I Will Always Choose You – The Last Dance Revisited.

Because, of all the amazing lines Damon has had, and the A game that Ian Somerhalder brings to every single one of them, that line and that scene still stand out. It’s a DEfinite milestone.

Now. I don’t know if it’s because of how much I hated the episodes from 2×14 to 2×16 and even 2×17 barring the last ten minutes of it that made me appreciate this episode so much. It’s either that or the fact that I seriously tuned out anything related to S/E & B/D. If it didn’t have Damon and Elena in it, I don’t think I retained it the first time around. I know there were mixed feelings within the fan base so we’ll see how I go as I rewatch. You’re basically getting my thoughts in real time.

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