Elena & The Green Eyed Monster

So as you’ve probably noticed it’s been radio/blog silence from me after the last two episodes, with reason. I’ve not been happy and I’ve not been impressed. However, I love this couple and am not going to let a shocking, catastrophicly dire little thing like lack of D/E scenes in three episodes throw me off my game. 😆

At the suggestion of a fellow shipper (thanks pjt!) I’ve decided to have a look at Elena’s display of this emotion :

Elena was no happy to discover that Katherine was in her words “shacking up” with the brothers Salvatore. Now, personally, if I was Elena, I’d be a little less miffed, oh I don’t know, if my boyfriend hadn’t half strangled me to death because he can’t tell the difference between a 500 plus year old vampire and my 18 year old human self.

Clearly Stefan is not much on the details like you know, a beating human heart. Might explain that five minute issue. To quote Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf, “A woman remembers.” 😆

Okay, okay, enough potshots about Stefan’s stamina or lack thereof. The real point of this post is to figure out what exactly Elena is all up in arms about. Here are the options.

a) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Stefan into becoming her love slave

b) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Damon into deciding that she (Elena) isn’t worth being hopelessly devoted to

c) She is worried about a and b

d) She is worried that Katherine is just one more in a line of women – Rose, Andie, Jessica – that have been introduced by the writers as a way to pathetically plausibly prevent her from following her destiny and just getting with Damon already.

Read the rest here to see if your answer is the same as mine 8)


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  1. I think B and D since I think that she is in denial of her feelings for Damon. Plus even though she wouldn’t admit it she is always worried about Damon. I also think she should be mad that her own bf didn’t even know who she was and I for one am thankful that Damon could tell the difference and turned her down in the end. I also think like the book GWTW even though Elena is the nicer one she too will finally figure out that it is Damon that she should be with in the end. Even Katherine now is beginning to change her mind and I feel strongly that Damon is over her and his love for Elena is real.

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