jealously. I think it stems from the fact that he no longer believes Katherine to be capable of love (contrast with Stefan apparently; see my theory above about why he underestimated Kat’s threat) and so knows that there has to be an ulterior motive for why she’s with him.

I was annoyed with Stefan for being annoyed with Damon that Jeremy is involved. It’s not like Damon sought him out. It just highlights the differences in how the brothers approach protecting people. Stefan’s answer to it whether it’s Jer or Elena is to smother and dictate. Damon’s is to let people make their own choices and watch their backs while they do it. Damon’s protection allows for growth. Stefan’s protection crushes it as we see with Elena who in this episode becomes a progressively greater emotional mess the more Stefan tries to stay away from her or keep her out of things.

Tyler says mean and not so mean things about Caroline <insert foreshadowing reference> and then after Matt leaves, Mini Gilbert approaches for his second date with Mini Lockwood.

Paranoid Elena breaks my heart.  :crylots:

This scene with Damon and Stefan and Bonnie. You can see and feel how much Damon wants to eliminate this threat. He knows that Mason and Katherine working together is bad news. The difference between him and Stefan is absolutely mindboggling. They both love Elena. But where Stefan knows there is a clear and direct threat to Elena from Katherine (information I don’t think he shared with Damon) he didn’t do anything substantive about it. Meanwhile, you have Damon who only knows that Katherine plus Mason plus moonstone could at some point in the future present some kind of threat to Elena. He doesn’t know how or why or when and he doesn’t care. He just wants it dealt with immediately. I swear, the more the show goes on, the more Damon’s love for Elena strikes me as being real, honest and truly selfless. Stefan’s on the other hand becomes more selfish and more destructive with every passing moment.

Damon. “Let me put it to you this way. They’re a threat to Elena. So you, witch, are going to get over yourself and help us.” I love that line. There is no reasoning or negotiating with Damon when Elena is in danger. Whatever it takes to protect her, he’ll do it.

Stefan says that Damon meant that line as a question with a please on the end of it. But he knows and Bonnie knows that really, he didn’t.

The sequence where they knock Mason out and “kidnap” him is pretty awesome. It just flows really well and I like how the brothers moved in tandem.

Caroline FTW. She is soooo cute how she says that she’s better at controlling her bloodlust than Stefan. You can tell she’s proud of herself. Seriously, I adore her more and more with every episode; with every scene even. :heart:  :heart:

Bonnie and Damon pre Mason torture.  This is the second time that Damon has thanked her and the first time she actually deserved it. <insert shallow moment> Ian’s eyes in that shot were wow.  :inlove:

Bonnie/Caroline. I wanted to give Caroline a huge hug. She so obviously wants to fix things with Bonnie. I’m glad Bonnie ended up giving her a chance to. I still don’t like Bonnie again though.

Stefan trying to be protective and keep Elena out of the loop again = more paranoid Elena =  :crylots:  :crylots:

These Mason/Damon torture scenes are hard core man.  Seriously. Mason’s a tough guy but you could tell he was scared. As much of a threat as he is to Damon and the people Damon cares about, in that moment Damon is so much stronger than him. It takes someone with Damon’s ability to compartmentalize to realize that the fear (and also his love for Kat) that makes Mason so human doesn’t detract from the danger that he poses.

And I actually think this is a very important part of Damon’s character. It means that whatever the emotions involved – and in this case I think he did feel some pity for Mason – he has the ability to cut through them to the assess the threat; get to the bottom line and act accordingly. It’s not warm and fuzzy at all but it will keep him and the people he loves alive.

Question. Does Mason heal quickly because he’s a werewolf or because he’s been drinking Kat’s blood?

Another question. I don’t know how fast vervain weakens a vamp or how much was in the well or whatever. But…you would think that if Stefan could get to the top of the Ferris Wheel, he should have been able to get back out of the well soon as he realized there was vervain in the water. But maybe I’m being too hard on him?

Also where did that much vervain come from? Unless it’s always been down there as in the founding families put it down there ages back. Actually that sorta makes sense if they were drinking the well water; ingesting it. It’s not important. I’m just curious. The stuff is in supposedly short supply but everyone seems to have some.

Important note. Supernatural’s can’t be compelled. So I gather this means that Mason wasn’t technically a supernatural until after the curse was activated. Also, I suppose it means that Bonnie can’t be compelled.

Aww Mini Gilbert. He’s trying to be all-tough but he’s a little (a lot) freaked out by Damon being so blasé while he tortures Mason. Incidentally though, it speaks well of him that he tries to stand up to Damon. It shows that Jeremy is very much going to become his own man.  :nod:

Okay, I freaking hate snakes.

Again Damon protecting Jeremy but on his terms. His first instinct was to tell Jeremy to leave because he knew that Mason’s death wasn’t something he should see. Then Jeremy wanted to get cute about it and say he was going to stay and try and convince Damon not to kill him.

So Damon goes all flash speed throat grab on him and makes it really clear what his only two options are. But again it’s a choice. If Jeremy had decided to stay, that wouldn’t have stopped Damon killing Mason and can you just imagine what Elena would have had to say about that?

Damon says to Mason, “I’ve been where you are”. I think that’s yet another indication that he’s over Katherine. Mason is in love with her present tense. But Damon was there; past tense. And it’s not the first time he’s used the past tense with regard to his feelings for Katherine.

Jenna & Alaric.  :heart:

Liz/Caroline. *sob wail and sob some more*

Damon looks like an adorable little boy as he runs away from Stefan who is trying to stop him from calling Katherine.  😆  In fact – although provoking her was not smart of him – he was honestly so cute while he did it. That line, “Did I put a kink in your master plan? I’m so sorry” was like my favorite of the whole episode. Ian’s delivery was perfect.

Also can I just point out for the umpteeth million time how much of a HYPOCRITE Stefan is?

“Don’t provoke her,” he said to Damon.

Because you know, that’s not what HE’S been doing this whole time sneaking around with Elena when Katherine told him exactly what would happen if he didn’t stop seeing her. Ugh. His whole do as I say and not as I do attitude is gets more insufferable all the time.

That last line of Kat’s, “Send my love to Stefan.” Now I don’t know if its just because of the fact that I think Damon doesn’t care about her anymore and so that wouldn’t wound him but it just struck me almost as more of a warning.  And given what happens with Jenna after…I dunno. Just a thought.

Jeremy/Elena. It’s heartbreaking to see Elena fall apart like that because it happens so rarely. And seeing her and Jeremy there, holding on to each other reminds you that without Jenna, it would be just the two of them; she’s the only other family that they have left.

I’m not sorry that Damon killed Mason but I did feel bad for Tyler.

This is the third time that I’ve watched the breakup scene. Each time I’m more impressed with Elena’s strength – it’s not easy to recognize how blind you’ve let yourself become even if that blindness is the result of a very strong love. And it’s even harder to walk away from it – and less impressed with Stefan’s selfishness.

I would have felt much better about it and had more respect for him if he’d corrected Elena and at least owned up to the fact that he hadn’t been honest with her about the threat that Katherine posed. Every time during her little speech that Elena said “we”, Stefan should have corrected her and said “me”. Because ultimately that’s what this boils down to for me; he was foolish and for selfish reasons.

And something occurs to me. Danni had suggested based on the episode still for one of the next episodes that Stefan tries to leave town and that Damon brings him back. That had better not be true. Because if he leaves town, with Kat still on the loose, because he can’t handle losing her, I am going to flip out.

Ah, Damon. He’s undone by her pain and you can see it in his eyes and hear it in every word that he speaks. What I think is interesting is that Elena doesn’t hide it from him. I know she wouldn’t have been able to hide the pain in her eyes even if she wanted to but she could have looked away from Damon and she didn’t.

And Damon is blaming himself for something that didn’t really have much to do with him. But it shows again that there’s always honesty between them. He’s sorry for playing even the smallest part in something that could hurt her this much. That Katherine would have done it either way doesn’t matter.

And you can tell how much Damon wishes he could fix it for her. He called her back without even knowing what to say at first. He just wanted to comfort her in some way and at this point, giving her a reason to blame him was pretty much the only thing he could do.

Elena didn’t take it because she’s not in the habit of blaming Damon for things that aren’t his fault.

You can see Damon cataloging Elena’s expression and her words when she talks about Katherine winning and the implications. This is Elena as he’s never seen her before; giving up, defeated, completely broken.

Not even his snapping of Jeremy’s neck resulted in this.

And I think that’s why just before the shot cuts away, we see that hint of murder in Damon’s eyes. Katherine broke the most important person in the world to him and he has every intention of killing her for it.

So. Katherine needs a werewolf as well as the moonstone. The moonstone unseals the curse. I have a feeling now that this might tie into George Lockwood and whatever the original terms of their deal were. I have a feeling there was more involved than what we know so far.

On second watching, the episode is not as bad as I thought watching it the first time but it’s still a loooooooong way from being one of my favorites.