Fan Fiction & Fan Art

Dazed Rose from made me this crazy cool banner for the fic that I’m currently writing Exit Wound. It’s the second time one of my stories has inspired someone else to create something in another medium and its honestly so wicked. I’m flattered.

Also, some of you may or may not have read my one shot Here Comes Goodbye. That fic was inspired by an amazing fan video of the same name made by lucas13oth. Check it out below.

Life has been crazy busy so I haven’t had much time for updates. But the show is back this week and I’ll definitely do an in depth recap then.

Peace out, peeps!



  1. Wow, that banner!

    It would be great if you can use on the page of Exit Wound on FF net.

  2. I am so glad you like the banner. I’ve been making banners for the Sookieverse for ages and just couldn’t get Damon out of my head. I’m thinking i will have to continue doing TVD ones…. All my other banners are up on FB now under Dazed Rose name

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