Recapturing The Magic

EP Julie Plec says Damon and ELENA share a dance and that Katherine is not in attendence

Dear TVD Writers,

My heart skipped several beats when I saw this picture and even more when I read the caption where Julie Plec confirms that yes, Damon and Elena share a dance. If this is some twisted joke on your part or if you plan to toy with my very fragile and sensitive Delena heart, then please have mercy and don’t.

If this picture is everything I think it is – if it’s capturing an honest to god sweet moment between Damon and Elena with all the ease and chemistry and intimacy that they are capable of sharing – then I think I’ll love you forever.

All I ask is that this be real. That there be no strings attached. No backlash. And well, if Elena could start opening up her eyes and realizing that Damon is changing and trying and that he loves her and would die for her without a second thought. If she could realize that she doesn’t want to die without telling him that she cares about him but she knows its more and she just wishes that she’d had more time to figure it out and understand it. Well, I would be okay with that. 🙂


And because we need more prettiness lucas13oth – the awesome vid maker – who also made “Here Comes Goodbye” made this new video. Which I will of course eventually end up writing a one shot about 🙂

Check it out.



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