Just Because

Another week and four days to go until the next new episode of TVD. So to kill time and because this scene is awesome and so are D/E, I’m posting the dance scene from MMF.

I remember listening to Marcos Siega (who is directing episode 2×12 btw) explain some of the direction that he gave the actors in this scene. So far as he [Siega] is concerned, this is the scene where Damon really recognizes that he’s fallen in love with Elena and I think that it shows.



  1. One of the most beautiful dances in television history! This moment really enables you to see the beauty of Damon and Elena together.

  2. Yes, this is THE dance. Not sure whether they can do another to surpass this in the show.

  3. She felt the same way as did you could see it in her face and just like him I don’t think either one of them wanted to let go of the other. I love this dance !

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