A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step

The name of the blog says it all. It’s about Damon, Elena and Love. Their love to be more specific; what it is, what it’s not, what it has been and what it will be. They’ve come far but the road ahead of them is still long. This blog will be around to chronicle the journey and savor the pitstops.

I’m not a big fan of the books so all of my discussion, analysis and random ramblings are based on Damon and Elena’s relationship in the CW TV version.

I don’t own anything or anyone; that goes without saying. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

A special shout out to my D/E Circle peeps and thanks to TD for the awesome banners. This blog is for you guys. 🙂



  1. Congrats to your new blog.

    Now we have a place to find all your awesome essays and stories on D/E. No need to search through posts and posts.

    Great and Thanks for sharing all these with us!

  2. Yay, Ciara! The blog is looking awesome! I’m looking for ward to all the future goodies. Now i’m off to read some of your fanfics.


  3. Awww, Ciara, you started a blog! And I didn’t even know about it… So sorry that I’ve disappeared…

    GO YOU!

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