My Crystal Ball is Glowing

Okay, so those of you in the Social Circle know that Danni is the real psycho psychic among us 😆 but  – and even though we aren’t exactly at mid season yet – I feel comfortable in saying after events in The Sacrifice that I was right on the money in terms of Elena realizing her feelings for Damon by the time the winter hiatus comes along.

She repeatedly included him in the list people she cares about and is willing to die for; people she loves. And that to me indicates one big step forward. I don’t think that she’s gotten through a full exploration of her feelings for him but I think now her mind is open to it. She knows that he matters to her and what’s left is for her to figure out just how much and in what ways.

That will come soon enough.

If I had to make another prediction, I’d say that at the moment we’re more likely to see things heating up between D/E than to see a Stelena reconciliation. I see Damon and Elena growing closer while Stefan and Elena drift further apart and that is not all to do with Stefan being sealed into a tomb.

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1 Comment

  1. Glad to see smilies included in your post!

    And more glad to know that you are very likely to be right on Elena realizing her feeling for Damon by mid-season.

    Hurry up with your recap please!

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