Top Five Most Important Delena Moments This Season So Far

Fellow Delena shippers,

We have been snapped, burned, beaten and otherwise tortured tested this season and especially recently with a serious lack of interaction between our favorite couple. Again at the suggestion of another hardcore D/E fan (Thanks Daisy!) I’ve decided to turn my attention to what I think are the five most significant moments between them this season. I’m going to do this in chronological order because I think it shows the full circle of things.

Episode: The Return


What It Means: Aside from establishing that front porches are totally one of their things (along with kitchens, road trips and five minute time outs) this scene showcased just how beautifully Elena’s understanding of Damon has developed since they first met. It also showcases all of her concern and worry for him as well as hinting at some of her fear that her feelings for him are more than just platonic. That deer in headlights look she gets when Damon says, “You’re scared” is very telling.

The JNSI was what it was and it was critical to Damon’s development and so indirectly to Delena’s development. But this scene on the porch is the summit of it all for me. It’s where everything that happened in the back end of season one was actually leading to. It’s the epitome of the trust, the caring, the intimacy that these two had begun to share and that gives us a glimpse – just a tiny one – into what they can be and what they will be when the writers come to their senses they’re finally together.

Find out what other scenes made my list here


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