Five Questions With….

So it’s the hiatus and while I definitely have some stuff going fiction wise, I thought it might be fun to do one or two things with this blog over the summer break.

So to start,  I decided to play around with the idea of “talking” to the characters outside their normal TVD context. This idea has had various shapes in my head and I finally decided on a “Five Questions With” format so that each one can be kept pretty short and sweet.

Not in any particular order ( although I’ll probs save Damon and Elena for last) I’m planning to “interview” :

Elijah, Klaus, Alaric, Jeremy, Caroline, Katherine, Stefan, Damon and Elena.

If there are any other characters you’d like to hear from, tell me. And if you have any questions for me any of the characters then leave them in the comments 🙂

Hopefully the end result is at least mildly entertaining!


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  1. can’t wait! i wish i could think of some good questions but right now i cant….just whatever your brilliant mind comes up with!

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