Because At The End of The Day…They’re Family

So this is really just a fly by post. TVD and I are still on a break  and I am still head over heels for ASkars but as I promised, I have been watching the occasional D/E scene on YouTube and after last night, I had a couple of observations to make. 😛

I only watched the last scene so I’m not really analyzing it in the context of anything else that’s happened in S3, only what I know about these two characters from S1 &2. What struck me the most, aside from the intimacy – seriously, this has ALWAYS been my favorite word to describe Damon and Elena’s relationship – was the moment where Elena says that Stefan will be saved not because he loves her, but because he loves Damon. Damon’s reaction to that is what got me to actually write this post. I think he was genuinely surprised by what she said and immediately you see him disappear inside himself but not in a negative way, rather in a reflective one.

I think that Damon honestly doubts that Stefan loves him. I think that over many years (probably since the whole Katherine getting taken by Giuseppe debacle in 1864) Damon has consistently chalked up any remotely nice thing Stefan does for him to Stefan’s inability to handle guilt; guilt over things he did, things he didn’t do, the sky being blue etc. Even the devil’s bargain with Klaus, I can see Damon perceiving as something from Stefan not wanting to feel guilty because he didn’t life a finger to save his brother. Mind you, I’m not saying that this is Stefan’s ACTUAL motivation, just that I can see Damon looking at it that way.

Now, all of a sudden he has Elena – who is basically the person he trusts most in the world at this point – telling him that Stefan loves him more than he loves her. Because it’s Elena, he can’t dismiss it out of hand and I think that’s important. Regardless of my personal feelings for Stefan (and honestly, none of them are pleasant) his approval and his affection is something that Damon has longed for for a long time. Yes, Damon still has to travel the path of being a better man for himself first and foremost, but I’ve always said that he deserves to have people support him in that. Truly believing that his brother does love him is going to help rather than hinder his development.

And as for Miss Gilbert. I was smiling at my computer screen as she described Rebekah and literally saying out loud, “Wow, remind you of anyone?” She talked about the most important bond being between family and she’s right. But family isn’t just about blood. It’s about who you love and how you love them. It’s about being ready and willing to do anything you can to protect them, it’s about wanting the best for them and always being there no matter what. Damon and Elena have been that to each other for so long now that I don’t see how anyone could argue that these two aren’t each others family.

The connection they have exists on so many levels. It’s friendship, it’s love, it’s family, eventually it’ll be lovers. But all those things are manifestations of the fact that they fit together in every way that it’s possible for two people to fit and this entire scene managed to encapsulate all of those nuances which is no small feat. Part of what makes Damon and Elena’s realtionship real is how complicated and three dimensional it is. That’s also what makes it so damn beautiful.


My Eyes Linger Longer Than They Should

The title of this post comes from the song “I Should Go” which played during Damon and Elena’s final scene in his bedroom. It’s especially fitting when you considering that lingering looks are something they’ve had going for them since the very beginning.

As he lay dying, the woman he loved gave him everything she could and so much more than he asked for.  It was beautiful. They are beautiful. The love they feel for each other is real and this moment, THEIR moment, can never be taken away from them or from us.

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Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust

It was one the best episodes of TVD ever.

It was heartbreaking and and emotionally exhausting but so bittersweet and beautiful and just when I thought I couldn’t love Elena, Damon and Delena any more than I do, this episode happens and new heights are hit. In spite of all of the tragedy and loss, I’m actually quite optimistic about where the show and our couple is headed. So grab some tissues and brace yourselves…

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Top Five Most Important Delena Moments This Season So Far

Fellow Delena shippers,

We have been snapped, burned, beaten and otherwise tortured tested this season and especially recently with a serious lack of interaction between our favorite couple. Again at the suggestion of another hardcore D/E fan (Thanks Daisy!) I’ve decided to turn my attention to what I think are the five most significant moments between them this season. I’m going to do this in chronological order because I think it shows the full circle of things.

Episode: The Return


What It Means: Aside from establishing that front porches are totally one of their things (along with kitchens, road trips and five minute time outs) this scene showcased just how beautifully Elena’s understanding of Damon has developed since they first met. It also showcases all of her concern and worry for him as well as hinting at some of her fear that her feelings for him are more than just platonic. That deer in headlights look she gets when Damon says, “You’re scared” is very telling.

The JNSI was what it was and it was critical to Damon’s development and so indirectly to Delena’s development. But this scene on the porch is the summit of it all for me. It’s where everything that happened in the back end of season one was actually leading to. It’s the epitome of the trust, the caring, the intimacy that these two had begun to share and that gives us a glimpse – just a tiny one – into what they can be and what they will be when the writers come to their senses they’re finally together.

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Just Because

Another week and four days to go until the next new episode of TVD. So to kill time and because this scene is awesome and so are D/E, I’m posting the dance scene from MMF.

I remember listening to Marcos Siega (who is directing episode 2×12 btw) explain some of the direction that he gave the actors in this scene. So far as he [Siega] is concerned, this is the scene where Damon really recognizes that he’s fallen in love with Elena and I think that it shows.