2×04 – Memory Lane

Thoughts, Questions, Comments on Episode 2×04 Memory Lane

We begin our story in 1864 at the Lockwood mansion. A time of love, lies, secrets and really, really, ugly white gloves.

It was also a time of really bad hair. I’ve never liked and probably will never like, Damon’s 1864 hair. I’m also not a huge fan of men in bowties.

Dear Kevin and Julie and the costume designer of the Vampire Diaries.

Will you please stop trying to make Ian Somerhalder look ugly?
It’s not actually possible and your efforts are trying my patience.

Kthanx. 🙂

Okay this may just be my over active imagination but the way 1864!Damon is holding Elena’s hands to his chest, kind of reminds me of the way he did it in that scene at the end of The Return.

Also what’s interesting about this dream sequence is how Katherine-like Elena is. That little smirk in her eyes when she first turns to look at Stefan and again when they are in the Grill and she says, “It’s your turn”. Some one made the suggestion that these flashbacks are showing the different characters through Katherine’s eyes. If so, it’s interesting that she sees that much of herself in Elena. Of course, it could just be that she’s that narcissistic.  😆

Ah, yes. Damon in black and full on eye sex mode. That is much, much, better.

I know some people aren’t fans of this scene or this kiss but I didn’t mind it at all. I much preferred this scenario to all the other possibilities since we knew from the beginning that it couldn’t be genuine. This was probably the only scenario where Damon wasn’t going to get hurt.

I have to say that Paul sold this brilliantly; Stefan looks totally heartsick at the sight of Damon and Elena together.

Cut to Stefan coming awake with Elena – oh wait no, that’s clearly Katherine – in his arms. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it really suspect, that it took Stefan so long to realize that wasn’t Elena. Especially given how quickly he recognized Katherine in The Return. I mean he carried on a conversation with her for several moments here. The only logic I can come up with is that waking up with Katherine felt as familiar to him – maybe even more so – than waking up with Elena.

And the look on his face when he does realize and flash speeds away. He doesn’t look angry. He looks…sheepish or embarrassed, the way you’d look If you just got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Or tangled up in your crazy ex’s hair as the case may be.

And Katherine – I really wanted to hate her but it’s really kind of impossible or at least it is so long as she’s not messing with Damon – cracked me up with the way she said, “You have to admit, I’m getting better at this.”

And again with the dialogue parallels between Damon and Katherine; we see it later in the episode when Kat and Elena meet but here, she says, “It was easy to get inside of your head.” When Damon did the same kind of dream manipulation to Stefan in whichever one of those early episodes, he said, “Do you have any idea how easy it was to get into your head just now?”

This shows two things. One that Damon and Katherine really are quite similar but also that Stefan –presumably because of his diet –is quite vulnerable to vampire telepathy.

Katherine makes Stefan nervous and it’s not all in a she’s stronger than me she could kick my ass kind of way. It’s more of a you have power over my emotions and I don’t like it kind of way.

What I also find interesting is that a lot of the time when Katherine levels accusations at Stefan about him loving her, there’s no outright denial from him. Like here when she says, “Deep down inside…is the Stefan that fell in love with me too.” Or later when she’s talking about why he didn’t burn the picture or why he came back to town.

Elena is being all studious at the Grill. Damon appears and looks at her intently. She’s startled. She’s starting to be very jumpy around Damon, like physically unnerved whenever he’s close to her and it’s not because she’s scared of him.

I actually said this in some of my initial thoughts but I think what he said to her at the end of BMR really got to her – despite what she says in this scene about using his tactics against him – and I think she’s come to some kind of terms in her mind about what she feels for him. She’s still trying – but less and less as the episode goes on – to be mad but I think she’s kind of given up on the idea. And I think that although she would never admit it to anyone else at this point, she may have accepted that she has or has started to have feelings for him beyond friendship.

She’s aware of her awareness to him if that makes sense. She’s always been aware of him physically – they are forever invading each other’s personal space and having very intense eye sex – but I think Elena’s finally let herself label it for what it is i.e. crazy sexual tension. So I don’t blame her for being a little more skittish than normal.

I also love how disconcerted Elena is to realize that Damon didn’t actually come to the Grill for the sole purpose of seeing or speaking to her. He keeps her off balance. That can be a good thing but poor girl has so much going on right now that I almost feel bad for her.

Mason and Tyler. The more I watch Mason, the more his laid back sufer ‘tude rings false. No man who has or has had enough anger issues to kill someone and who turns into a wolf once a month could possibly be that blasé about it.

Interestingly though, Mason says he didn’t know anything about the curse until he triggered it.  So my question is who educated him after he triggered it? I won’t be surprised if it turns out that a certain Miss Pierce had something to do with it.

Also, Tyler’s kind of growing on me – admittedly I’m surprised that he’s taken the wolf thing as calmly as he has – but I think his distrust of Mason is quite realistic.

Dear Kevin and Julie,

Please tell us what the hell that moonstone does some time soon, like really soon, or else Tyler won’t be the only one with anger issues to manage.

Spotted: Yet another throwback to Stefan/Damon interaction with this Stefan/Katherine scene; both reading his journal, both referring to his inner most thoughts and feelings.

So, one thing seems relatively certain. Werewolves arrived in Mystic Falls before the vampires.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of that dig that George makes about “someone having to defend the South.” I think that whoever said (was it Danni?) that these flashbacks are more memories than actual flash backs is right. This is how Katherine saw things so I’m not sure that the reaction we saw from Damon was his real reaction.

What we do know is that the Founder’s Ball happened after Damon deserted. Because Katherine made her request for an escort when Damon surprised her and Stefan running through the garden.

Something just occurred to me and I can’t believe I didn’t consider it sooner. Maybe I’m only doing so now because later flashbacks in this episode seem to make it clear that Damon and Katherine were involved sexually prior to the Founder’s ball.

In the LG flashback, when Stefan asks Damon if his leave was extended, Damon says, “I was simply having too much fun to return to battle.” So. Is it possible that Katherine and his relationship with her is one of the reasons that he deserted? I don’t think it would be the only reason; I’m quite sure that his experiences at war would have affected him profoundly but it probably was one of several factors.

Anyway, back to 1864 and oh look, it’s Henry. That guy that Damon and Alaric killed on the day when they said they were going to try not to kill anyone. Oops?

Stefan is so off balance at the moment. Katherine has him spinning. On the one hand, he can barely take his eyes off her – part of that is a healthy dose (finally!) of self preservation but a part of it is remembered (and renewed?) enchantment.

And the look on his face when she says that he came back to fall in love with her…he looks like he wants to deny it (he really doesn’t want her to know he’s still affected by her) but he can’t actually do it.

Plus I find Katherine’s line even creepier when you to line it up to Stefan telling Elena at the end of BNW that he came back to start a life with her.

I have said a number of times (I’m starting to be a broken record I know 😆 ) that the most effective lies are the ones with the most truth. Stefan was playing along in order to get close enough so he could stab her with the vervain. But it was still an honest question when he asked, “What is it about you that makes me still care?”  He really wants to know.

So off they go to the cellar and there’s chains and stuff. Kinky. It’s interesting that Stefan says he wants the truth – will do whatever it takes to get her to tell it – but then says that he doesn’t want any more stories about the past.  What Katherine’s been saying is right in my opinion. Deep down he knows – has always known – the truth of his feelings for her but he doesn’t want to admit it and he doesn’t want anyone including her – especially her – to force it out of him.

Okay, I don’t know if I’m the only one that thought this but does anyone else get the impression that there was something going on between Katherine and George beyond the fact that he helped her fake her death? Something about the way he asked if he could finally have her all to himself. Just a thought.

Interesting discrepancy…I think. The flashback ends with George asking Katherine what she wanted but when we come back to present day, Stefan is asking what George wanted. If nothing else it confirms that everything Kat says need to be taken with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila.

Cut to Elena and Jenna who are discussing invites to this BBQ. I am actually going to operate on the assumption now that Elena has decided to stop trying to hate Damon. Because the way she tells Jenna to “be nice” and her reaction to the “dirty paws” comment are so obviously not the behaviors of a girl who hates the person in question. At this point, I can no longer bother to pretend that she’s pretending.  😆  😆

And you know what I’m thinking…? That Elena’s got to be wondering about that kiss that was meant for her but wasn’t really her; thinking that if it has Jenna that up in arms then it must have been a hell of a kiss.

I also find Elena’s reaction to Mason kind of interesting. She’s not normally that cool to people. It goes to show that she trusts Stefan and Damon’s instincts and since it was definitely Damon’s instincts that kicked up the greatest fuss over him, it’s more proof that despite the JNSI (Jeremy Neck Snapping Incident) her trust in him never really wavered.

Did anyone else catch the totally smitten look that Jenna gave Ric? So cute. And I love how Ric and Damon have really settled into their bromance.  🙂

It is amusing though to see Damon have to work so hard to charm someone and not only that but knowing that he’s doing it because of Elena. It’s very much that whole I love you but your family hates me and I have to fix that kind of thing. Very couple-y for a non together couple.

Damon, “That’s weird. Because I’m a dick.” <insert appropriate naughty thought>  😆  😆

This scene with Caroline and Elena caught me totally off guard the first time that I saw the episode. Ultimately what I think it shows is that although Elena knows that Stefan is a vampire and she thinks that she understands his struggle – she certainly has a lot of sympathy and empathy for him – she really has no idea what it’s like for him. How could she?

I also wonder if Elena has really stopped to think about what she just said, that Stefan really hates the part of himself that craves blood every minute of every day. He’s a vampire, craving blood every single minute of every day is not something that he can escape.

I think that conversation really gave Elena food for thought, especially as I don’t think she realized until later that Caroline was trying to manipulate her. And even after, all the things that Caroline said were true and they are issues that Elena will have to deal with eventually.

Meanwhile at the Castello di Salvatore, Stefan and Kat are continuing their conversation. She asks him if he doesn’t remember taking her home that night and you can clearly see that yes, he does indeed remember (but wishes he didn’t).

Now granted it’s 1864 and all that flowery speech was de rigueur but even despite that, Stefan’s declaration of love was so clearly heartfelt…and I think what surprised Katherine the most was her reaction to it.

Just to insert something here as far as the timeline of the brother’s relationships with Kat. I now think that she was involved sexually with Damon first and fell in love with Stefan after that. So technically, Stefan stole her from Damon but the real truth is that she was never Damon’s to lose.

Also, you can tell that she was shaken up by Stefan’s declaration because she got annoyed with Damon for mocking it.

Stefan looks…shattered, when we cut back to the present.  His every last wall has just been torn down. He can’t keep hiding the truth anymore. He loved her and it was real and that knowledge – admitting that to himself – is going to change everything.

When I first got a load of this Pictionary scene, I didn’t realize the show was back on. I thought it was still a commercial break. Of all the things I never thought I’d see, Damon Salvatore playing Pictionary has got to be one of them.  😆  😆  😆

Damon and Elena in the kitchen discussing that he wants Jenna to like him. Again with the non couple coupleyness. And the way she almost jumps out of her skin when he sneaks up on her blind side…I wouldn’t be surprised if our girl had goosebumps at the sound of that voice so close in her ear. Plus, I bet he smells good.  😆  😆

I love the look between him and Elena when he says, “I’m a work in progress.”  The words are more for her benefit than Jenna’s.

And that smirk when he picks up the knife is vintage Damon.

I’m actually starting to feel bad for Stefan. Sort of. I mean, Katherine has just pulled a pretty big chunk of the ground he walks on out from under him. And while he might be willing to eventually admit that his feelings for her in 1864 were real, he is fighting hard to hold onto the idea that those feelings have turned into hate in the 145 intervening years.

Can I just say something? That is not peach cobbler. Peach pie maybe. But it looks more like apple pie to be honest. And there is no excuse for that. This show is filmed in Georgia. If you can’t get real Southern peach cobbler in Georgia, then you might as well pack it up right now  😆  😆

Damon cracks me up. He looks at Mason and says, “I always had you pegged as more of a lone wolf,” and I’m like, Damon, you’ve known the man for all of five minutes. The only thing you should have him pegged as is trouble.  😆  😆

Elena asking Caroline if she’d be the worst friend in the world if she left to go check on Stefan. Kind of a rhetorical question, although to be fair to Elena leaving Katherine at the Gilbert’s with Damon to keep watch made a hell of a lot more sense than what she actually ended up doing i.e. leaving Caroline alone with the tow truck driver.

I have a feeling that Katherine’s “Damon being Damon nearly ruined everything” line doesn’t actually have anything to do with the fact that they tried to get her out in the flashback we’re seeing while she talks.

I think it probably has more to do with the deal that he struck with Emily. So if nothing else we’ve learned that Emily was apparently not involved in helping Katherine fake her death because Kat’s plan clearly involved those 26 other vampires being dead and not just trapped.

Oh the angst and the intensity when Stefan is shouting that he died for nothing and Katherine is shouting back that he died for love.  It reminds of the title of this French song, “Je T’aime, Moi Non Plus,” which basically translates to “I love you, Me Neither.” So it’s kind of like, I love you but I don’t and oh yeah I don’t love you either.”  😆

In any event, what is conspicuously missing from Katherine’s recollections as far as her plans goes, is why exactly she was feeding them both her blood and what her intentions were regarding turning them. I know some people have said she had to care for Damon otherwise she wouldn’t have had a daylight ring made for him. But do we even know that she did that? Emily is the one who spelled the rings. Maybe she made one for him with Katherine being none the wiser at the time.

Mason and Damon in the kitchen. On the surface Mason seems sincere enough but I don’t entirely buy it and it’s clear that Damon doesn’t either. He’s right to be suspicious. Could he have handled it differently? Of course. But his actual instincts are spot on.

I can understand Elena being annoyed that Caroline was being snippy but I don’t get the condemnation when she realizes later that Katherine has a hand in it. Caroline is scared of Katherine and well she should be. You can’t exactly blame the girl for trying to survive.

I read some where, I have no idea where that someone thought Caroline compelled the radio to tell them it was playing. That kind of cracked me up.  😆  😆

Ah, Damon. He is a charmer. You did good, Jenna but let’s face it, you were fighting a losing battle, trying to resist that smirk and those eyes. I commend you on a valiant effort!

I love Elena, honest. But when Caroline – sounding genuinely scared and worried – asks her to “please don’t leave me alone”, responding with “What’s wrong with you?” is not the way to go. Especially since what’s wrong with her is that she just turned into a VAMPIRE.

Not Elena’s most shining BFF moment.  :shake:

To try to be fair though, I think that maybe the reason she didn’t stop to think more clearly about the situation is the fact that she was genuinely upset and thrown off by everything that Caroline was saying. She was running away from the thoughts that Caroline planted as much as anything else.

I actually kind of love Damon’s reaction when Mason gets up not too much worse for the wear after the stabbing. He, unlike some other vampires we know, has very healthy self-preservation instincts.

In all probability, he and Mason are not that unevenly matched aside from the whole if I bite you I could kill you (question on that. Does the bite have to be when the wolf is in wolf form?) but Damon is standing his ground while at the same time being wary.

Stefan had three clear chances to stake Katherine (and let’s face he could have tried it at any point during their conversation) – because after all he wasn’t to know that she was only humoring him – and he couldn’t take any of them.

I pointed this out before but when Katherine sees Elena, she says exactly the same thing that Damon did the first time he saw her.

I love when Mason and Tyler fight.

I love Vamp!Caroline. *hugs her*

That whole “I’m not afraid of her,” line was the first most obvious clue that the fight was fake. Elena was plainly terrified when she was alone with Katherine.

So it think it’s quite clear that despite the “fake” in that fight there was also a lot of truth in it. And with my new theory that Stefan is actually manipulating Elena as well Damon in an effort to manipulate Kat, I think that boy’s brain is close to exploding on a whole lot of levels.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure Damon bought that fight completely. His expression when they cut away is more of a “well, well, what have we here?” type of thing. Damon’s suspicious by nature as we’ve seen many times. After 145 years of denying that he ever loved Kat, suddenly Stefan is admitting that she’s come between him and Elena?

Yeah, I think Damon’s going to have a lot of questions about that.

I think this may well be my favorite scene between Damon and Katherine to date. I loved watching her get exasperated by his indifference. She might have lingering power over him but it’s not nearly the same as it was before.

He’s not on her side anymore and I freaking love it.

In this final scene with Stefan and Elena, the balance of power of their relationship but also just the enormous gap in their experience really shows. Stefan is taking advantage of the fact that Elena doesn’t know Katherine as well as he does.

If the plan was honestly just to fake a breakup, Stefan wouldn’t really need Damon to think it was real. He would in fact be much better served telling him it wasn’t real because he knows Damon’s feelings for Elena and he doesn’t want to open any doors.

Unless he does.

The more I think about it, the more using Damon and Elena’s feelings against them for the sake of thwarting Katherine sounds like a plan that has some hope in hell of actually working; again, most effective lies are the ones based on truth.

A “fake” rapprochement between Damon and Elena based on the real pull that every one knows is there, has a much better chance of misleading Katherine than a fight Caroline over heard at the Grill.

And this plan – if it is indeed what’s up Stefan’s sleeve – brings me back to my other point. The kind of love that Katherine feels for Stefan (and that Stefan had for her) is outside Elena’s experience at the moment.

You can tell that by the fact that she asks, “All this just to get you back?” She, personally, can’t fathom it. As much as she loves Stefan, she can’t imagine killing people and manipulating others and doing all the things that Katherine is doing just to get him back.

And that little smile that he gives Elena was of indulgence in my opinion. He sees and understands her confusion and it touches a tender cord in him. But on the flip side of that he knows that the games he and Katherine are playing are so much more complex (and perhaps a little exhilarating?) than anything Elena could wrap her mind around.

Elena doesn’t relate to the depth or the intensity of Katherine’s feelings because she hasn’t felt anything like it before. But she will; with Damon.

And Stefan can keep telling Elena that Katherine’s not back for him but she is. It’s not the only reason she’s back, that’s equally obvious. But her desire to have Stefan back is quite plainly for real in my opinion.

And just finally on this scene, yet again, there’s a lot that these two are holding back. There are things he hasn’t said about his conversation with Kat and there are thing she still hasn’t told him about the night of the JNSI. At the end of BNW, we said that the Ferris wheel scene was the last time for a long time that S/E would be totally honest with each other.

So far, we’re right about that.

And then we segway to that FNB mirror sequence, where Stefan is talking about how cold and heartless and incapable of love Katherine is, while we are shown images of Katherine proving the exact opposite.

She is capable  of love.