Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

So I was bored and pretty cranky and I figured that re-watching and recapping 3×01 couldn’t actually worsen my mood any. I’ve even gone so far as to re-cap 3×02  but I can’t (and won’t) make any promises beyond that. So consider this random until and unless, I actually do catch up. 😆

You can read my recap of 3×01 here and my recap of 3×02 here

ETA: I’ve added recaps from 3×03 to 3×06. That’s as far as I go with them though. I’ve watched all the other episodes (3×07 was REALLY awful) and while it was a good way to deal with my insomnia, not enough has changed to truly suck me back in. But D/E have been gorgeous and seeing Damon punch Stefan out in 3×08 was so worth it.  The writing for Stefan on the other hand gets worse and worse. He has a lot of nerve being jealous over the D/E kiss after everything he’s done to Elena lately. Worse, I know the writers aren’t going to let it go. Eventually Stefan is going to “return to normal” and ruin everything, like he always does.

I basically live in fear the fact that Damon will have his time with Elena and then he’ll lose her. And I don’t think he would recover from that. Sigh. I really hope I’m wrong.

3×03 here, 3×04 here, 3×05 here (that one is on the short side and mostly just me ranting. Didn’t like the episode all that much, it turns out ), and 3×06 here.