Winter Break

The Vampire Diaries gave whole new meaning to the term winter break with episode 2×11 By The Light of The Moon. In that they managed to break or undo several episodes worth of character development (both past and potential) in the space of 40 minutes give or take.

It wasn’t all bad but it was by no means the best that this cast and crew are capable of producing.

This blog is about D/E and so I’ll focus on them here and deal with the rest in my recap.

The one scene we got between them was made of adorableness and it’s actually a massively important scene because it indicates that the comfort level between them really has been restored. Elena isn’t flinching away from Damon’s physical proximity (a marked contrast to BMR) and she doesn’t mind pouting and sulking and pillow throwing.

I also loved Jeremy’s role in that scene. In a very short time, we were able to see just how natural the relationships between Jeremy/Elena, Jeremy/Damon and Damon/Elena are. They make a realistic “family unit” and that’s something that we’ve never seen with Stefan.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Jeremy is closer to Damon and that by extension, Damon actually fits into Elena’s life better than Stefan does.

For the rest, I’m one of those people who is quite happy with the way that D/E are developing. I admit that it can be frustrating in the short term but in the long term I don’t think any of what we’re seeing is unrealistic or out of character in terms of how D/E interact with each other.

What I like much much less, is what they each getting up to on their own. I’m particularly distressed by the S/E reunion because I feel it undoes – and needlessly so – all of the progress that Elena made since Masquerade. We’ve only just got our fierce Elena back and now she’s back with the guy who crushed that fire in the first place. I can only hope she’s learned from the past and won’t let that happen again.

I don’t hate Rose (though I won’t be sad to see her go) and if she’s a particular case scenario – which she could well be – then it’s one thing. What I worry about is the door being opened for Damon to settle; for him to accept that he can’t have Elena and just settle for less than he deserves.

If it’s only Rose, then that’s alright.

But I don’t want a situation where it becomes Rose and then Caroline and then Bonnie and so on and so forth. Damon is in love with Elena and that needs to be obvious and it needs to be constant. I don’t mind him having casual hook ups in the interim and while I’ve resigned myself to him and Rose, I don’t want these non casual mini relationships with other women to become a habit.

That’s my D/E shipper heart talking.

I love Damon and Elena individually as well. And I have always said that Elena has as much to prove as Damon does. We’re starting to see that now because she’s going to have to be brave enough and strong enough to exchange the “fairy tale” she has in her mind about her and Stefan for a love that is much stronger and much more real with Damon.

If she can’t do that (but she will! She will because I refuse to believe otherwise! :lol:) then she is the one who doesn’t deserve him.

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