2×05 – Kill Or Be Killed

Thoughts, Comments, Questions on 2×05 – Kill Or Be Killed

So, the opening sequence of this episode caught me by surprise in that I wasn’t expecting a recent flashback and I wasn’t expecting Mason. But pretty much from the moment that man followed him into the parking lot and started picking a fight, I knew that Katherine was somehow involved.

I’d suspected for quite a while that their simultaneous return to MF wasn’t a coincidence and this scene here was déjà vu all over again of Carter picking a fight with Tyler after Damon compelled him.  KW/JP have been showing us from the pilot onwards that Katherine and Damon have a lot of the same habits/MOs.

There are clearly a lot of blanks that need filling in so far as Mason and Kat’s relationship but the really important thing is why she decided to trigger the curse at that particular moment. She’d obviously ingratiated her way into his life at least a couple of months prior, so why that specific moment?

Cut back to Tyler and Mason talking. I have to say Tyler is beginning to grow on me and his clear distrust of Mason speaks very well to his character judgment skills.   😆

Hmmmm. Mason said before –in ML I believe – that he was educated about the curse after he triggered it. Now that could have been Kat obviously, and I suppose she could have done it without revealing that she was a vampire but I just wonder if Isobel was involved. She had the research on wolves and one imagines, she might have been hooked up with Kat by that time. No real theory, just a thought.

Big Sister Elena. I am glad that these two have mended things. Elena is being more open with him which is good but she’s still doing the whole big sister smothering thing. And I don’t mind that at all, especially as Jer has Damon to do the whole [i]not[/i] smothering thing.  Between the two of them, they are exactly what Jer needs, dare I say it ….kind of like parents.  😆  😆

Okay, Stefan turning up behind the door? Was so freaking predictable  :shake:  :shake:

But Elena is getting jumpier. She might be holding things together but she’s on edge. I’ve seen her jump more times in startlement in the last five episodes than in all of season one.

I have a theory about S/E. Because I have been very confused lately about this back and forth between them. About how one minute they look like they are falling apart and the next minute they look like they are completely fine.

Watching this scene and the way that they hug each other so tightly and kiss with so much more intensity than we’ve ever seen from them, it occurs to me. They are overcompensating. The cracks are there. The fake fights feel too real and they hate that. Because their love is real and who the hell likes feeling like their relationship has some major roadblocks? No one.

They haven’t told each other everything about what’s happened lately i.e. Elena hasn’t said anything about Damon kissing her and Stefan hasn’t said anything about not being compelled by Katherine. And in their fake fights they are laying all of their true insecurities on the line.

Someone made a point (apologies for not remembering exactly who ) that Elena might have been a little intimidated by Katherine because she is so confident and sexy and edgy. Elena wouldn’t be a human teenage girl if she didn’t have a couple of doubts when faced with that, especially when it’s combined with the physical resemblance.

So S/E have doubts about themselves and about exactly how they are going to make it through this storm or series of obstacles. In fairy tales love conquers all but in real life, it doesn’t always.  Stefan knows that and Elena is certainly smart enough to suspect it.

How do they counteract those doubts? By holding on even tighter to the idea that their love is the most solid thing in the world; as if by sheer repetition of saying it and acting like it, they can make it true.

But that’s not how it works. Mind you, I’m not saying they aren’t solid or that they couldn’t conceivably get through this. Of course they are and they could. But it would never, never in a million years, be as easy as they are trying to make it look.

And again, I remain perplexed and concerned by the fact that Stefan is feeding Elena this line about Katherine buying into the fake fights. He’s either lying to her because he wants to minimize how worried she is about it all or he is severely underestimating Katherine. For once, I hope it’s the lie because if it’s the other then there is certain disaster ahead.

And Stefan’s favorite line, “Everything is going to be okay,” This leads me to believe that he is just telling lies to try to comfort and reassure Elena.  And by doing that, it’s everything that I hate about their relationship. Wrapping her in cotton wool, not letting her understand the true level of the threat that Kat poses to her might be good for her peace of mind but that lack of awareness puts her in even more danger because it means her guard isn’t up.

And for the record, I don’t think that Damon would ever do that. He would tell her exactly how much danger she’s in and he’d trust her to be able to cope with it, especially as she’d know that he’d be there looking out for her.

I don’t understand why that is so hard for Stefan. But it is and it bugs me in a major way.  :rant:

The fact that Elena even has to put it out there,” Promise me that she won’t get her way with us,” just proves that she is worried about it. So like I said, the cracks are there and they are papering over them with coded I love you’s.

Vamp Caroline and Liz. Tense mother daughter relations. Sadface.

Oh hey, look! Actual falls in Mystic Falls. I don’t think we’ve seen these since the pilot.   😆

Stefan/Mason. I know it bugged a lot of people that Stefan referred to himself as the “nice” one. But it didn’t bother me for two reasons. One, Stefan only says stuff like that to make himself feel better; it’s a measure of his insecurity.

But also, later when Damon is talking to Mason he agrees that Stefan is nicer than he is and in a way that amused me because when it comes to threatening people he cares about, Damon is more ruthless I feel. Look at when Stefan rescued Elena and Bonnie in FMO. He gave that Ben character a chance to escape with his life and only killed him when he turned up again at the tomb.

Damon would have snapped his neck on the spot.

And I have to say I did like Stefan pointing out to Mason that “there’s one of you and two of us.”

How adorable is pouty whiny Damon? “But I don’t waaaant peace”.  :heart:

Tyler/Jeremy  I spy with my little eye the beginnings of a beautiful bromance.

I find Mason’s slight hesitation before giving Liz the names of the two vampires he says are living right under her nose, quite interesting. Knowing his connection with Katherine, part of me wonders if he wasn’t slightly – teeny tiny bit –motivated by jealousy. Of course that all depends on what Kat has told him about her relationship with the two brothers but it’s a thought.

Caroline and Elena. Discussing the former’s Mommy issues and the latter’s Stefan issues. Elena says she thought that she and Stefan were stronger than that. Since this is part of the faux fight clearly she does think that she and Stefan are stronger than Kat’s interference but that certainty is based on a lot of erroneous assumptions in my opinion, the foremost one being that Stefan doesn’t have any feelings left for Katherine.

The fact is that Elena’s relationship with Stefan isn’t 100 percent what she thinks it is and that’s because Stefan isn’t 100 percent who she thinks he is. The foundation of their relationship has a lot of lies interspersed in it which makes the sense of security that Elena has in it, a false one.

Damon and Liz. Awww, you can tell he genuinely does care about her. And I love that he started to take it up with Caroline too.  :inlove:

The fact that Elena chooses to start their fake fight with “Do you still care about Katherine?” shows that it’s something that’s played on her mind. Really, all of their subconscious fears come out in this fake fight.

😆  😆  😆  😆  at the way Damon and Caroline try to pretend that they are not blatantly eavesdropping.

Now I found this particularly interesting. Elena asks how Stefan can hate Katherine and be in love with her [Elena]. And most people’s response to that would be that he can’t because we all know that he has feelings for Kat.

But. This is actually not true. It is possible to separate the two women. Damon does it well. I’m not sure I’d advance so far as to say that Damon feels only hate for Katherine but I certainly don’t think he’s in love with her anymore.

So it’s not the physical resemblance that makes it impossible for Stefan to hate Katherine. It’s the fact that he has feelings for her that make it impossible for him to hate her.

And of course, that makes it even funnier when Stefan says, “I’m not Damon,” because that is precisely the point. Damon can separate Kat and Elena in his mind. His feelings for one have nothing to do with his feelings for the other and here we have Stefan admitting that he can’t do that. I think the writers put that in there as deliberate dramatic irony.

Also, Elena has bags under her eyes. So there’s no denying that the stress is getting to her.

Damon says, “Relationships are about communication,” and he is very right about that. More importantly, they are about honest communication, which is something that I don’t think Stefan and Elena have ever truly had. Contrary, naturally to Damon and Elena, who tell each other the truth no matter how ugly it gets.

Party at the Lockwoods. Random but I like this song.  :nod:

Jeremy Gilbert, Supernatural Sleuth in the making.

Le sigh. I like when Damon is ruthless with people who deserve it. And the way he told Mason that Stefan was a lot nicer than him was just hot. It’s like, “my brother might be willing to call a truce with you but mess with me or mine I’m going to kill you. Have a nice day!”

I love that Damon called Stefan out on the faux drama between him and Elena. It would have been ridiculous if Damon couldn’t see through it. And the way he handled it was beautiful. He didn’t insist on an explanation there and then but he made sure that Stefan knew he wasn’t fooled.

I have to admit that I didn’t see the spiked lemonade coming but that’ s mostly because I was awing my head off over the way Damon called that little girl, “sweetie”.  😆  😆

Can I say? I really did love the Stefan/Damon scenes that we got tonight. It’s the most we’ve seen them actually get along and act like brothers who care about each other in a very long time. Actually the most we’ve seen that ever, not including flashbacks. It’s a real shame that it won’t last.  :disappointed:

Elena brooding by the falls. Now, as it happens, I don’t think that was faked out at all. She could have kept on doing what ever she’d been doing before the fight, after and she can’t have calculated that Caroline would come after her, I don’t think.

I think Elena really did need a moment to herself to think about things with her and Stefan and all the fake fighting and the reasons behind it etc etc.

I do love that Caroline was about to come clean though.

I feel bad for Liz. Her husband left her for another man. Her daughter hates her. And she just found out one of the few friends she really has in this town is a vampire. It’s a lot for any woman to take in one day.

Love this Damon/Stefan scene. Angry Damon is very sexy. And I have to say, I was a little surprised that Stefan caved; glad but somewhat surprised.

I love the beginning of this scene with the brothers and Mason. There is something very sexy about vampires on the prowl; it’s in the way they move, all graceful and predator like.

And the, “Go ahead, run. We’ll give you a head start.”  I’m kind of sad that we didn’t get a chase seen here. It’s been a long time since Damon has hunted. I think he was kind of looking forward to it.  😆

Tyler and Jeremy, the bromance continues. In this installment, Jer and Tyler play meet the family.

If Mason had actually hurt Elena or killed her. Katheirne would have killed him. Just saying.

And the way that Caroline handed Mason his ass on a platter? Made of all kinds of win.  :heart:

The way Damon said, “You’re my friend,” when Liz was shooting him, reminded me of the way he asked Stefan, “What are you doing?” when Stefan had him locked up in the Salvatore dungeon.

Elena goes in proving that she is fearless if not always sensible when those that she loves are threatened. It’s part of her charm.

And Caroline flash speeding around, kicking ass and taking numbers? Made of even more win.  :heart:  :heart:

“Hi, Mom”? Made of the most win ever.  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:

Caroline’s plea to her mom was heartwrenching. I feel for both of them.

I think Damon was trying to make a point when he got all up in Liz’s face and used his creepy vampire voice on her and then deliberately didn’t kill her. It’s kind of like him saying, yes I’m a vampire, and yes that killer part of me exists but I have control over it and our friendship actually means something to me. It’s like he’s showing her that his humanity can trump his vampire instincts.

The Jyler bromance is on part three of its first date and they have progressed to talking about the family jewels. Kinky.

In all seriousness? No way Sarah should have just been fine after a fall like that.

Love that little tut tut tut sound Damon makes when Liz is on the phone and she says she’ll be back by tomorrow. He’s like eh, no so fast.

I love the bit where he tells Liz that she has no idea how wrong she is about her daughter being gone. In a weird way, I feel like that, even more than the fact that he didn’t kill Liz, shows how much Damon is growing and learning to care about other people. Because I mean technically, Liz is his friend, makes sense that he wouldn’t want to kill her. But defending Caroline? He has absolutely nothing to gain from doing that but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.

There are so many things wrong with Stefan’s logic about going back on HB that I hardly know where to start.
First of all, the parallel between him and HB and Kat and vervain is not a valid one. And as someone pointed out( again apologies for not remembering exactly who 😕 ) where as I doubt Kat enjoyed sipping vervain, Stefan is actually addicted to HB.

And moving on from that, I don’t understand his choice of words i.e. building a tolerance. If you build up a tolerance to a substance you’re addicted to all that happens is you consume more of said substance in an attempt to recreate the highs you used to be able to reach.

It’s just a really stupid idea. And it’s not that I don’t think Stefan should be on HB. I do. I’ve always felt that he’d be better off if he could learn to control it. I just don’t think this is the right way.

And I really, really don’t understand why he brought it up that this was his answer to fighting Katherine. That is blatantly not true because he knows that even at full strength Kat will still be able to kick his ass.

To my mind, he could easily have said, I nearly died today because I wasn’t strong enough. I need to be on HB so that this doesn’t happen again. He could even have thrown in the I have to protect you line, although personally, I wish he’d left that out because it makes it sound like he’s blaming Elena. Like he’s saying I have to do this because of you. It’s not really very fair of him.

I think Elena would have understood that logic. But Stefan didn’t say any of those things which makes me think that this was just him struggling more than normal to resist the need for HB.

And if, as we believe – or at least I believe –  HB can act as an anesthetic to emotion, then given the state he was in post Kat’s ML revelations, then I can understanding him wanting a hit even more than usual.

Also, I know some people were less than impressed with Elena for running away from the conversation with Stefan but I don’t blame her. I think at the time of his previous relapse, Elena repressed a lot of her feelings for his sake. They never in my opinion, talked seriously about how his actions, especially the suicide attempt, had made her feel.

And I think that he was contemplating going back on HB, brought forth all the fears and insecurities that she suppressed.

Words can’t express how much I loved this scene between Elena and Caroline. It was perfect and I am so very glad that they are BFFs again.  🙂  🙂  🙂

Feeling a little guilty, huh Mason?

Tyler and Mason. Tyler is really growing on me. And the only real reason that I’m glad he gave Mason that blasted rock is that now that he and by proxy Kat have it, maybe they’ll use it and we can figure out what the hell it does.

Can I just say that I love the way Damon is whispering throughout this whole scene with Elena. Super sexiness.

Now onto the substance of this. She could have just left. She didn’t have to stop and talk to him or say anything remotely positive. And if she hated him she wouldn’t have. If she’d been trying to hate him, she wouldn’t have. Which confirms to me that Elena has made some kind of peace with her feelings for Damon; with the fact that she cares about him enough and wants him in her life enough to forgive him for what he did.

Actually, the more I think on it, the bigger a deal this is. One of the next steps that has always been on my list and I think all of ours is Elena recognizing that she wants a relationship – even if it’s only friendship atm – with Damon and that it’s separate from her and Stefan.

And she has come to that realization and by saying what she said she was giving Damon a subtle invitation, asking him to give her reasons to forgive him. Not so much because he needs to prove himself; she can already see that the man she cares for is still there. But for her sake. She wants to forgive him, maybe she already has forgiven him but in order for her to be able to live with that, she needs to keep the man who is worth that, in her sights.

So basically, she’s asking for his help to make her feel okay about forgiving him and opening her heart and her life to him again.

And then there’s the give and take that I love about their relationship. It’s very much equal in the you get what you give stakes. He could have let her go home mad at Stefan but he didn’t.

Since this was his last scene in the episode, I will take this moment to say that Damon was perfect this episode; all the reasons that I adore him where present and accounted for. He’s grown so much in the space of four episodes. And I think it’s only going to keep getting better.

So the logic of this plan is still flawed in my opinion but even to go along with it, drinking Elena’s blood was a mistake of epic proportions in my opinion. I understand where she’s coming from and I think it’s admirable of her. She loves him, she wants to help him through this. That’s great.

And I also understand where Stefan is coming from. But he’s being selfish and not entirely honest. Which doesn’t bother me because as I said, flawed Stefan is a lot more interesting than broody, self-righteous Stefan.

But let’s be serious. He’s never told Elena about the relationship between blood and love and lust for vampires. He’s never talked to her about the fact that he craves her blood more than anyone else’s. The fact that Elena responded the way she did to Caroline in ML is proof of that.

So Elena, bless her heart, really does think she’s helping Stefan and that it will be better for him if it’s her blood.

If he was thinking clearly – or at all really – I’d like to believe he might have stopped and said you know what, this isn’t a good idea for either of us. I love you and I want you to help me though this but it has to be on the bags.  You don’t lose any of the “it ‘s you and me always” factor and you avoid the urge to rip your girlfriend to pieces, jugular first. But hey, I just watch the show, what do I know?

Also, interesting that the blood immediately made Stefan want sexy time. Just reinforcing the link between blood, lust and bloodlust.

I know the next episode isn’t going to start like this but I swear to you I have visions of an opening sequence where Elena wakes up with fang sized holes in her neck, a lot like Caroline with Damon in Family Ties.

I was so not shocked to see Kat waiting for Mason. That little biatch is a liar and a whore. I think those may be the only two things we know about her for absolutely certain.

So she has what she wants. Or one of the things that she wants. Now we wait for see exactly what comes next.