Promotional Hijinks

So there was this really GREAT new promo for Episode 2×17 with his INTENSE moment between D/E and then…CW took it down like three seconds after it went up. Luckily, I never closed the tab and so seem to be able to play it again and again. I am not a tech person so I have no idea how to record and grab. However I did manage to take these three screen shots. Since I can never figure out how to post pictures properly on, I figured I’d upload right from my hard drive and post them here.

Behold Exhibit A – Elena in tears

While this is on screen Damon is saying, “You need to listen to me and prepare yourself…” and Elena is shaking her head. Then it cuts to this :

And Damon finished his sentence with “for what I’m about to say.” So recap. Elena is bawling and shaking her head in denial and Damon is telling her she needs to listen and prepare herself for what he’s about to say. My guess is that it all has to do with Bonnie because there is lots of spell casting and nose bleeding from her in the preview. Incidentally they also put a clip from the dance in there with Elena all dressed up peering into a classroom with Bonnie all dressed up doing magic and nosebleeding.

And then just because I don’t actually need a reason, I took a screen shot of this. I don’t think any of you will mind


He lets out a hell of a sexy growl too.



  1. damn….. Why do we have to wait any longer for this….

    Love the last show…. i love it when my guys growl…. *thinks back to s3 TB- Eric growling at QSA* *fans self*

  2. download jing for free and you can record videos off your screen πŸ˜€

  3. Sometimes it feels it is too good to be true.

    but at the moment, all these DE goodness seems so real. πŸ™‚

  4. I paused the TV at the last shot and kept replaying it. I’m a fan of sexy shirtless Damon growling.

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