Five Questions With: Elijah

DEL: Welcome to the first in our series of “Five Questions” interviews everyone. Thanks also to Elijah for taking time out of his coffin – literally- to be here with us. Let’s crack on, shall we?

Elijah: Thank you for having me.

DEL: The first question has to be about the brothers Salvatore. There have been a lot of comparisons made about Damon and Stefan mirroring yourself and Klaus and people trying to figure out who is who. I’d like to keep it simpler than that with two true or false statements.

Elijah: By all means.

DEL:  You respect Damon. You believe Stefan is an honorable man. Which is true and which is false?

Elijah: They’re both true and false to an extent.  Damon has done things that are worthy of respect and other things that aren’t. Respect is best when it’s mutual and when it’s been earned. He hasn’t completely earned mine but I suspect that I haven’t earned his either. And as for Stefan,  there’s honor in him, certainly but it would be a mistake to think that’s what defines him or even that it’s always a good thing.

DEL: You’ve been defined as “an honorable man” yourself. Are you saying that’s bad?

Elijah: A man of honor is more easily tempted to believe the words of others precisely because he  is a man of honor. You can see how well it’s worked out for me.

DEL: Moving on slightly, let’s talk about the 1490s and your relationship with Katerina Petrova. Why did you want to save her from the sacrifice ritual  at all in the first place?

Elijah: The Petrova doppelgangers are as different from each other as they are from the woman whose face they wear. And yet they all come by power over the men in their lives all too easily.

DEL: …

Elijah: smiles enigmatically.

DEL: sighs resignedly but proceeds with the interview.  You know Klaus better than anyone – at least anyone we’ve met so far. What do you think we can expect from him next season?

Elijah: Even with the curse in place and his deadliest instincts tempered, Niklaus has always been the most sadistic, the bloodthirstiest and the darkest of us all. His capacity for pain, death and destruction knows no bounds. Now that the  curse is broken, only one person can defeat him.

DEL: If I ask, will you tell me who that person is?

Elijah: What do you think?

DEL: I think I should save my breath and ask a different question.

Elijah: smiles enigmatically.

DEL: Alright, last question. You showed us in that scene with Elena at the Lockwood’s that you’re up to speed with modern catch phrases and slang. Is that something you enjoy or was your “OMG” moment, a one off?

Elijah: Adaptability is an important part of being a vampire. As times change so does fashion and technology and speech patterns. I admit though that I’m equal parts fascinated and amused by humanity’s affection for acronyms. I’ve a particular fondness for HBIC.

DEL: I’d ask if you had a specific HBIC in mind but I’m all out of questions. Thanks for joining us.

Elijah: It was my pleasure.



  1. Loved this can’t wait for more.

  2. LOL. You should do more of these!

  3. Oh, that was fun!

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