TVD Cried Wolf & I Cried Tears Of Boredom

I didn’t think I’d like an episode less than I liked BTLOTM but I was wrong. I disliked this episode so much in fact  that I’m not going to re-watch it so there isn’t going to be an in-depth recap from me. Instead, I’ll just post my immediate thoughts here in as succinct a manner as possible.

Bonnie/Luka/Caroline/Jeremy – I love Mini Gilbert so I was glad that he got screen time. Having said that, this storyline was much a do about nothing. Elena having to die to break the curse or for reasons relating to the curse? Not news. The Jonnie kiss was cute though.

Matt/Caroline/Tyler – This triangle bored me almost from its inception. And whatever preference I had for Forwood went right out the window when Tyler lost his mind and acted the way he acted last week. He earned the beginnings of forgiveness with that great speech to Matt at the end there but him leaving with Jules won’t end well. I suspect the next time we see Tyler he’ll be one step closer to being a full fledged rabid flea bag.

Damon/Alaric – I love their bromance. It’s awesome.

Alaric/Jenna/John – John has gone from being the guy you’re supposed to love hating to the guy that you actually just hate. Messing with Jenna and Ric? Super uncool.

Damon/Elijah – Elijah is bad ass. I don’t trust him but I respect and appreciate his badassness. I wasn’t fond of the pencil stabbing but the hanky was a nice touch. You gotta admit the man has style. I was sad he didn’t do that wrist flick beheading trick with the last werewolf. And on the subject of Damon being tortured, I loved how cool he was under fire. More proof that he will not shy away from dying to protect Elena. Speaking of

Elena – on her own (or with Damon) she can be so amazing. She was resourceful and quick thinking when she was running from Brady.

Elena and Stefan – I realized that not only are we supposed to buy into the idea that these two are involved in an “epic” love story but that we’re supposed to feel all angsty about it because it’s a tragic epic love story. This clicks with something I remember Paul saying (in that interview when they were in England last summer) about how the fact that Elena is human and Stefan is a vampire adds this tragic element.

Well, go ahead and cry me a bloody river because honestly, it just does nothing for me. Their final conversation had me rolling my eyes at Stefan. He’s in no position at all to lecture anyone else about martyrdom. And the fact that he’s only now realizing that she went into that deal knowing she could die just proves that he didn’t grill her as thoroughly as he should have when he first found out she made the deal. Oh wait, I remember why that is. He was too busy jumping her bones. 🙄 🙄 🙄

Yes, it’s tragic that at all of 18 years old she has to be fighting for her life and watching all the people she loves either die or be under threat of death. But the way she’s handling it? The fact that she’s still standing and she’s not falling apart and that in the face of what has to be astronomical amounts of fear she can still put everyone elses needs first is not tragic at all. It’s worthy of respect. And that for me is the difference between Stefan and Damon. You think Damon was any happier than Stefan when he realized Elena was deliberately trying to get herself killed? Of course he wasn’t. And he didn’t shy away from telling her so either, at the end of the Sacrifice and of the Descent. But he didn’t talk down to her about it either.

I’m not even going to say any more on the topic cause it’s just going to irritate me.

I’m glad the wolves are gone. Just sad that Elijah didn’t take Jules out while he was at it.

Next week looks better but my expectations aren’t high. All the promised looks into Stefan’s past have failed to live up to their hype and I don’t see this being any different even he was eating Gilberts back in the day.


Thursday Night Therapy: TVD’s Daddy Issues

I had modest expectations of this episode so I was very pleasantly surprised. I think this was the best episode of the season, trumping Masquerade simply because of the awesome amount of D/E goodness.

Also copious amounts of naked Damon never hurt anyone. 😆 😆

You can read my recap of Daddy Issues here. I need to issue a disclaimer though. If you like werewolves and/or Tyler, be warned. I am very hard on Tyler and full of the utmost loathing for the werewolves. If that hasn’t totally put you off, then enjoy! 😆 😆

Fan Fiction & Fan Art : Updated!

She did it again! Dazed Rose made another awesome banner for me. This time for my new (and very first) A/U Damon & Elena fan fiction called “The Other Salvatore Brother”.


Is it amazing or is it amazing? Yeah that’s what I think too. 🙂