Attn: World – A Memo From Damon Salvatore

To: The World c/o The Vampire Diaries Writing Team

From: Damon Salvatore, previously known as a psycho w/no redeeming qualities, currently known as the go to guy in a crisis and the man who will do anything for love.

Subject: When The Woman I Love Is In Danger of Dying THIS Is How I Roll.

When this episode begins, I, Damon Salvatore am lounging sexily in my bed listening to an Original that I don’t trust any farther than I could throw him (so yeah, not at all) tell the woman I love and my idiot brother about how he’s got some conveniently magical potion that *might* bring her back to life after his brother drinks every single drop of blood in her body.

Shockingly to the rest of them – I did mention they’re all idiots right? – I actually think this is a BAD idea. Pointing this out earns me a blithe “then I’ll be dead” from Elena and a shrug from Stefan. A shrug!

Because you know, it’s not like we care if she lives or dies or anything. Unable to stand the stupid I retreat. Elena eventually comes after me – is it just me or is she wandering into my bedroom a lot lately – to tell me that she wants me to understand why she’s doing this. And here I thought my opinion didn’t matter to her.

It’s funny, until I met Elena I didn’t think there was anyone in the world who could possibly be as stubborn as me. That’ll teach me to make assumptions, won’t it?

I find myself admitting that I can’t lose her. It’s as close as I can come to telling her how absolutely petrified I am for her without completely losing my mind. And when she turns those doe eyes on me and says that I won’t lose her – especially after she told me not so long ago that I’d lost her forever – well…fear got the best of me. I’m not particularly proud of it but I panicked worse than Stefan at an Easter Bunny convention.  I’d rather live in the depths of hell for the rest of eternity than watch her die.

So I force her to drink  my blood. If we can find another way, she doesn’t die and if she dies, she’ll come back. I know I shouldn’t have taken the choice from her but what she’s not getting is that right now she *has* no choices; there’s no middle ground for her. It’s eternal life or no life at all.

Of course then Stefan aka The Hypocrite patrol strides through the door and decides to get violent because I did to Elena the same thing he did to me 147 years ago. As always it’s “do I say, never as I do” with him.

Still, the aftermath isn’t pretty; Elena’s yelling, Stefan’s bleeding – because I got him good with that lamp  and then I have to deal with Elijah’s lectures. Much as I hate to admit it, the dude has a point. I took her choice away from her, now I have to find a way to give it back.

This involves alcohol, a meeting with Klaus, working with Alaric, emotionally blackmailing Katherine, snapping a witches neck, NOT killing Boy Wonder and getting Caroline and that Lockwood kid out of the tomb. Of course because no good deed ever goes unpunished and bad things happen in threes I 1) get bitten by wolf in transition, 2) find out that Klaus has Elena and 3) find out that he has a back up witch and werewolf and won’t even use me as the freaking vampire sacrifice. Instead, he has Katherine turn Jenna.

Which makes me wonder why the hell Elena wasn’t IN the house WITH Jenna so that Jenna wouldn’t have been taken in by Katherine’s ruse.

ETA: I just found out that Stefan took Elena hiking all day and then just stood there while Klaus took her away. He’s either calm because he knows that thanks to me if she dies, she’ll come back. Or he’s….I’ve learned a lot of words in 170 years but I’m still coming up blank here. Feel free to fill in your own adjectives.

In any event, I think this pretty much qualifies as a no good, horrible, very bad day.  Odds are I’m going to die. Odds are Elena will still be pissed at me when I do. If  she’s even alive herself.

It might not have worked out the way I wanted it to but I had to try. I had to do something to try and save her or buy her time or save her friends. Because as many times as I’ve undoubtedly screwed up in my life, I’d rather try and fail than do nothing and just let Klaus kill her.

I love her more than my life. Nothing else – truly nothing else – matters more than that.

Now that that’s all out there, I’m going to give Ciara her blog back….and go have another drink.

Ahem.  From Damon Salvatore’s lips to your…well I’ll let you decide where you want his lips to go. I’m in a generous mood 😆

Other random thoughts from me on this episode.

I love Alaric and I especially love his bromance with Damon. Jenna and Alaric are cute as are Tyler and Caroline. I was off the Forewood train – not that I was ever totally on it – but I’ll take my cues from Caroline. If she can forgive him so can I.

I’m not even going to bother talking about Stefan. I will however say that in the face of his weakness, Elena’s bravery and strength is just magnified. But that is not a reason to keep them together. For the love of all that is holy, I hope she gets away from him soon. I could not be any more serious. She doesn’t need to be with Damon just yet but she needs out of her Stelena prison.

Klaus is still not scary but he’s mildly more entertaining than he was.

I also liked the D/K scenes. The shoe is on the other foot now, Damon using her love for Stefan to manipulate her rather than her using it to hurt him. I think these two could be half decent allies. He’s never going to love her again but color me shocked, they could actually be the best kind of frenemies.

And that’s pretty much all I got here, really so I won’t be doing a full recap. It was a really good episode but there wasn’t enough screen time dedicated to things that I genuinely care about for me to bother with a scene by scene breakdown. Forgive me? 😉



  1. I only want to add one thing to your recap: Elijah said to Damon that Elena never will forget him for giving her blood. But that sounds extremly weird, since Elena forgave him for the whole JNSI. And that incident is far worse than giving her blood in my opinion.
    Also, I loved their scene in his bedroom. When she took his hands and he looked down at them all surprised and she kept holding them and entwining them. When he said that “I can’t lose you” and she simply answerd “You won’t” it was so clear that she loves him. Also the fact that she needs him to understand why she do all these things. If she didn’t care about him, she wouldn’t care at all what he thought about her plans and choice. But she do care, A LOT.

  2. grunt. *fine.
    But you shouldve talked about the ending when Kat is the one who tells him he got hurt. I actually found her likable then Damon I’m sorry, I had to, he made me, what’s wrong? Look at this you-
    And did you look at the promo?
    She seemed to be trying to be….nice.
    I know she doesn’t love him and Im not on that team either but I like to think that the fact she even turned him all those years ago was cause she cared.
    And loved the blog. Your Damon is hysterical. =)

  3. I love your recap! Plus now Matt has a new nickname to go with Coraline’s I love how Damon gives them nicknames it shows he cares about them too .

    Caroline I think noticed the bite too because she was acted worried about Damon who I think was still in shock about it until he realized why Klaus wouldn’t use him in the ritual. Plus I think Katherine is really is going to help Damon save Elena and they do make good frenemies. At least he is trying to save Elena while all Stefan does is live in denial which I think is going to bite him good in the end for all of his in action to save the woman he says he loves.

  4. The sad thing is that I don’t believe Elena will ever care enough or ever understand. I think she sort of has an empathy for Damon and all his suffering, she likes to think there’s something redeeming about him, she thinks he can make a great friend but I also think she pitied him which is a source of their friendship. I also think she often doesn’t realize how much he cares and she doesn’t help him nearly as much as she could.
    I just wish, really wish, that Elena could really see the extent of Damon’s compassion and then not brush it off as she usually does but appreciate him for that. This is something this episode failed to show.
    I find your recaps very insightful and I too enjoy Dalaric scenes so much because atleast someone is always there for Damon, despite his screw ups someone always stands by his side and tries to see good in him. Just hope that that friendship prevails.

  5. Elijah clearly has not not idea of the history between Elena and Damon or he wouldn’t have gone on that whole forgiveness schtick. Elena will forgive him. I don’t even think she’s going to be a vampire. Personally, I’m over this whole sacrifice thing. I’m over the Originals and most importantly over Stefan’s hypocritical ass.

    Right now I’m more worried about curing this werewolf bite than anything else. Because if Damon dies (as in permanently) Then I’m out faster than you can say werepire.

    • Yeah, I’m with you. If Damon dies, I don’t know if I could continue to watch the show. At least not for a long while.

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