Promotional Hijinks

So there was this really GREAT new promo for Episode 2×17 with his INTENSE moment between D/E and then…CW took it down like three seconds after it went up. Luckily, I never closed the tab and so seem to be able to play it again and again. I am not a tech person so I have no idea how to record and grab. However I did manage to take these three screen shots. Since I can never figure out how to post pictures properly on, I figured I’d upload right from my hard drive and post them here.

Behold Exhibit A – Elena in tears

While this is on screen Damon is saying, “You need to listen to me and prepare yourself…” and Elena is shaking her head. Then it cuts to this :

And Damon finished his sentence with “for what I’m about to say.” So recap. Elena is bawling and shaking her head in denial and Damon is telling her she needs to listen and prepare herself for what he’s about to say. My guess is that it all has to do with Bonnie because there is lots of spell casting and nose bleeding from her in the preview. Incidentally they also put a clip from the dance in there with Elena all dressed up peering into a classroom with Bonnie all dressed up doing magic and nosebleeding.

And then just because I don’t actually need a reason, I took a screen shot of this. I don’t think any of you will mind


He lets out a hell of a sexy growl too.


Recapturing The Magic

EP Julie Plec says Damon and ELENA share a dance and that Katherine is not in attendence

Dear TVD Writers,

My heart skipped several beats when I saw this picture and even more when I read the caption where Julie Plec confirms that yes, Damon and Elena share a dance. If this is some twisted joke on your part or if you plan to toy with my very fragile and sensitive Delena heart, then please have mercy and don’t.

If this picture is everything I think it is – if it’s capturing an honest to god sweet moment between Damon and Elena with all the ease and chemistry and intimacy that they are capable of sharing – then I think I’ll love you forever.

All I ask is that this be real. That there be no strings attached. No backlash. And well, if Elena could start opening up her eyes and realizing that Damon is changing and trying and that he loves her and would die for her without a second thought. If she could realize that she doesn’t want to die without telling him that she cares about him but she knows its more and she just wishes that she’d had more time to figure it out and understand it. Well, I would be okay with that. 🙂


And because we need more prettiness lucas13oth – the awesome vid maker – who also made “Here Comes Goodbye” made this new video. Which I will of course eventually end up writing a one shot about 🙂

Check it out.


Inside The (TVD) Actor’s Studio

Well, it’s not really the actor’s studio but I’m a little bored and I have been very DEpressed so to counter that I thought I could have a little fun and y’all can too with the famous questionnaire that was conceived by Bernard Pivot and that James Lipton asks his guests at the end of every Actor’s Studio Episode.

Here are the questions and my answers. Leave yours in the comments!

1. What is your favorite word? DEstiny

2. What is your least favorite word? Epic

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? The idea that love laws can be broken and those who have been hurt can be healed when the right person loves them the way they need to be loved.

4. What turns you off? Other people trying to think for me or impose their beliefs on me.

5. What is your favorite curse word? Cazzo

6. What sound or noise do you love? Ian Somerhalder’s voice. Duh. And randomly, I also think it’s super cute the way he constantly says “by virtue of the fact”. Yes, I’m a dork to have even noticed that.

7. What sound or noise to you hate? Anyone made by one of those rabid fleabags. Extra hate if the fleabag in question is Jules.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Damon Salvatore’s personal bartender.

9. What profession would you not like to do? Stefan Salvatore’s nutritionist.

10. If Heaven does exist what would you like to hear God say when you get to the Pearly gates? Damon and Elena are two halves of the same soul. I should know. I made them.

Mystic Falls Oval Office

You may or may not notice that I’ve added a new section to the blog. It’s where I’ll be posting all those White House meetings with President Obama on the fate of DE.

Damon and Elena's fate on TVD is top priority for the Obama Administration

There’s a new one up – well actually, two new ones up. I’ve added one written by Hailey to the collection and then there’s this new one that I just wrote called “Cause For Concern”. You can read mine here and Hailey’s here.


damonelenalove on Twitter

I finally gave in and signed up to Twitter. You can find me and my Damon & Elena insanity and insights there at : _damonelenalove

Feel free to follow me and if your Twitter name is significantly different to your username here and/or on or V.D-net for that matter, then just let me know who *I* know you as 😆

Happy tweeting 🙂


Top Five Most Important Delena Moments This Season So Far

Fellow Delena shippers,

We have been snapped, burned, beaten and otherwise tortured tested this season and especially recently with a serious lack of interaction between our favorite couple. Again at the suggestion of another hardcore D/E fan (Thanks Daisy!) I’ve decided to turn my attention to what I think are the five most significant moments between them this season. I’m going to do this in chronological order because I think it shows the full circle of things.

Episode: The Return


What It Means: Aside from establishing that front porches are totally one of their things (along with kitchens, road trips and five minute time outs) this scene showcased just how beautifully Elena’s understanding of Damon has developed since they first met. It also showcases all of her concern and worry for him as well as hinting at some of her fear that her feelings for him are more than just platonic. That deer in headlights look she gets when Damon says, “You’re scared” is very telling.

The JNSI was what it was and it was critical to Damon’s development and so indirectly to Delena’s development. But this scene on the porch is the summit of it all for me. It’s where everything that happened in the back end of season one was actually leading to. It’s the epitome of the trust, the caring, the intimacy that these two had begun to share and that gives us a glimpse – just a tiny one – into what they can be and what they will be when the writers come to their senses they’re finally together.

Find out what other scenes made my list here

Elena & The Green Eyed Monster

So as you’ve probably noticed it’s been radio/blog silence from me after the last two episodes, with reason. I’ve not been happy and I’ve not been impressed. However, I love this couple and am not going to let a shocking, catastrophicly dire little thing like lack of D/E scenes in three episodes throw me off my game. 😆

At the suggestion of a fellow shipper (thanks pjt!) I’ve decided to have a look at Elena’s display of this emotion :

Elena was no happy to discover that Katherine was in her words “shacking up” with the brothers Salvatore. Now, personally, if I was Elena, I’d be a little less miffed, oh I don’t know, if my boyfriend hadn’t half strangled me to death because he can’t tell the difference between a 500 plus year old vampire and my 18 year old human self.

Clearly Stefan is not much on the details like you know, a beating human heart. Might explain that five minute issue. To quote Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf, “A woman remembers.” 😆

Okay, okay, enough potshots about Stefan’s stamina or lack thereof. The real point of this post is to figure out what exactly Elena is all up in arms about. Here are the options.

a) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Stefan into becoming her love slave

b) She is worried that Katherine will mind whammy Damon into deciding that she (Elena) isn’t worth being hopelessly devoted to

c) She is worried about a and b

d) She is worried that Katherine is just one more in a line of women – Rose, Andie, Jessica – that have been introduced by the writers as a way to pathetically plausibly prevent her from following her destiny and just getting with Damon already.

Read the rest here to see if your answer is the same as mine 8)